Quote: ” Call to widen evacuation area around Fukushima
Blogpost by Brian Fitzgerald – March 27, 2011 at 9:38
Our team of radiation specialists in Japan brought back their findings for the day.
The press release says it all:

Fukushima, March 27, 2011: Greenpeace radiation experts have confirmed radiation levels of up to ten micro Sieverts per hour in Iitate village, 40km northwest of the crisis-stricken Fukushima/Daiichi nuclear plant, and 20km beyond the official evacuation zone. These levels are high enough to require evacuation.

“It is clearly not safe for people to remain in Iitate, especially children and pregnant women, when it could mean receiving the maximum allowed annual dose of radiation in only a few days. When further contamination from possible ingestion or inhalation of radioactive particles is factored in, the risks are even higher.”
End Quote.


  1. dyke davis Says:

    Thank you. for your independent observations and findings while in Japan-all the more involved outside the “official oversight” the better I feel. I saw your (Greenpeace) recent Fukushima area video on one of the online unrated news reports and found it “refreshing” and matched the ugency I had been gleaming from attempting to put both reported, research and gut feelings together.
    The only country that I have some respect for solely on the need for “urgency” to evacuate was the US as it has not shyed away from making it’s recommendations know to its citizens living in the area and region.
    I wish someone would compile the data on the oceans, ground-water, rain and other elements that “will” be impacted by this latest insanity and man-made inhumanity to mankind.

  2. dyke davis Says:

    Sorry for some misspelled words on my previous post. I do that when my anger is being held at high temperatures and I am thinking one way and feeling another.
    What I am hoping for and have not seen nor read is a comprehensive “connect-the-dots” conversation or presentation that will tell it like it is; preferrerably with as much anger as possible so as not to be completely frowthing at the caines.
    This calm almost zin-like reporting from the major media networks makes me think about people walking in the middle of an express way not wanting to know what’s coming at them over the next hill.
    Thanks again for the Fukushima reporting and radiation readings, they put some “real” meat on the bone of what’s really go’in on…

    • nuclearhistory Says:

      Thanks for your substansive thoughts. Going on the events of the past, after the highly selective reporting period is over, there will be period in which ordinary
      people will suffer, a period of denying that that suffering exists, and depending on deluded and power crazed the centres of power are, a period of accounting.

      The next phase of “normalisation” will be the debate on what level of clean up is needed in Japan. And of course, the contamination will be promoted as
      being “less than background”.

      They always want the cheap way out.
      Just to make clear – Im just in Australia. Im not in Japan. I am on my own, simply comparing past nuclear experiences, as far as I have read about them,
      and what is going on today. I think recent have shown that promoters of nuclear reactors cant even switch them off. The atom isnt tamed in fact.

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