The Nauru Solution as revisionist visitation of the Cyprus Solution

The act of fleeing persecution or threat is a fundamental act of self preservation and self defense. These acts are recognized within the concepts of natural justice. Fleeing in such circumstances cannot be both legal and illegal. A fleeing refugee may legally flee and may request asylum. Full stop.

If that creates problems for nations, the nations need to get together in order to determine how best to perpetuate civilization and natural justice in regard to fleeing refugees.

The use of concepts of off shore processing pioneered by British on Cyprus in response to Jewish refugeesin the 1940s is an inhumane retrograde naturally illegal act deliberately aimed at interrupting the fleeing of modern refugees.

That is, it is an act of persecution.

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  1. CaptD Says:

    This “problem” will only become much bigger as entire Countries fight over dwindling resources by the Greedy!

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