The Fukushima Story is about People. The Reactors are the means, not the consequence.

This is a call for papers studying the Fukushima impacts from the perspective of Radiological Social Work and Public Health.

It took a decade or more for the United States government to admit it’s nuclear emissions in the 1950s killed flocks of sheep.

It has never clearly admitted to causing people harm. Many families in the United States must be, I think, exhausted from fighting their own government.

Will it be the same in Japan in 10, 20 30 years time?

All over the world the story of people affected by nuclear pollution is the same.

Denial. Labelling. Exlcusion. Reassessment. Inadequate acknowledgement. Claims of extremism in victims by
nuclear extremists such as industry and government groups.

It will be the same this time unless the people affected in Japan band together and tell their human stories. The affected people might consider forming an open group. With the resilience to last as a group for at least 3 decades.

This is just my opinion. It is up to Japan.

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  1. CaptD Says:

    Since the Utility Gangs are “running” Japan, these affected folks need to build upon the ever larger demonstrations ASAP and call for immediate investigations into why the Government is not allowing people to get scanned because without that, it will be far easier to deny anything or anyone was affected!
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