A Son of a Father.

“after 25 years of knowing that my deceased father of raf was exposed to six atomic bombs one would think the court of appeal would have recognised the contempt of court issue by mod of not releasing the files such as my fathers personell file. Well see you bastards in the Supreme Court and after that the House of Lords. If you pay out on chair injuries and bullet wounds of afghanistan don’t tell me atomic bombs are second rate to bullets and office furniture especially when mod spent considerable money to build Londons ugliest building.”
Martin Shergold

The world can see what the Government is doing purportedly On Her Majesty’s Service. God’s watching too. It might take 3 more generations, but we will win.

The children will carry it on.

(mod = Ministry of Defence)
Experts at defending their own arses instead of the people.

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  1. marty shergold Says:

    I would like to add a little more to this…… The Australian LAbour Party in Australia under Julia Gillard has made decisions to sell nuclear material to india. Hasnt anyone been watching lately??? Japan is in an awlful state after a tidal wave what is going to happen when the Ganges River floods????

    After all these years of opposing nuclear Labour has got to rid Australia of this prime minister… “I will not bring in a carbon tax under any government I lead” Well what can one expect from a lawyer? Well Julia better you resign and take your ideology and bury it in the nuclear dump and best you ask the aborigines first before digging that hole. For all the work we have done since the Maralinga Royal Commission by Diamond Jim ( a Labour Party member) you are snobbing even his son (the attorney g).. How are you going to sell this to the Greens? Simon Crean another Labour Party front bencher will be real impressed at your decision to sell 245 to India.

  2. marty shergold Says:

    i just read something on this site about health of servicemen before and after bomb testing…… There was a thing called the Summer Report, for which I have a copy somewhere……
    One of the defences of MOD has been this badly undernourished report.. The essence of Summer Report circa 1987 was comparing mortality rates of 20000 souls exposed to life in the tropics against 20000 souls of atomics with apercentage of cancer in both groups. According to British government sunburn causes more deaths than the black shadow….. I can scan this document for anyone interested….. its about five pages of tripe written by an idiot wanting grant money in British educational circles. Now every serviceman should read the article on strontium on this site…..

  3. marty shergold Says:

    its just been explained to me that the russians and yanks will sell uranium to india if Australia doesn’t …… Who are you knobs in government? leave the crap in the ground….. and as I write this a helicopter has been reported to have let loose on the Afghan/Pakistan border.

  4. marty shergold Says:

    its a shame this site doesnt allow me to paste some photos cos I ve got a group picture of the british servicemen that were sent to the tests, along with the world collection of the bombs, the explosions etc etc collected from over the last 25 years……..

    of the group photo there are 164 people…… I am told there are about 30 left……..

  5. marty shergold Says:

    Given there is a forthcoming Star Trek convention to be held in London shortly, I wish someone would beam our prime minister “gizzard guts” up and leave her there. Julia Gillard brings in a Carbon Tax against Australians…then is making deals with India for sale of uranium so which pollution is worse?….which makes her an environmental hypocrite. The Labour Party Government is broke because over commitments from election promises and needed to calm mining sector from the mining tax increases. We did have a ban on nuclear, so why are they going to be exporting it? Well this time there should be no preferences given on parties to form government. We would be better off with an actors’ mother or anyone. Maybe they will lose public confidence and get kicked out. Well about time they got found out. How do public servants of government let them get away with this corruption? The next election cannot come soon enough next year because she is threatening to run full term. This government is as bad as Thatcher was like Britain in late 70s.
    I won’t even mention the “fix it” on the health system……adults on poverty line can’t get any dental now for another 2 years and the waiting lists on hospitals have gone backwards….. in a country of 23million. It’s a joke. I am waiting for another operation ……… and say waiting politely. Then, the education system policy; well that was a joke … throw money… Who got it? Teachers went on strike for wage increase, so children miss out. So where are all the jobs?, because in January they start kicking single parents off “child support payments”…… and I am sorry to say but my compassion does not extend to illegal migrants because they seem to get more privileges than I do. At the end of the day” this bunch of political representatives are there for the perks and Money; and we, the voters should wake up and not vote for anyone unsuitable. Politicians are saying what they did is legal but is it a newly elected moral government has to deal with this, and the previous citizens elect should be treated as criminals just like when they go after individuals. And on a final note Madame Prime Minister we had atomic tests in the 1950s and Hiroshima so pull your head in.

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