Uranium – DU or Otherwise- safe or unsafe

And uranium decays to much more radioactive progeny. The older the manufactured uranium is, the more radium, polonium etc will be present within the mass. And of course radon is vented from the mass.

Anyhow, regardless of what Bobby Scott, Lovelace Institute, Los Alamos and Flinders University would have you believe about the supposed benefits of low dose radiation, here is the current US Toxicological Profile for Uranium published by the US Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Register.

Each part is a downloadable pdf.

I might reproduce some of it here.

Happy Christmas or whatever the time of year is to you.

Uranium isnt safe. I live in the uranium capital of the Southern Hemisphere – South Australia. The Powers would have me believe the mining of it is safe and that the use of it is safe.

The facts show that the state I live in is a becoming a bigger and bigger hole in the ground for the sake of the military industrial complex.

I guess that makes me a “feral” in the eyes of the state treasurer, Kevin Foley.

Maybe he should wander round the pubs and clubs late at night less and think in the light a lot more. Though, I must admit, I’d love to chain to a chair at my place, get him drunk and do a “Clockwork Orange” on him in front of my DVD player.

That’s after all, wot he does to us.

And we pay his wages. Stupid is as stupid does I guess. Im no genius.

I do know this much. We employ Foley. The only name he is reasonably able to call us, not matter what our individual views, is “Voter”.

He is the feral. In the real sense of the world. A life form of exotic origins damaging to the local ecosystem.

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