“Dear Chuck” – How the Manhattan Project and the AEC kept Strontium 89 a secret.

That the long term military interest and control continued regarding human data relating to internalised Sr89 is evidenced by the April 6 1954 Letter to Dr L. Dunham from Dr Joseph Hamilton re medical use of radioisotopes: “Dear Chuck:
“Please find enclosed the available data from the University of California Hospital which was compiled by members of Stone’s staff who incidentally are quite unaware of the classified nature of this material. I discussed this matter with Dr. Stone and told him that it should not be discussed with anyone in the Division of Radiology with the exception of the two of us.” … “The picture is not too clear since a number of patients received stable strontium and
several others received some amounts of radio-strontium.” “Our own experimental program is progressing very nicely using both rats and monkeys.”

“The use of radioactive strontium, (Sr89) in the treatment of patients…the rationale, based on experimental animal studies with metastatic carcinoma to bone and in osteogenic sarcoma was initiated in 1940 by Charles Pecher….Pecher’s experimental findings were confirmed by Treadwell (Mrs. Anne de G. Low-Beer) , et al, who investigated uptake of radio-strontium by bone tumours in six patients prior to biopsy or amputation.” Secret. end quote. Source: DOE Opennet Document as follows: Title: Title: LETTER TO C L DUNHAM, SUBJECT: RADIO-STRONTIUM Author(s): HAMILTON,J.G. (UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA) Document Location: Location – NNSA/NSO Nuclear Testing Archive Address – P.O. Box 98521 City – Las Vegas State – NV Zip – 89193-8521 Phone – (702)794-5106 Fax – (702)794-5107 Email – CIC@NV.DOE.GOV Document Type: CORRESPONDENCE, LETTERS, MEMOS Publication Date: 1954 Apr 06 Declassification Status: Declassified
Document Pages: 0007 Accession Number: NV0721135 Originating Research Org.: Unknown
OpenNet Entry Date:2007 May 18

It can be seen that the gagging of doctors by nuclear authorities goes back a very long way.
Scott Meyers, who also worked at Crocker rad lab prior to its renaming (to Donner Laboratory), considered Sr89 one of the most carcinogenic substances known. (Oral History series, Bancroft Library)

Pecher’s medical treatment data was a constant within the Manhattan Project and AEC nuclear weapons programs.

However, his medical treatment = a palliative pain control technique for the terminally ill (which worked by the concentration of Sr89 into bone tumors such as to produce tumor shrinkage), was forgotten by medicine.

It was independently rediscovered in Germany in 1973 (Firusian et al).

By 1993 Sr89 Cl was in use as Pecher intended in 1941, in the USA. Manufactured by GE in it’s reactors, rather than by cyclotron. What had been suppressed in the period from 1950 was the medical data sheet. This precisely described the fission product Sr89 and its potent cancer causing properties. This same radio-chemical had been released in quantity during the long years of nuclear testing and is also created by every nuclear reactor on earth.

When nuclear authorities break their promise to keep their radio-poison chemicals sealed, I suppose its logical for them to pretend that the population of the world are their patients.

But we are not. What they practice is not medicine. It’s merely bomb fuel production with waste heat being used to power the TV’s and kettles of the subject populations.

The reactors at Fukushima spewed forth an unstated weight of fission fuel and fission product. The fission product Strontium 89 has been found many miles from the reactor site.

How much Strontium 89 is “not much”? What is a riskless amount of this controlled substance?

Shall we revisit the full program which was Project Sunshine? Why did the AEC only publically release its Sr90 data, and never its Sr89 data?

The Metastron datasheet is abundantly why not. of 40 rats administered Sr89, 33 developed bone cancer within a nine month window. Source: General Electric.


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    Great Medical History, which gives readers a glimpse into how the health of the patients gets morphed into what is best for the nuclear industrial military complex…

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