Ziggy Switkowski disputes Fukushima emissions would rival Chernobyl’s

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Fukushima not a Chernobyl in the making, nuclear physicist says

Mar 17, 2011, 10:37 GMT

Sydney – Japan’s crippled Fukushima nuclear reactor is not about to belt out volumes of radiation the way the Chernobyl plant in the Ukraine did in 1986, Australia’s foremost nuclear physicist said Thursday.
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What’s in it for Ziggy to sprook such disinformation on behalf of the industry?
Ziggy Switkowski, the former chairman of the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, said the situation as Fukushima was ‘very, very serious’ but not comparable with the Soviet-era disaster.

‘The reactors are obviously damaged, there is radiation leakage, but there’s not yet measurable impact on the broader community in terms of radiation exposure,’ said Switkowski, who once ran Australia’s biggest phone company.

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  1. tony Says:

    Ziggy is also a Areva board member, thats whats in it for the ,slimmy rat.

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