Hiroshima Day II

I think, from memory it was John Dower who reported that Japan officially ended its atomic bomb research programmes in July 1945. (Dower, John, “Japan in War and Peace” http://books.google.com.au/books/about/Japan_in_War_and_Peace.html?id=Wh8fNQAACAAJ&redir_esc=y)

The irony of the fascist government in control of Japan ending its bomb programmes in the very month in which the USA had successfully tested the plutonium bomb is very great. It is also a tragic reminder that nations resort to criminal behaviour whenever they think it appropriate and survivable.

Fascism is cross cultural – it can happen anywhere. The crimes of World War 2 include those of the infamous Unit 731 – the Japanese bio chemical unit that caused so much suffering and death in China and elsewhere.

The Japanese atomic bomb projects – one for each service – Army, Navy, Air force – all came to nought. No doubt, had Japan achieved the atomic bomb first, it would have been used without compunction. As it was though, the Kyoto University Lab has sufficient uranium oxide to “cover a postage stamp”, and Shimzu reported in 1982 that the wartime lab was confined to attempting uranium fission via photo-fission i.e. using photon radiation (gamma or x rays) rather than neutrons. It was fundamental science. (Though not many people have heard of photon fission in everyday life).

Japan’s atomic programme ground to end for many reasons. The fact that the scientists were forced to each grass and insects (by some accounts) show just how close to starvation the Japanese people were. The fascist regime, viewing people as merely as production units or fighting machines, had no qualms about people starving so long as the elite could eat.

In fact, like all ideologically driven governments, the Japanese fascist regime lived in a dream world. Not even, in my view, would two atomic bombs force such a government to surrender. The bombs, in my view, were demonstration devices aimed at Stalin, as a warning not to invade Japan or Korea. To pull back from Manchuria and China.

Japan was defeated in fact. Its people starving, and the USSR poised to take the North Island. This view was a held view among Americans. Admiral Leahy for one.

Did the USA fear that the USSR would continue to expand throughout the Asia Pacific ? Did it fear a divided Japan, like a divided Germany?

The answers lie in a detailed study of Operation August Storm. The Soviet invasion of Manchuria. The atomic bombings were timed, it seems to me, to coincide with certain critical events.

The atomic bombs dropped upon Japan did nothing to shorten the war against Japan. Peace could have come earlier if the Allies had responded to the Emperor’s representative in Moscow. Each of the Allies had an agenda bigger than the defeat of Japan. Those agendas included the shape of Asia Pacific after the war.

The bombing of cities is a war crime. The use of nuclear weapons against cities are war crimes.

There is no justfication for their use. Not even the horrific suffering inflicted by the Japanese fascist commanded armies justified the nuking of Japanese cities.

The use of the Japanese cities as demonstration sites which served a warning to Stalin is a horrific thought. But one I hold.

Japan was defeated and as usual, civilians suffered from the most horrific weapon yet invented. For political reasons.

Not reason is sufficient for the use of these weapons.

The suffering survivors were targets, not guinea pigs, in 1945. Radiation sickness had been documented in fine detail in the 1930s in various countries. Belgium, France, England. In the USA, E.O. Lawrence’s cyclotron lab provided researchers with a powerful tool. Here, the early art of nuclear medicine developed to the point where radioactive substances such as strontium 89, phosphorous 32 and neutron rays were used to fight cancer in consenting patients (in contrast to the secret trails later). The horror of the late effects of neutron rays caused it to be abandoned for decades. The lethal dose for P32 was given to the Manhattan Project in 1943. The extremely carcinogenic nature of strontium 89 rendered the treatment not as a cure but as a palliative pain relief only. (It shrinks bone tumours while seeding others).

By 1945 the Manhattan Project then held a wealth of data on the human effects of radiation and the radioactive substances.

Still, the US position was first to deny any radiation induced illness in Japan. Groves and the New York Times labelled it as enemy propaganda in 1945.

Ever since, the Japanese atomic bomb survivors have been used by nuclear authorities in one way or another. Modern radiation safety standards are in part based upon the proclaimed findings. I don’t trust these proclamations any more than I would trust Groves’ pronouncement of 1945.

Had Nazis used human subjects in such a way it would be condemned under the Nuremberg Principles, and the data would be forbidden from use. Yet Nuclear industry owes its survival to the Hiroshima and Nagasaki survivors. The Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission and it successor organizations are not morally blameless.

And so on.

The USA was not alone in the bombing of Japan. In August 1941 Mark Oliphant was sent by the British government to the USA in order to convey technical information to the Americans. And, quite specifically, Oliphant was ordered to tell the Americans to hurry up and make the bomb.

I personally think that Roosevelt had his own plans, and that no one knows really what these were in fine detail. Truman rode the A bomb freight train after the driver had left the compartment.

In 1943 the British had concrete and reliable information from its agents in Germany (especially via the Griffin) confirming that the German atomic bomb program had failed to produce a workable process for making a bomb. Britain did not tell the Americans. It was full steam ahead as far as Britain was concerned.

As soon as Germany had been defeated, as agreed among the Allies, the USSR began the greatest troop movement in the history of war – thousands of Soviet troops moved from Europe to the border of Manchuria. The Manchurian Strategic Offensive Operation (also known as August Storm) began on 9 August 1945. The same day as Nagasaki suffered the horrors of the atomic bomb, and three days after Hiroshima was carbonised by an atomic bomb.

The USSR was on a nuclear leash. It remained so until 1949. From then on the population of the population of the world was held hostage to the balance of terror. At the same time, governments bombed their own people, telling them the bombs were perfectly safe.

They were and are not.

Indigenous people, farming communities, nuclear veterans and others the world over became nuclear victims denied justice.

They join the many nuclear victims witnessed today and in the 20th century.

All the while, nuclear authorities used crank data to deny justice and to “normalise” nuclear pollution.

Today in Japan, children live far too close to broken reactors. Broken reactors which reflect the broken nuclear industry promise – to never unseal its radioactive sources.

It is a promise it has never been able to keep. The effects are denied in exactly the same manner as that used by Groves in 1945.

Ill effects of radioactive substances as Enemy propaganda.

Nuts to that.

The lead time between exposure and illness onset is no excuse for the denial of authorities.

Nuclear is not the end of science. It is a roadblock in the way of science. And has been since 1945.

Not every victim of the 1945 atomic bombs is recognised. Not every nuclear victim is recognised. Injustice remains and truth is denied. Victims are blamed . Psychology is abused when radiation fatigue is relabelled anxiety disorder. This continues to happen to the A bomb survivors and it is happening to people affected by Fukushima.

Nuclear industry cannot keep its radioactive sources sealed. It’s broken promise is covered by lies which blames the victims. For example:

“In 2004, journalists Amy Goodman and David Goodman called for the Pulitzer Board to strip Laurence and his paper, The New York Times, of his 1946 Pulitzer Prize.[7] The journalists argued that at the time Laurence “was also on the payroll of War Department”[8]” and that, after the atomic bombings, he “had a front-page story in the Times[9] disputing the notion that radiation sickness was killing people.”[3] They concluded that “his faithful parroting of the government line was crucial in launching a half-century of silence about the deadly lingering effects of the bomb”.[10][11]

In their book Hiroshima in America: Fifty Years of Denial from 1995, Robert Jay Lifton and Greg Mitchell asserted, “Here was the nation’s leading science reporter, severely compromised, not only unable but disinclined to reveal all he knew about the potential hazards of the most important scientific discovery of his time.”[12]

Laurence denied that the black rain fallout in Hiroshima was significantly radioactive because it originated from the firestorm that began 30 minutes after explosion, when the radioactive mushroom cloud had been blown many miles downwind.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_L._Laurence

Today in Japan people suffering what may be radiation fatigue (a well acknowledged effect) are labelled as neurotic without any investigation of cases. Shades of Groves and Laurence. Let’s hope the New York Times doesn’t get sucked into broadcasting official lies again.

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  1. CaptD Says:

    Great summation of the Geo-Politics that led to the use of Nukes…

    I coined the words: Nuclear Fascist* to highlight what the nuclear Industry is doing even today!

    Japan’s Leadership is still living in Nuclear Denial** and that is putting the lives of all the Japanese people at RISK of suffering yet one or more Fukushima’s again because Nature can destroy any land based nuclear reactor, any place anytime 24/7/365!

    * http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=nuclear+fascism

    ** http://is.gd/XPjMd0

    The illogical belief that Nature cannot destroy any land based nuclear reactor, any place anytime 24/7/365!

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