Some thoughts on Fukushima and Nuclear History

In March 2011, the “experts” defined the Fukushima releases as poorly defined “radioactivity”, “like a CT scan” over Tokyo.

Weeks later, at least in the Australian media, though, according “experts” Japanese reactors were the best in the world, the radioactivity like a CT scan had become Iodine 131 with some Cesium 137 (Dr Grimes, Lateline, ABC TV).

Still later, there were reports of Krypton from European government labs arriving from Japan.

Some scientists early on stated that plutonium and a vast array of fission products would have been released. These people, not being employed by nuclear industry were dismissed. Tilman Ruff, Chris Busby, Leuren Moret and others stated that environmental transport, bioaccumulation, deposition of many fission fuel and fissionparticles would present health hazards over vast tracks. Industry spokesman in Australia, such as Andrew Bolt, scoffed at the idea, US Deparment of Energy funded researchers claimed the radiation doses recieved would be “beneficial, like vitamins” (Sykes, Flinders University, various University salaried staff in Japan). Japanese authorities refused to take samples of children’s urine from parents, concerned that the samples should be tested. It later transpired that many children in Fukushima fallout zones of Japan test positive for fission product internalisation.

The explosion of the reactor buildings was described at the time on SBS TV by an industry expert as “normal”.

As of September, the Japanese government had admitted that Neptunium was present in Fukushima fallout zones. This substance decays to plutonium. In October, the Japanese government admitted that plutonium was present in the fallout zones. Later in October, the authorities announced that plutonium would no longer be monitored in those areas.

All of this is rendolent of the atomic test era. Strontium 89? What’s that? While spending millions injecting dogs and monkeys with the far weaker but longer lasting strontium 90, the AEC announced no ill effects. The project left behind 50 tons of radioactive Beagle shit, still stored, last I heard, at Hanford. One day it will be flushed, but only when sufficient decay has occurred to enable the flushing to proceed in accordance with law.

And that brings me to the GE datasheet for medicinal Strontium 89 in its injectable form. In contrast to the controversial Sr90 dog and monkey trials, the GE data sheet for Sr89 is clear : Of 40 rats injected with Sr89 chloride, 33 developed bone cancer within a 9 month window.

You don’t think authorities want people to know that generally, they certainly suppressed from the 50s to the 1990s. And the fact is, as covered by various nation’s controlled substances laws and laws relating to nuclear medicines, it is illegal to administer Strontium 89 to anyone who has not a clearly defined medical need for exposure to it. In Japan, well might authorities say the fallout is “like a CT Scan”. However they know very well, seeing as Strontium 89 was detected early in the Fukushima fallout, TEPCO and Japanese nuclear authorlities have, with government complicity, turned the population of Japan into recipients of Sr89 without any medical need for that exposure.

They are not doctors. They merely pretend to be. They breach their own laws and refused to evacuate Fukushima.

The effects of the fission products were known long before July 1945.

This is the truth of nuclear history. Medicine is one applicaiton. The misapplication of medical priniciples by justifying nuclear releases upon a healthy population is a breach of medical ethics. It is harmful, not beneficial. There is no benefit, only cost.

When the radium dial painters of the 20s and 30s took their employers to court, the industry started the myth that exposure to radiaiton was beneficial. Brucer called it radiation hormesis. I have discussed elsewhere the reasons why he was dictatorial in his stance. He wanted to practice nuclear medicine, and saw fear of radiaiton as standing in his way. Fallout from Fukushima is not medicinal. It is uncontrolled release of radioactive pollutants of harm, not benefit. The advocates of Hormesis and Adaptive Response ignore the simple fact that science has demonstrated on many occassions that the effect of accumulated doses of radiation have the same effect whether the total dose is effected over a shorter or over a longer term. Hence the concept of accumulated lifetime dose. It is for the sake of the future of the children of Fukushima that they be evacuated, regardless of what cultist Hormesis advocates in New Mexico, Iran, Brazil, Flinders University or Kyoto say. Hormesis is a false premise.

The truth of the fission prodouct and fission fuel inventorly burden forced upon the Japanese people and the people of the world must be clearly admitted by nuclear and national authorlities.

We are not goldfish. We do have some collective memory. Passed lies are being repeated by omission.

Professor Tatsuhiko Kodama’s speech to the Japanese Diet on 27 July 2011 conveyed the concepts of internal exposure to radioactive substances originally formulated by people such as Dr Pecher. The Kodama speech has not resulted in the evacuation of the vulnerable. In relation to children and pregnant and nursing women, in the context of his SR89 treatment, Dr Pecher was most concerned. In animals trials he found in 1940 that pregnant mammals exposed to internalised radioisotopes (Sr89) produced offspring which “were more radioactive than the mother”.

The current crisis is directly relevant to the work originated in the early 1940s by Dr Pecher. Authorities today cannot claim ignorance. Its been on the books since 1940.

Hiding the fission inventory release list, as the Japanese and nuclear authorities have done, serves no purpose other than to generate a lack of trust and provide evidence of concealment. Its not like a CT Scan. Its not good for you, there are more than just iodine and cesium, the cores are still molten, the patent for the chain reaction is one which defines the method as a means of producing radioactive poisons in bulk compared to a cylcotron. That was 1934. Using a poison factory as a means of boiling water to generate steam to produce electricity is criminal in its consequences when in failure mode.

In the era of Charles Pecher, the cyclotron was used to produce radioactive substances in milligram amounts at a time.

Todays nuclear reactors in Fukushima released tons of these materials over the days, weeks and months since the disaster first occurred. It is ongoing, the cores are still molten.

Authorities might have hoped we would forget history. We will not.

They can’t claim ignorance this time round. There is no such thing as a secret isotope. Authorities need to tell the whole truth.

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It is obvious that as a doctor of nuclear medicine, Kodama is not “anti-nuclear”. He is anti-harm.

In order to save money, to save face, to save the nuclear industry, various authorities are not admitting their knowledge. It is not 1942 anymore. Public health is an imperative, not a national secret.

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  1. Norman Howe Says:

    There is a new player in the clean energy that is nuclear but has no radiation footprint. It is a fusion process that converts nano-particles of nickel and pressurized hydrogen into energy, helium (He4), copper and other metals in trace amounts. It radiates only soft X-rays that can be easily stopped with aluminum foil. There is no toxic waste and the raw materials are abundantly available. It’s called E-Cat. See Cold Fusion Times.

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