The Secret Nuclear War

It is happening again, in Japan.

It is the same thing.

To understand it, get this book:

It explains how the victims are isolated and denied.

It explains what happens to people affected, often times.


What is happening in Japan in the official responses to health impacts is a well rehearsed routine
which aims to deny health impacts recognition for periods of time measured in decades.

The aim is to delay societal recognition of health impacts until the collective of victims
are no longer seen as being directly connected to the causative events in the view
of the wider society.

There must therefore be an historical understanding of the context within which people suffered
and in which people continue to suffer.

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  1. CaptD Says:

    People will have to search for it as it is “out of print” I wonder why!

    Perhaps the author will OK a kindle version!

    Liked and Tweeted…

  2. CaptD Says:

    Less than $10 Used with free shipping (in the USA) here:

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