“WEAK MINDED RADIO-PHOBE” : Anyone who asserts that nuclear industry pollutes the land, sea and air with radio-chemicals called “radionuclides”.

“Public-opinion-phobe”: The leaders of nuclear industry and their government backers who fear the voters might find out what the industry calls them (see “Weak minded Radio-phobe”, above.)

It is time those people in nuclear industry came out into the open and debated their position regarding the “two threshold model” of dose response as well. And explain why their experimental work relies on specific external exposures of a very low highly defined type of radiation, whereas these advocates apply the results to nuclear industry emissions which bear no resemblance to the experimental exposures.

They need to explain that yes, above 20 mSv we are concerned as anyone else, but that below that level they relax until their (mythical) lower threshold is reached. At which point they freak, and madly start adding nuclear industry pollution because, they say, there is not enough radiation.

What pray tell, happened to the accumulated lifetime dose equivalent?

Bullshit artists and bombardiers in charge of public health.

Picture : the LNT graph. Superimposed with the hormesis view of two thresholds. People of the hormesis school use a different graph line. They have this little squiggle at the low end.


  1. CaptD Says:

    I say, Beware of Nuclear Baloney* (NB)

  2. CaptD Says:

    Name calling is a trade mark of those Pro Nuclear folks that receive Nuclear Payback*, that seek to discredit others by employing “bully” techniques…


    Those that support nuclear power because nuclear power somehow supports them; no matter what the health implications or other “costs” are for others.

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