After WWII the British Government decided they would develop their own nuclear deterrent and made plans to conduct the tests at remote areas in Australia and the Pacific as they were not fully aware of the devastating power these devices were capable of producing.

The Government of the day had to discover the effects a nuclear bomb would have, not only on the infrastructure but the effects it would have for the human race over a prolonged period of time. It was decided the Armed Forces would be used as ‘Human Guinea Pigs’ in order to discover the effects radiation would have on the Human Body. The Government knew the Armed Forces would carry out their tasks without question as everyone had lived during all, or part of WWII. They had grown up being bombarded with posters about the ‘Enemy within’ and had been well trained (brainwashed) to keep their mouths shut and not to ask questions. They were now living in the Cold War Era (Another phase of their Lives the British Government do not appear to recognise) where they were warned about the ‘Reds Under the Beds!’

Certain individuals were selected, without their full knowledge, to be part of this covert human experiment and were assigned tasks in and around the area known as ground zero before and after detonation of these devices. The MOD will tell you that meticulous records were kept of all aspects relating to the tests including the radiation levels each individual received.

It is only now, Nuclear Veterans realise the difference between the treatment of Civilian Workers and Service personnel. Civilians were never seen around ground zero after a detonation, without full protective clothing and wearing a respirator whilst Service personnel wore just a pair of shorts, boots and their hat, they were not offered protective clothing.

Service personnel now realise radioactivity was harmful and breathing in radioactive particles could produce debilitating medical problems throughout their lifetime. Civilians were obviously aware of the dangers radiation and radioactive particles presented, but never informed the naive young Servicemen who were only considered as part of the experiment and were expendable.

The experiment was not concluded at the end of the testing of the nuclear devices! It is still ongoing. The Medical records of those who were chosen (without their consent or knowledge) are flagged and form part of a covert Medical Research programme into the long term effects radiation has had on their bodies throughout their lifetime.

The Government will attempt to deny this story. I challenge them to produce evidence to the contrary. They will not reveal the true radiation levels these individuals were subjected to as it would prove the atrocities committed against our Loyal Troops by a callous Government was tantamount to premeditated murder albeit over a prolonged period of time. But, there is no time limit for murder trials.
There are blood tests performed in Countries like Russia that show the amount of radiation a person has received (radiation is accumulative in the body) but our Government do not have the courage to permit them to be performed in this Country because they would be unable to conceal the truth once the results were revealed.

Dave Whyte
One of the ‘Human Guinea Pigs’
Associate to the CVFI


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