Apple iMac 2006-2007 Monitor Death – Solution

Change of pace. Couldnt write the blog without my Macs.

Yesterday the lcd screen of my late 2006 intel iMac died. Tried setting up an external monitor using the mini dvi to vga plug that is available. Trouble is OSX defaults to split screen, not mirror mode. So though the external monitor worked, it didnt have the icons on it, couldnt access System Preferences to change to mirror mode.

The solution was to remove the front bezel, and unplug the two cables that go from the LCD panel to the imac main board. I put it all back together and reconnected the external monitor. It worked no worries. OSX only sees the external monitor and boots up with that as the main monitor. Problem solved. So now I have a two piece iMac. Big Deal. The main thing is it works.

If this has happened to you dont take the iMac apart unless you know what you are doing. The take apart manual is here:

Mac Manuals

And follow all the needed procedures and precautions.

This method worked for me, I share it here as an aid. If you do it incorrectly you may damage your machine and that is your doing, not mine. Best of luck.

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