6 out of 54 reactors still functioning in Japan.

What maniacs ringed Japan with such vulnerable machinery in the first place and why?


Mainichi Daily News.

Genkai reactor suspended, leaving 6 reactors in service in Japan
An aerial view of the Genkai Nuclear Power Plant in Saga Prefecture. (Mainichi)
An aerial view of the Genkai Nuclear Power Plant in Saga Prefecture. (Mainichi)

FUKUOKA (Kyodo) — Kyushu Electric Power Co. suspended operation of the No. 4 reactor at its Genkai nuclear power plant in Saga Prefecture late Sunday for a regular checkup, the utility said.

The suspension left only six among 54 commercial reactors in Japan in service in the wake of the nuclear disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant triggered by the March earthquake and tsunami, with operations of all six reactors in Kyushu Electric’s service area being suspended.

Kyushu Electric has decided to ask customers to reduce their maximum power usage by more than 5 percent between Monday and Feb. 3.

The suspension of the No. 4 reactor will put the utility’s supply capacity at 14.69 million kilowatts in January against the expected maximum power demand of 14.57 million kilowatts, with the reserve rate standing at 0.8 percent, according to the utility.

The rate, however, will fall to minus 2.2 percent if electricity demand grows to the level seen a year earlier, when the area faced a hard winter, it added.

(Mainichi Japan) December 26, 2011

According to the former head of Australia’s ANSTO, the Japanese reactors are “among the best in the world”.

Buy a Pinto Ziggy. The logic is the safe. Con consumers, knowing the inherent flaws, don’t remove the flaws because its cheaper to pay compensation than institute change.

Not this time it ain’t. All the tax dollars gone into nuke could have produced a renewable revolution years ago.

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