A Statement

If fission technology did not have military application, if the fission of uranium did not produce plutonium for use in nuclear weapons, there would be very few nuclear reactors on the planet.

The production of boiling water due to waste heat from isotope creation in nuclear reactors is not the reason for their existence.

The very first nuclear reactors were built in order to produce the bomb which killed Nagasaki.

Every reactor in the world is dual use. The primary use is military.

The waste from the very first reactors and the very first production of plutonium, still haunts the people of the United States. Hanford remains a blot on the American landscape.

The US Atomic Energy Act of 1954 with amendments is still in force today. Information control is a central plank of the Atomic Energy Act. Along with supporting regulations relating to unclassified but controlled information, the United States nuclear authority can and do censor by binding legislation.

There is no open disclosure of nuclear issues and in relation to nuclear matters, there is in fact no such thing as a free press.

As if, when a government wants to use its reactors for bomb making, it won’t use the appropriate reactor fuel? What did they use at Hanford? pure, natural uranium – the natural isotopic mix. They did not even enrich it at all. And that produced the Nagasaki bomb fuel.

Time for Dwight.

This corruption of democracy.

B Reactor Control Console, Source of Nagasaki Bomb Plutonium, Hanford Nuclear Reservation, WA 1944

Thus the endless subsidy from the US Government to various organisations in order to produce the domestic nuclear reactor industry.

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  1. CaptD Says:

    Nuclear GREED also plays an important role in the spread of Nuclear reactors as they become “cash cows” for their owners that can transfer everything except Corp. profits onward to their ratepayers…

    Nuclear Waste the unwanted “gift” that keeps on giving pollution!

    Liked and Tweeted…

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