The fundamental failure of nuclear industry is the failure to keep its radioactive sources sealed.

Every time a reactor is refueled it emits radiochemicals.

Every uranium mine has the aim of removing uranium from its natural seal.

The resulting slag heaps and tailings ponds deliver to the surface of the earth that which
had previously been shielded and at least partially sealed by overburden.

The mining and milling of uranium has left toxic legacy across many nations.

The fundamental effect of a reactor meltdown is not the meltdown itself – it is the likely
breach of containment – the unsealing of the radiochemicals.

No stage of the nuclear fuel cycle, including mining, milling, reactor operation, and spent fuel storage
is immune from breached containment, the unsealing of the radioactive sources and their entry into the biosphere and food chain.

This contradicts the constant claims to the contrary of the industry.

The extent to which the industry fails is the extent to which the industry demands the population of world
consider nuclear emissions normal and acceptable and safe.

The emissions are none of these things.

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  1. CaptD Says:

    The nuclear Industry has been enable in this by the scientific fact that radiations is not something that people’s senses can detect and that fact is just now being changed as low cost detectors are becoming common place…

    Like this one:

    The sooner more folks own detectors, the sooner the Nuclear Industry is going to go “Out of Business”…

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