Can anyone explain what really happened at Fukushima reactor number 4?

Australian experts are useless, they stated in March after each explosion, that the situation was
absolutely normal” (ANU nuker voice over of the brown “hydrogen” demolitions of the buildings)

Here’s a video which was shown once in Japan and then only broadcast again in India, showing the discrete reactor 4 blast:

Kitagawa Takashi Keio University
“Totally a Myth. Explosion of Unit #4.
TEPCO explains it’s “Hydrogen” Explosion.
No Hydrogen available at Unit #4.
TEPCO explains it came from Unit #3 via duct.

These are lies as are pointed out for number of reasons.

TEPCO admitts there are 8m large holes north and east walls which have never happened to Units #1,2,3.

No video available for the explosion Unit #4 in Japan, US, EU nowhere in advanced coutries. There certainly is, TV Fukushima shot that and withdrawed and never has been opend since then.
Only available is from India (presumablly).

This is it; ”

video above.

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  1. TEPCO’s lie about “Hydrogen” Explosion at Fukushima no 4. No Hydrogen available at Unit #4. « nuclear-news Says:

    […] anyone explain what really happened at Fukushima reactor number 4?… Australian experts are useless, they stated in March after each explosion, that the situation […]

  2. william Place Says:

    The cooling failed, they all got too hot and as a result exploded, some say Hy exploshion, I belive what is call a low level neiculer exploshion too place in all reactors at this point…tossing fule out into the air with concreat dust…and as a result many people will get sick and die! as well what is left is going ito the earth and sea…abd there is nothing that can be done to stop it, it will kill fish and poison the entire picific ocean for thousands of years…all because they (people in charge) did not know what to do in time or thought they were able to do better then to follow any safty rulse…

  3. CaptD Says:

    This is why video is so wonderful, once it is shown/aired anyone can save it to disc and then replay it for the World to see….


    This is probably why Governments want to limit web copyrights!

    Liked and Tweeted…

  4. Freya Foust (@FreyaFoust) Says:

    That is unit 1 exploding. Notice the other units are all in one piece. Unit 1 exploded first. From left to right U6, U5, U1, U2, U3, U4. It is a weird order to have them in. An easy way to remember is U4 is always on the far right if the view faces the sea.

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