“Nuke-Free Japan by 2022 says Prof Broinowski”

Well it be too late?

One Response to ““Nuke-Free Japan by 2022 says Prof Broinowski””

  1. Christina MacPherson Says:

    The pebble bed reactor was tried, unsuccessfully, for many years, in South Africa. It, along with more recent incarnations of small reactors, is just another nuclear lobby diversion, to keep the “nuclear renaissance” dream alive.
    So now they’re touting the Liquid Flouride Thorium Reactor (LFTR). Thorium not being fissile, it has to be mixed with with U235 or plutonium. – you still end up with radioactive decay products, with potential for terrorist use.
    Safety and environmental problems aside, the much touted “small modular nuclear reactors” would not be economic – would need to be produced on a grand scale – an economic impossibility, as well as a security nightmare.

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