Evacuate Fukushima 福島の子供を守れ Part 07 – DAYS OF INFAMY

The Japanese government decides to return all evacuees within 20 km of Fukushima Diiachi

…going deeper into the history books 30 September 2011 will also mention this Day of Infamy. When an entire nation abandoned its children at the hands of a Nuclear Mafia that purchased the souls of the very young ones that were supposed to protect them.

Minima Soma

After 3/11, 50,000 of 71,000 evacuated to various shelters across the Prefecture. The land they owned for generations and the grave of their ancestors. On 30 September 2011 the Goshi Hosono successfully lures 30,000 evacuees to return to Minima Soma with 20/30 km of Fukushima Diiachi. “Fukushima Municipality concerned over lifting of Evacuation Advisory”, “Minima Soma Evacuees Weigh Risks to Return”, “More Fukushima Evacuees Do not Want to return Home”.

On the very same day the government edict comes into force (lifting the evacuation advisory), the Government acknowledges that it has found plutonium emitted by the broken reactors of Fukushima Diiachi up to 50 km from the reactors and Strontium, emitted by the broken reactors – up to 80km from the reactors.

But the return of the evacuees proceeds as planned.

A Dau after the discovery, the Ministry of Environment announced that there will be no more testing for Plutonium.

“Japan scared to tell truth to Evacuees”, “Critics urge Japan to widen evacuation zone”, “Fukushima Schools Unsafe after clean-up{, “Fukushima students go back to school with dosimeters”.

(The neat, circular zone maps around the broken reactors ignore the reality of the shape of the fukushima Diiachi nuclear deposition on the ground in reality. It did not and does fall out in neat circles as imagined by the map makers. It’s fallout pattern is determined by the wind and rain. Large plumes of fallout fell on long tracks of land which exceed the boundaries of the circular areas defined on the maps. So people are forced to live, even in evacuation centres, in areas of fallout. The maps are a lie. The fallout is not circular. No such industrial pollution is, no nuclear fallout has ever ever been circular.

One must not the circular dose from Hiroshima bomb gamma with the plume elongation pattern of deposition of actual nuclear fallout. The maps are a great deception aimed at confusing the people. This confusion has lifted and people protest.)

Is the radiation from fallout outside the circular zones any different from the radiation fallout inside the zone? Why are people forced to live in radiation fallout zones that does exist outside the circles drawn on the map?

(To keep nuclear share values up, by pretending to the world that people can safely live in contamination zones when they cannot safely do so).

“The zones the government drew up mean nothing.

The children who live in the 30km zone have been under mandatory orders to stay indoors. Now they will attend classes at this school. I also live in the 30 km zone. I measured the radiation levels myself. There is almost no difference in the radiation level between my home and the school here…” “That does not make any sense at all, for the children to come here.”

“I am worried about the rain”. “I heard the level of radiation in rain is quite high.”

(See Report on Project Gabriel 1954 which confirms the effect known as rainout)

“There are orders to stay indoors and to avoid with rain” (Scenes of children walking to school in the rain in this zone, because the government returned these families to the high fallout area, and schooling is mandatory, even though the other orders are to avoid outside and to avoid the rain.)

“I am worried about the children”

School master: “I was ordered to re-open schools outside of the 30 km zone. I am just following government orders.”

One nursery school, about 25 km from the broken nuclear Fukushima Diiachi plant, reopened in the middle of October 2011. Seven months after the earthquake (which broke the nuclear plant before the wave drowned its generators.) This is because the Japanese government dissolved the emergency evacuation preparation zones at the end of September 2011.”

“Are you recommending evacuation?” “Yes, it would be better to do so.”

Mayor of Fukushima Minamisoma City “The level of radiation is quite low here. It is even safe for children to play outside.” BUT
“Report from Fukushima Minamisoma 41.72 MicroSieverts/Hour Gamma, Beta, Alpha radiation combined in a Municipality Apartment Complex”

16 December 2011 Prime Minister Noda announces “Cold Shutdown” of reactors had been achieved, and that the nuclear plant had been contained. Noone knows what happened to the Corium (the molten cores). This claim by the PM shocks TEPCO workers at the nuclear plant. “We have no idea what he is talking about” : Angry TEPCO workers. “We cannot even enter the buildings… we don’t even know how to retrieve the fuel rods”: More angry TEPCO workers. Japanese press “Stricken Fukushima nuclear plant has reached Cold Shut Down” “MILESTONE”. (Lots of press coverage of “Cold Shutdown claim by PM) So let’s ask the Japanese Prime Minister the question “Could you explain why you are claiming Cold Shutdown while we do not know the state of the fuel rods melted out?” December 16, 2011, Prime Minister Noda’s Press Conference: Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda: “Well we came to this conclusion based on the measured temperature not only at the bottom of the pressure vessels but also inside the containment vessels. We have confirmed that the temperatures there remained below 100 degrees Celsius and the reactors were stable. This means completion of Step 2 of the Roadmap.” Next question please. “You did not answer his question about the fuel rods melted out.”
“We ask your cooperation in ensuring this press conference runs smoothly.”

“He didn’t answer my question about the fuel rods melted out did he?”

No he did not answer that question. ( The molten fuel is still molten, and large amounts of it has leaked through the holes in the base of the pressure vessles. As of September 2011, TEPCO still cannot accurately measure the amount of water in the reactors, the levels have been recently found to be very and the water keeps leaking from the holes in the bottom of the damaged reactor pressure vessels.

Like a car engine with no water in its block, the temp gauges may give false readings. )

Goshi Hosono, Minister for Environment is asked the same question:

“What is the reason people other than Mr Hosono have to leave (the press conference)? This is the last joint TEPCO/Government press conference. Take some responsibility and answer other questions! You have not answered questions from the Japanese people at all! You are rude and are betraying the Japanese people! You are a deceiver! You are a murder! You cannot be serious.” “Please stay here and answer remaining questions.” “Take responsibility for Japanese people.” “Don’t lie about “Cold Shutdown”.

Mr Goshi Hosono “Well I really have to go. And I will talk to Mr Sonoda.”

“What about the previously asked questions that have not been answered yet?”

Hosono: “We would like to answer questions either by email or in writing.”

TEPCO President walks out of press conference. “Mr President!”

Mainichi Daily News headline: “Absolutely No Progress being made” at Fukushima plant, undercover reporter says.”

Japan Today Headline “Japan’s media dismiss Noda’s cold shutdown declaration”, “Noda’s declaration on Fukushima met with cynicism”.

On completion of “Step 2” in their road map, the government scrapped the 20km exclusion zone, “welcoming back” women and children.

…most will come back because the government is making false promises. They have no where else to go. “What about the future?” “No more.” Headline : “low level radiation detected in Fukukshima students”. Promoting contaminated food. Children wishing they could play in the garden again. Thousands of families displaced from one contaminated town to another contaminated town. Children diagnosed with acute stress while the adults around them pretend that life has gone back to normal. Washington Post ” Simulation shows deeper meltdown at Japanese nuclear reactor than previously thought.” Japan Times Headline ” Evacuation too late outside no-go zone.”

December 28 2011, TEPCO HQ, TOKYO. “Our government is still telling us that there is no immediate effect on health. Also it is telling us that it will be safe to come back and live in Fukushima within one or two years after the clean up work is done. Children in Fukushima are the most victimized by these government lies. Children in Fukushima are being exposed to radiation everyday and every minute of the day. Only 10% of 300,000 children living in Fukushima Prefecture have evacuated. ”

By Nelson Surjon, Tokyo. (my comments in brackets.)

The response of Flinders University South Australia, US DOE contractor organsiation:

Published by FU Marketing and Communications.

School children in Fukushima Prefecture have to wear dosimeters every day. Just like uranium miners and radiation workers. 36% of children in the Prefecture now have thyroid nodules.

Radiation is not a vitamin. Plutonium, uranium and the fission products are not vitamins. These things, spewed out by the reactors which still vents them, are the particles which emit the radiation. The dust of these things is what delivers the radiation dose to people. When it is in the body, it causes harm. It is not like a CT scan, which the government claims. A CT scan can be switched off, and there has to be a legitimate medical reason for the CT scanner to be switched on. TEPCO reactors are not like a hospital.

They are more like factories which produce radioactive poisons.

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  1. Christina MacPherson Says:

    This story should be widely published, and listened to. Flinders University is surely disgraced by being part of the nuclear lobby’s propaganda .

  2. Children in Fukushima are being exposed to radiation every minute of the day « Antinuclear Says:

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  4. CaptD Says:

    No surprise here, it seems that Japan is much more like N. Korea than many people in the West admit!

    A Must read article: The Nuclear Mafia Derails Democracy in Japan

    Is it also happening in the USA and other Countries because of Nuclear Payback*?

    * http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Nuclear+payback

    Those that support nuclear power because nuclear power somehow supports them; no matter what the health implications or other “costs” are for others.

  5. CaptD Says:

    The coverup is global in nature thanks to the IAEA:

    More info you need to know about Nuclear:

    Nuclear Controversies


    In 1995, the Director General of WHO Dr. Hiroshi Nakajima, tried to inform on Chernobyl by organizing in Geneva an international conference with 700 experts and physicians. This tentative was blocked. The International Agency for Atomic Energy blocked the proceedings, which were never published. The truth on the consequences of Chernobyl would have been a disaster for the promotion of the atomic industry.

    This film shows the discussions at the following WHO- congress in Kiev in 2001, that lead to the fatal disregarding of internal radiation consequences throughout the nuclear world.

    The full transcript can be found here:

  6. CaptD Says:

    Two new words to help describe what is happening at SORE (San Onofre Reactor Emergency) California and too many other places around the World:

    Nuclear Fix*
    * http://is.gd/DzSrY1

    The nuclear industries (aka nuclear fascists) policy of donating massive amounts of money to insure that all levels of Government support Nuclear Energy to protect their market share despite it’s enormous environmental RISK of yet another Fukushima, instead of supporting less expensive, NON RISKY Eco Friendly Solar energy.


    Nuclear Conflict of Interest**

    ** http://is.gd/WiYZpz

    A Nuclear Conflict of Interest happens when elected Leaders give their support to the Nuclear Industry because they have received some form of Nuclear Payback without disclosing it to the public.

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