The National Diet Of Japan Fukushima Accident Independent Investigation Commission

Executive summary

This Global edition of the Executive Summary is intended solely as a convenience for the non-Japanese-reading global audience, and includes selected elements from the entire Japanese report. Also we have added additional charts (map of Japan, etc.) to make it easier for the global audience to understand. If any questions arise related to the accuracy of the information contained in the translation, please refer to the Japanese-language version of the Commission Report, which is the official version of the document. If there are any discrepancies or differences between the Japanese-language version and this Global edition, the Japanese-language version shall prevail.

4. Spread of the damage (Coming Soon)
4.1 Damage from the nuclear power plant accident
4.2 Chaotic evacuation orders
4.3 Lack of preparation for a nuclear disaster
4.4 Current and future health damage from radiation
4.5 Prolonged environmental and decontamination issues

Arguing against these National Findings is Flinders University South Australia, which persists in calling for non-evacuation of the contaminated area.

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  1. CaptD Says:

    Thanks Paul for posting this information, it will be interesting to see how the Diet tries and squirms it way out of any responsibility!

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