Qualified Geologist tells South Australia – build a uranium enrichment plant because “radiation is good for you”.

Qualified Geologist tells South Australia – build a uranium enrichment plant because “radiation is good for you”.

“Addressing the South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy in Adelaide, chair of the uranium company Toro Energy Erica Smith said the true cost of coal was not yet being paid for by the community. She also said that there was a strong argument that some radiation “was good for you” …..”

Adelaide Advertiser newspaper, August 13, 2011 page 7.

Smith does not cite her sources, but they probably rely on studies conducted in Iran and Brazil and which reference the “adaptive response” model Sykes of Flinders University promotes (see previous posts.) A look at those 2 places is interesting and contradicts The Geologist.

The Premier of SA, Mr Rann, has previously stated that Uranium enrichment in SA would not precede on his watch. Now that Rann has been deposed by internal party factions, the running of the idea up the flag pole, even to the extent of the citation of flawed studies, did not take long to proceed.

“Adaptive response” at the level of the cell, when applied to a species, results in natural selection.

When applied to human populations exposed to high doses of radiation, variations in LD50/30 are seen, as in any species. In the case of “low doses” the same variation is seen. Not everyone exposed to radon in homes gets lung cancer. Some do at a rate that increases with dose. There is never a zero lung cancer rate the presence of radon. By the same token, the emissions from nuclear industry will show the same variation, resulting in radiogenic disease in the vulnerable.

Vulnerable people deliberately exposed to harms mandated by the state has a name.

I wonder how many patients Erica Smith treats as a qualified geolist? What empowers her, other than the mission of her company, to try and affect public health in South Australia. Ditto for Pam Sykes, B.Sc.

Paul Langley, qualified voter.

Please see preveding posts re radon and lung cancer in the USA. Its a bit useless opening one’s windows in order to reduce household radon in compliance with US EPA recommendations if you live next door to a uranium enrichment plant or next door to the world’s biggest open cut uranium mine and tailings dump. IMO.

Next: a look at what “Adaptive Response” advocates put out about raidum and radon exposures in 2 under-developed countries. One has appalling poor cancer registry records, the other refuses to supply the UN with national cancer statistics and the only way cancer stats can be obtained is through “local cancer experts”. Both have young weapons related nuclear industries, both have rates of cancer rates in relation to very specific cancers which lead the world and both promote radium and radon emissions in specific places as a “health beneift and encourage tourists to expose themselves. Brazil and Iran. And at this point, I ask the reader to consider the Pauling-Teller debate again, and to consider the US radon related cancer deaths.

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