Japan Finds Radioactivity in More Foods From California The California Radiation Report

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Japan Finds Radioactivity in More Foods From California
The California Radiation Report
By Andrew Kishner
August 23, 2012
California is the fruit and vegetable basket of the United States and the world and to have this
agricultural ‘wonder of the world’ ruined by radioactive contamination would be a genuine
In mid-March of 2011, when Fukushima Daiichi’s radioactive plumes reached the U.S. West
Coast, the plumes, or rather the entrained airborne radioactive particulates made volatile at the
crippled reactor complex, were vastly more diluted in concentration than when days earlier they
were first discharged as smoky plumes of unpleasing hues along Japan’s northeast coast. Among
the earliest data made available in California from the EPA was a measurement of 0.068
picoCuries of iodine-131 that was present in a cubic meter of air in San Francisco on March 18,
which was some twenty times less radioactive than air captured at the same time at Dutch
Harbor, Alaska. It seemed that despite what weather forecasters were predicting – that the
plumes crossing the Pacific towards the continental U.S. were going to impact California first –
the radioactive clouds were diluted enough such that if dry conditions prevailed and there wasn’t
a ‘rainout’ (a process that can result in thousands of millions of times more ‘deposition’ from
plumes than experienced during dry, ordinary conditions) the state could emerge largely
unaffected. But Fukushima, not your ordinary reactor accident, occurred during the 21st
century, which does not have ‘normal’ weather. In this day and age of ‘climate change,’ when it
is dry, it’s really dry, and when it rains, it pours.

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    More info here:

    It contains large listing of radionuclides now being found in the USA and elsewhere…

    Yet the US EPA is saying nothing!

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