Fukushima reactor 4 demolition by plasma cutter.


Shortly after the demoltion commenced, rad meters recorded a large increase in readings:
希望の大輪 It is direct attachment measurement about a measuring instrument to the house yard. It is usually at the time. Per hour 110~120 Bq 0.2~0.24-micro sievert That day Per hour 1500~1800 Bq 3?3.6-micro sievert .    http://ameblo.jp/concentric-circle/entry-11287345760.html

The buildings and grounds at the Fukushima plant were badly contaminated in March 2011 I am sure. Each day since has seen more deposition. The concrete dust being released by the demolition of the structure at Reactor 4 is coated with radioactive deposits.

It is no surprise that there is a large increase in measured radiation down wind.

Do the authorities really believe that people will trust them after this? Or believe them? The demolition started on dry windy day with no warning given.

The demoliton is an arrogant and cruel act.

I have problems with Rense, and sometimes Yoichi Shimatsu makes mistakes. However, this article from rense.com, the source of the
video above (but not the source of the resultant radiation readings linked to above, these are totally independent.) :

It is worth a read.

Another source with video:

To be perfectly clear: It is the dust they raised which is the issue here. Those buildings have been coated with contamination since March 2011. Creating a dust hazard is not on.


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