Over 25,000 children in different schools after quake; more moving out of Fukushima

Mainichi Daily News, Japan,


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Over 25,000 children in different schools after quake; more moving out of Fukushima

Over 25,000 children were enrolled at different schools and kindergartens as of May 1 due to last year’s earthquake disaster, and more students are moving out of Fukushima Prefecture, a government survey has found.

The survey by the Ministry of Education, Culture Sports, Science and Technology found that a total of 25,516 children had transferred as a result of the March 2011 disaster. The figure was 235 below that recorded on Sept. 1 last year. However, the number of children moving out of Fukushima Prefecture increased, leading the ministry to conclude that the effects of the crisis at the disaster-hit Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant are continuing.

In the latest survey, the ministry recorded 4,428 transferees from kindergartens, compared with 13,744 from elementary school, 4,896 from junior high school, 2,285 from high school, and 152 from special support schools for handicapped children, among other students.

Fukushima Prefecture accounted for 18,347 of the transfers — 72 percent of the total. A total of 6,031 children in Fukushima had switched to other institutions in the prefecture, while 12,316 had transferred to institutions outside the prefecture — an increase of 398 compared with Sept. 1.

June 30, 2012(Mainichi Japan)

Seems like there are fewer and fewer people in Japan who accept the edicts re evacuation issued by the government and nuclear industry.

Edicts like this: http://blogs.flinders.edu.au/flinders-news/2011/07/14/radiation-response-a-meltdown-in-reason/
TEPCO radio-chemical pollution like vitamins? Pull the other one Pam. There may be a cult which follows the line, but the good news is, fewer and fewer in Japan do.

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