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The page of the IPPNW provides information on the following topics:

Disaster in Japan – Resources, Commentary and Analysis

News on the following items:

* No ‘safe’ threshold for radiation: experts; ABC Science (Australia); 31/3/11 (quotes Tilman Ruff and also cites work of PSR and IPPNW)
* Plutonium Carries Serious Risks to Public Health and the Environment; E-News Park Forest, 30/3/11 (interview with Alan Lockwood and Ira Helfand)
* Nuclear radiation ‘the greatest public health hazard’; CNN, 25/3/11 (interview with Helen Caldicott)
* Photos from German anti-nuclear-energy demonstration in Frankfurt; Flickr, posted 12/3/11
* Greek anti-nuclear activists want the closure of Kozloduy NPP and the ‘freezing’ of Belene; GR Reporter, 18/3/11 (interview with Maria Arvaniti Sotiropoulou)
* Radiation ‘Far Below’ Risk Levels Found in U.S. Milk Samples; Bloomberg News; 31/3/11 (Ira Helfand quoted)
* Time for a moratorium on new reactors. 25/3/11 Physicians for Social Responsibility cites medical risks, warns any radiation exposure is unsafe.
* Nuclear Catastrophe in Fukushima: Extend the Evacuation Zone, IPPNW-Germany press release; 24/3/11
* Just in case you missed it, here’s why radiation is a health hazard. Tilman Ruff. The Conversation, 24/3/11
* Physicians for Social Responsibility Deeply Concerned About Reports of Increased Radioactivity in Food Supply Press Release, 23/3/11 (ran in numerous outlets and blogs)
* Radiation Risks in Tokyo’s Water Supply Are Slight, Safety Experts Say; Wall St. Journal 23/3/11; PSR’s Alan Lockwood quoted on dangers of I-131.
* PSR Statement on Radiation Exposure in the United States from the Japan Nuclear Accident; 21/3/11
* OPINION: From Hiroshima to Fukushima and back. Tilman Ruff
, TOKYO, 19/3,11; Kyodo
* MAPW Australia Press Release: Medical Specialists Urge Full Information On Japan Health Risks; 17/3/11
* Trace Amounts of Radiation Reach California; No Health Risk, Experts Say, Bloomberg News, with counter view from Ira Helfand 18/3/11
* Health Risk Fears Escalate as Japan Nuclear Plant’s Radioactive Release Remains Uncertain. Scientific American, commentary by Ira Helfand 18/3/11
* Radiation Risks of Reactor Meltdown Both Short and Long Term. MedScape Today. Interview with Ira Helfand 14/3/11
* Fukushima Daiichi reactors contain radiation equal to “a thousand Hiroshima bombs” Commentary by PSR. 14/3/11
* International Business Times: Anti-Nuclear Group Warns Of Long-Term Hazards In Japan 3/16/11 (quotes Ira Helfand from PSR press conference)
* Earth and Industry: Nuclear Radiation Experts: 2,000 Tons Nuclear Materials Spewing Radioactivity for Months 3/16/11 (quotes Ira Helfand from PSR press conference)
* Kansas City Star: Japan’s crisis intensifies debate over nuclear power; 16/3/11 (quotes Ira Helfand from PSR press conference)
* Nigeria Plus: Futility of Nuclear Energy: Alternatives for Nigeria, Dr Ime John 17/3/11; (editorial by former IPPNW co-president)
* Indian Doctors for Peace and Development press statement, 17/3/11
* PSR press briefing on radiation and health, 16/3/11
* Australian Broadcasting: Staying indoors best way to limit radiation exposure: experts; 15/03/2011
* Australian Broadcasting PM: Radiation fears for residents near nuclear plant; 15/3/11
* Letter to the Editor, The Statesman, India 15/3/11 (letter from Dr. Subhas Chakraborty, Secretary IPPNW-Kolkata)
* CBS News: Obama administration stands by nuclear power 15/3/11
* US News and World Report: Radiation From Japan’s Nuke Disaster Unlikely to Threaten U.S., Experts Say 16/3/11
* CBS News: Radiation exposure? 8 signs of radiation sickness 16/3/11
* Seattle Times: Radioactivity? Be concerned for the Japanese; risk to U.S. is virtually nil
* Japan’s Radiation Exposure: How Serious Is It?
* Radiation fears after Japan blast (BBC, 15 March 2011)
* Nuclear energy is no alternative (Seattle Times letter to the editor, 14/3/11)
* New York Times, Japan’s Nuclear Crisis Stokes Fear in Europe, (commentary from Henrik Paultz IPPNW-Germany 13/3/11)
* Japan Earthquake and Nuclear Reactor Crisis, Coal Geology 13/3/11 (comments from experts including Ira Helfand)
* Japan’s Radiation Exposure: How Serious Is It?, Time 12/3/11 (quotes Ira Helfand on health effects of four radioisotopes)
* IPPNW Germany Demands Closing Down of All Nuclear Power Plants Worldwide
* CNN World: 2 Japanese nuclear reactors may be in meltdown. Commentary from Dr. Ira Helfand, PSR/IPPNW 12/3/11

Television and Radio Interviews

* Dr. Bill Williams, MAPW: Fukushima & nuclear industry hazards; YouTube video posted 29/3/11
* Radiation and Human Health: In the Shadow of the Japan Disaster; 28/3/11. Collaborative on Health and the Environment (CHE) panel with Ira Helfand and Arjun Makhijani (IEER)
* State of alert raised to highest level at Fukushima; Russia Today, 29/3/11 (interview with Lars Pohlmeier)
* Bob Gould interview with KGO-AM San Francisco’s Gil Gross Show; 23/3/11
* Medical Voices – Dr. Beverly Ho on the situation in Fukushima
* Medical Voices – Ogebe Onazi, M.D. on the situation in Fukushima
* Medical Voices – Ryoma Kayano, M.D. on the situation in Fukushima
* Medical Voices – Dr. Alex Rosen on the health risks of nuclear energy
* Japan’s Multiple Nuclear Power Plant Failures Should Move U.S. Toward a Phased Closure of Its Nuclear Industry, Between the Lines; A Weekly Radio News Magazine, Interview With Ira Helfand (Real Audio & MP3) 23/3/11
* US National Public Radio, interview with Ira Helfand; 16/3/11
* Southern Calif Public Radio, interview with Ira Helfand 17/3/11
* Democracy Now: “Why are We Playing Russian Roulette with the American People?” (TV interview with Ira Helfand, Ralph Nader) 17/3/11
* Democracy Now: “Underestimating the Seriousness of the Problem”, (TV interview with Ira Helfand and experts) 17/3/11
* CNN: Praise for ‘heroes’ working to avert Japan’s nuclear catastrophe 16/3/11
* CNN: Agency: Damaged container may be causing smoke, radiation spike 16/3/11
* Fox-25 (Boston) interview with Ira Helfand on health effects of Japan radiation releases (15/3/11)
* Press conference with US nuclear experts, including Dr. Ira Helfand, 12/3/11
* Dr. Winfred Eisenberg and Xanthe Hall interviews on Russia Today, 12/3/11

Fact Sheets, Resources and Expert Analysis

* IPPNW resolution opposing nuclear energy, adopted in 1998 at the 13th World Congress
* Radiation and Public Health, PSR-USA
* Radiation in medicine and radiation in nuclear power plants : the same but very different!!; A. Nidecker, PSR/IPPNW-Switzerland
* Children, Teens and the Japan Disaster; Harry Wang, MD, President, Physicians for Social Responsibility/Sacramento (USA)
* Disaster Information Management Research Center (National Library of Medicine): Japan Earthquake, Tsunami, and Radiation Event – March 2011
* Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (IEER) fact sheet: Radiation and Human Health
* Radiation Effects Research Foundation (RERF) brochure on Radiation and Health
* RERF fact sheet on radiation exposure
* World Health Organization Guidelines for Iodine Prophylaxis following Nuclear Accidents
* Guidance Potassium Iodide as a Thyroid Blocking Agent in Radiation Emergencies, U.S. FDA
* ABCs of Japan’s Nuclear Reactor Disaster, Union of Concerned Scientists
* CDC fact sheets on cesium-137, iodine-131, strontium-90, and plutonium
* Beir VII: Health Risks from Exposure to Low Levels of Ionizing Radiation (summary PDF)
* TMT Handbook Triage management and treatment of people exposed to ionising radiation

Beyond Nuclear and the Union of Concerned Scientists are providing regular updates on the nuclear crisis in Japan.

World Language Resources
IPPNW-Germany Media Work

* Fukushima Mahnt! Köln 26.03. Alex Rosen (IPPNW); Audio of speech by Alex Rosen at antinuclear rally in Cologne; 26/3/11
* IPPNW und Gesellschaft für Strahlenschutz: Evakuierungszone ausweiten; 24/3/11
* Telepolis: “Der beste Schutz ist das Verlassen der Stadt Tokio” 17/3/11 (interview with Angelika Claussen)
* Jod – der einzige Schutz vor Radioaktivität 14.03.2011,
* IPPNW: Atomkraftwerke abschalten – und zwar sofort und weltweit!, 14.03.2011, Ärzte Zeitung
Heimische Meiler müssen vor Terror und Blitzen geschützt werden, 14.03.2011, Hamburger Abendblatt
Wir geben Antworten: Welche Folgen hat der GAU für uns?, 14.03.2011, Hamburger
Nuklearkatastrophe: Umweltorganisationen fordern Abschaltung von Atomkraftwerken, 14.03.2011, Evangelischer Pressedienst
Erdbebengefahr ist auch in Biblis real, 14.03.2011, Junge Welt
GAU in Fukushima, 14.03.2011, Neues Deutschland
Jodtabletten gegen den Kontakt mit der gefahrlichen Strahlung, 13.03.2011, Westdeutsche Zeitung
Vor diesen Gefahrenssen deutsche, 13.03.2011, Augsburger Allgemeine
Atomalarm in Japan, 12.03.2011,
Arzteorganisation: Atomunfall nicht verharmlosen, 12.03.2011,
Spontane Demonstrationen nach Atomunfall, 12.03.2011,
Was passiert bei einer Kernschmelze?, 12.03.2011, Zeit-online
“Diskussionen um Atomausstieg”, 12.3.2011, Hessischer Rundfunk
Eine atomare Suppe, die sich durch den Reaktor frisst, 12.03.2011, Welt online
Angst vor dem schleichenden Gift, 12.03.2011, Spiegel online


* Press release: “Radioaktive Verstrahlung der Bevölkerung durch Atomkraftwerkunfälle in Japan” [German] [French]


* Fukushima nuclear accident; Simvainei tora NET channel 16.3 (interview with Maria Sotiropoulou, IPPNW-Greece)
* The Opinion Post; 15/3/11 (interview with Maria Sotiropolou
* H Epeyna: Να μας αφυπνίσει η τραγωδία στην Ιαπωνία, Interview with Maria Sotiropoulou, IPPNW Greece 16/3/11
* Interview with Maria Sotiropoulo, IPPNW-Greece (in Greek)

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