Atomic Energy Commission, Wiki. The Early Exporter of the Military Nuclear Model to Japan

The United States Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) was an agency of the United States government established after World War II by Congress to foster and control the peace time development of atomic science and technology. President Harry S. Truman signed the McMahon/Atomic Energy Act on August 1, 1946, transferring the control of atomic energy from military to civilian hands, effective from January 1, 1947.[citation needed]

An increasing number of critics during the 1960s charged that the AEC’s regulations were insufficiently rigorous in several important areas, including radiation protection standards, nuclear reactor safety, plant siting, and environmental protection. By 1974, the AEC’s regulatory programs had come under such strong attack that Congress decided to abolish the agency. The agency was abolished by the Energy Reorganization Act of 1974, which assigned its functions to two new agencies: the Energy Research and Development Administration and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.[2]

end quote.

When the USA modernized its nuclear regulatory structure (to the extent that this old 1930s based technology could be modernized), it failed to do so in US nuclear colonies such as Japan.

Hence the Fukushima disaster, which saw government agencies allow, by the deliberate with holding of information, nuclear refugees fleeing into the path of fallout clouds.

Given that military style bullying is part and parcel of nuclear industry everywhere, and given that due to
socialistic subsidies enable nuclear industry in any event, nuclear industry is the globe’s industrial
spoiled brat.

The Japanese nuclear- government style relationship is a hallmark actually of such relationships around the world. The NRC has degenerated and requires renewal in any event.

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  1. CaptD Says:

    The US Army, AEC and now the NRC are continually reinventing its name so that older records are more easily hidden…

    Bottom line is that industry secrecy has had a bad effect on civilian populations, many of which are still being used in scientific experiments to gather fallout “effect” info…

    What a Nuclear Waste!

    Liked and Tweeted…

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