Uranium Miner Cannot be Trusted, implies the South Australian Premier

Der, Jay, why didn’t you listen to Dr Jim Green 2 decades ago?

“The shelving of the expansion (of Olympic Dam into the the world’s biggest uranium, the world’s biggest hole in the ground, the most massive single radon emitter the world has ever seen, the largest uranium/radium slag dam, the biggest single heap of radioactive waste on the planet.), flagged by the “Weekend Australian” last month, provoked a strong rebuke from South Australian Premier Jay Wetherill, who suggested the company could not be trusted. “We have been given to understand that BHP (Billiton) were proceeding with an expansion once, we’ve been given to believe that BHP (Billiton) will proceed with an expansion twice”, Mr Wetherill said.

“If they come to us and seek permissions and approvals on a third occasion, we will be taking a different approach to the negotiations. That’s a prudent and natural approach to take given our experience, and I think we would be unwise not to.”
Well let’s look at the Olympic Dam Indenture Agreement as signed by the South Australian government and BHP Billiton. And now in limbo a bit. They will still be mining uranium up there. There is no cause of joy in any of this. How dumb our leaders are to think that the South Australian economy or its people would ever benefit from hosting the world’s biggest hole in the ground.

Over to Dr Jim Green.

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  1. CaptD Says:

    Lots of folks cannot be trusted it seems….
    What a Nuclear Waste!

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