The British Chief Scientist vs Fukushima reality

Daily Mail Uk 20 April 2011

Now 80,000 Fukushima residents banned from returning home as 25,000 tons of nuclear waste is pumped from stricken plant Legal enforcement to be introduced to stop people entering exclusion zone
First removal of 6.6m gallons of contaminated water in basement started
In all 18.5m gallons will be removed – ‘cold shutdown’ could take nine months
Radiation will increase ‘only a little’ according to experts
Evacuated residents to be given £7,340 by plant company TEPCO

Up to 80,000 residents near the stricken Fukushima Dai-ichi plant have been warned by authorities that they might not be able to return home as 25,000 tons of nuclear waste is pumped out – the first step in a ‘cold shutdown’ process that could take nine months.

Those living in 10 towns within 12 miles of the plant, which has been leaking since the March 11 earthquake and tsunami affected its power and cooling systems, were originally told to evacuate for the time being.

Virtually all left after being advised to do so and on occasion some have returned to check on their homes, but now the Japanese government have said that no one should return as the fallout from the situation is carefully managed.


“this is normal”: Australian nuclear industry on the explosing, venting, melting reactors, also described as world’s best by Ziggy. “People wont be affected”. The spirit of the Atomic Weapons Test Safety Committee lives on in Australian nuclear experts. imo.

The British Chief Scientist estimate of Fukushima fallout zone

BBC asks Beddington to describe what would happen if material was released from the reactors at Fukushima in meltdown:

Beddingon: “In that situation you would get an explosion and radioactive material would be emitted. But it would be emitted to about 500 metres and it would be a relatively short duration of the order of an hour or so. Compare that with Chernobyl…”

(BBC material rebroadcast by SBS TV Australia, 15 March 2011)


hmm. The British establishment never has given much of a stuff about nuclear victims. They were quite happy to put Australian Aborigines of the Maralinga lands into concentration camps upwind, and to lie for decades about nuclear veterans health effects. Haven’t changed have they? Neither have their Australian nuclear lackeys.

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  1. CaptD Says:

    Those in the Nuclear Industry live in Nuclear Denial* and keep the health impacts secret because to do otherwise would mean the end of their careers and MORE!

    History has shown that this is a TRUTH about their Industry!

    *Nuclear Denial


    The illogical belief that Nature cannot destroy any land based nuclear reactor, any place anytime 24/7/365!

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