Forest fire causes power cut at Spain nuclear plant

29 June 2012

A forest fire in eastern Spain briefly cut power to a nuclear plant and forced 700 people to be evacuated from their homes on Friday, authorities said.

“The fire is still active and the size of the area affected is still not known,” said a local government spokeswoman in the Valencia region, where the fire broke out.

An electrical plant was evacuated in Cortes de Palla and the resulting loss of current forced a nuclear plant in nearby Cofrentes to briefly switch to generator power before normal functioning resumed.

“The nuclear plant is not in any danger. The fire is not coming near it,” the official said.

About 700 people were evacuated from Dos Aguas and other surrounding villages and were being housed by local families or in shelters, the spokeswoman said.

Around 1,000 emergency personnel were working to fight the blaze, along with 28 helicopters and airplanes.

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  1. CaptD Says:

    Everyone needs to remember that nuclear reactors are dependent upon having power at all times to provide fuel rod cooling or they can meltdown like those in Fukushima…

    Having “backup” generators are n guarantee of safety since they also can fail when most needed, and have a “tract record” of doing so!

    Liked and Tweeted…

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