Payment for nuclear veteran ‘not enough’ The Australian 2010

Verity Edwards
From: The Australian
May 13, 2010 12:00AM

AFTER almost 50 years of fighting for compensation, Maralinga veteran Avon Hudson’s frustration has turned into a feeling of intense disappointment.

Mr Hudson says the Rudd government’s budget decision to provide nuclear veterans with a pension is just not enough.

In particular, he thinks the defence force members who participated in British nuclear testing at Maralinga, Emu Field and the Monte Bello Islands in the 1950s and 60s deserve a health gold card.

The card provides comprehensive health cover paid for by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

“What I’m concerned about is that this is trying to buy us off with no assurances,” Mr Hudson said yesterday. “We want the gold card, we want compensation and we want assurances that we won’t have to prove we’ve got a disability.”

Based on recommendations of the Clarke Review on veterans’ entitlements, the federal government will provide $24.2 million over five years to nuclear veterans.

They are now eligible to apply for the disability pension after their service was declared “non-warlike hazardous”. Widows will also be able to apply.

But Mr Hudson, 72, said no provision had been made for the children of Maralinga veterans suffering from nuclear-related health problems.

Alan Batchelor, who was “50 yards from ground zero” within an hour of a nuclear detonation in 1957, and later had a child born with deformities, said a study into the children of nuclear veterans was urgently needed.

“If you look at the cancer rate of Maralinga veterans, it’s three times that of Vietnam veterans,” Mr Batchelor said.

There are 2700 surviving ex-defence force members who served at the nuclear test sites.
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It angers me every time some dumb nuker “expert’ aka salesperson utters “its less than the bomb test fallout” here or in Japan re Fukushima emissions. They both add. The bombs were not safe. The veterans, the widows and the afflicted children of the bombs stand together in experience with the people afflicted by Fukushima and its radio-chemical cocktail. Over the coming years the children of the Reactors will be as the children of the nuclear veterans. imo.

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  1. CaptD Says:

    Angers me also when a Government cheeps out instead of providing care for its Veterans… Surely none of the Politicians served or the situation would be quite different!

    Salute to all Veterans!

    Liked and Tweeted…

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