The TEPCO customer web page. All bog standard stuff, for nuclear power

TEPCO Electric Power Company

For any inquiries regarding Nuclear Accident Damage Claims, including the submission of the application for compensation requests, please contact the Following.
(please be sure to dial the correct number.)

For those afflicted by the accident at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (Nuclear Damage Compensation)

end quote.

It isn’t over yet. It’s a big hemisphere, TEPCO. And sure as eggs, its the government who pays the bill, as TEPCO can’t afford to. In the US the recognition of this universal fact is the Price-Anderson which limits nuker liability.


“Trust us. We are from nuclear industry, and subsidized by the Government. Anyone who disagrees with us is either a radiophobe or a communist.”

Actually, a cretin sees through the lies spat out from nuker HQ since March 2011. So many lies that this blog is ten times as long as envisaged a year and a half ago.

Back to the Future with Nuclear Power. (Mother in US uses AEC issued geiger counter to check for
gamma from Sr90 in milk. The beta emitted from the 6 fallout isotopes of Strontium is blocked by
the glass of the milk bottle. Food in Japan contains fallout from Fukushima. Nuke authorities say this is fine. No, it’s not.

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  1. CaptD Says:

    And the Nuclear Baloney* continues to flow fromTEPCO…

    *Nuclear Baloney (NB)


    For some exciting info check this article/video and its comments:

    Yamada: Fuel could be outside containment — Concrete does not erode uniformly — No one knows shape of corium — Big problems with Tepco estimation (VIDEO)

  2. Devon Says:

    He’s suicidal. The book is easy to read, has useful pictures to illustrate points, and offers a truckload of useful information. The bird factor alone has proved to be a major disadvantage in ways to generate power by tapping wind energy.

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