Andrew’s Nuclear Crimes website.

The map on the page shows a plot of the fallout from the Nagasaki bomb.

The map does not preclude the probability of fallout cloud fragmentation and wind shear.

It is way passed time that the United States came clean and provided all
fallout data for both atomic bombs used against Japan in 1945.

The two bombs dropped upon Japan are the only two atomic bombs for which the United States
has not released such data.

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  1. CaptD Says:

    I believe that the reason is that the actual “measured” effects are very different from the “computed effects and that difference is now a closely guarded secret…

    After the Japanese bombings the US Gov’t. took all nuclear records including actual measurements from the Japanese, so this information was available for intense study in the USA…

    Fallout and its effect have never been properly revealed to the Public and the Nuclear Industry wants to keep it that way!

    Liked and Tweeted…

  2. CaptD Says:

    Also notice on the link the free eBook:
    Nuclear Crimes-The Book.

    Hopefully the author will post a kindle version link soon!

    • nuclearhistory Says:

      HI CaptD. I haven’t spoken to Andrew about it recently. There is some great detective work on Andrew’s site. How he keeps up with it all is beyond me.

      Very talented guy and one of the best blogs there is.

      The projected Nagasaki fallout map is the thing really interests on that page link.

      The fact that he cites me on that page is not the reason I linked to that page… believes me do they?

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