British High Court Locks Out Nuclear Veterans – recap

The Nuclear Veterans have been fighting the British government for decades. The following was the state of play in March 2012.

British nuclear weapons veterans lose Supreme Court test case

Lord Wilson reads the Supreme Court’s dismissal of hundreds of claims made by ex-servicemen who say they were made ill during British nuclear weapons tests in the 1950s.

2:16PM GMT 14 Mar 2012
More than 1,000 veterans took their fight to the Supreme Court – the highest court in the UK – in November after nearly two years of with the Ministry of Defence battles in the High Court and the Court of Appeal.
In 2009, 10 ”lead” claimants won the first round of the veterans’ battle when a High Court judge said claims could go ahead.
But the MoD appealed and, in 2010, a Court of Appeal ruling blocked nine of the 10 lead claims when judges said they were ”statute-barred” because they had been made too late.
A challenge by the veterans against that Court of Appeal decision was rejected today by Supreme Court justices by a four-to-three majority.
Lord Wilson, one of the judges who rejected the appeal, ruled that the actions had ”no real prospect of success”, although a few veterans can still proceed due to an earlier legal ruling.
Lord Wilson said, after reading out a summary of the court’s decision: “Putting aside the law for one moment, all seven members of the court would wish to record their personal sympathy for the veterans.”
He said: “It must be bad enough for the nine veterans, and the other claimants, to learn that they have lost this final round, but to learn that they have lost by the narrowest possible margin must make it even worse.”
End quote.

Anyone who is reliant upon nuclear authorities for justice should take note. This is not the end of the line however, and more news may be coming.

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