“Tokyo Perfectly Safe” : British Government. “We almost lost Tokyo” ex PM Naoto Kan, 2012


It is the lies, omissions and dictates imposed upon the people by nuclear authorities which upsets them the most.

The growing gap between what the people know for sure and the delusional view of things which continues to be promoted by Japanese and world nuclear forces. This dishonesty has made the disaster worse than it need be since March 2011.

Since March 2011 until the present day, any time a person anywhere attempted to reveal the lies, world nuclear authority accused that person of being a “radiophobe”, a “scaremonger”.

Yet this is not the case.

The case is this: World Nuclear Authorities have, since March 2011, been very frightened lest their “errors” “omissions” and “lies” be found out.

Westinghouse Executives have now conceded that “Fukushima was a mistake”. Such people probably actually mean that the propaganda regime in place since March 2011 was the wrong one, for it has failed. Too many people have a more accurate view of events than World Nuclear Authorities wishes them to have.

Apparently it would prefer the status updates of March 2011 to be the ones believed today. No containment breaches, no melt downs, no melt throughs, successful shut downs of all reactors, farmers and families still producing food in the (now banned and evacuated) farms around Iitate.

In March 2011 the nuclear authorities told the US of the danger zones. At the same time, it deliberately with held this information from its own people. For a month the people in and around Iitate continued to live and work in ignorance of the facts. When an NGO found out the truth, authorities at first denied it. When it was plain that nuclear authorities had been found out, and only then, did the authorities tell the truth. And only then were the people evacuated.

That is more than an “error”, Westinghouse. And you know it.

If the truth had not been found out by ordinary people, would the Westinghouse executives admitted “error”?

I doubt it. They would probably, I think, be popping champagne corks instead. “It worked. The idiots swallow it hook line and sinker.”

Instead they lament that they have to “regain public trust”.

Where have we heard THAT before? Here:


“Building Public Trust:

“Our greatness is measured not only in how we . . . do right but also [in] how we act when we know we’ve done the wrong thing; how we confront our mistakes, make our apologies, and take action.”

–President Clinton October 3, 1995

In January 1994, President Clinton established the Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments (ACHRE) to examine reports that the government had funded and conducted unethical human radiation experiments and releases of radiation during the Cold War. The President directed ACHRE to uncover the truth, recommend steps to right past wrongs, and propose ways to prevent unethical human subjects research from occurring in the future. The Committee published its findings and recommendations in October 1995.

This report presents the Administration’s actions to respond to ACHRE’s findings and recommendations. The Committee found that the government had conducted several thousand human radiation experiments from 1944 to 1975. Although the majority of the experiments advanced biomedical science and were unlikely to have caused harm, some were conducted unethically. ACHRE made 18 recommendations to improve openness in government, protect human subjects in the future, and redress past wrongs. The Admin-istration has adopted most of ACHRE’s recommendations and has acted throughout the government to implement them.

The Administration has adopted most of ACHRE’s recommendations and hasacted throughout the government to implement them.
Opening the Record

ACHRE recommended that the government take a number of steps to organize the historical records of human radiation experiments and to give the public access to these records. ACHRE identified the National Archives as the appropriate repository for documents. The Committee also recommended an independent review of the CIA’s recordkeeping system and all of its documents related to human radiation experiments.
Key Actions
The Administration has invested heavily in making documents accessible. ACHRE transferred more than 1 million pages of documents to the National Archives. The Administration has made 300,000 fully searchable pages of documents available on the Internet, and will add an additional 200,000 pages shortly. The Departments of Energy and Defense have published document search guides.
The President signed Executive Order 12958 directing Federal agencies to review and declassify thousands of documents, including documents on radiation experiments.
The National Archives and Records Administration is conducting an independent review of the Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA’s) recordkeeping system and the CIA’s Inspector General reviewed and reported on the CIA’s human experiments.
The Administration has invested heavily in making documents accessible.
Protecting Human Subjects in the Future

The Advisory Committee recommended steps to strengthen protec-tions for human subjects and ensure the government does not repeat past mistakes.
Key Actions
President Clinton is issuing a directive to strengthen protections for subjects of classified (secret) research. Agencies will propose new rules to eliminate waiver of informed consent; disclose the identity of the sponsoring agency; ensure a more independent review process; and require permanent records. Agencies will also report annually on the number of classified human research projects and the number of human subjects involved in each project.
President Clinton established the National Bioethics Advisory Committee (NBAC) to examine bioethical issues, including human research issues. A subcommittee of NBAC will address certain broad questions raised by ACHRE, including how to strengthen Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) -the local ethics panels for federally sponsored research.
President Clinton directed agencies to develop plans to improve oversight of ethics rules. NBAC will review these plans in the coming months.
Agencies have undertaken nationwide education efforts to raise the profile of ethical considerations, and are funding research to improve our understanding of ethical issues….”

US Department of Energy, from 1994 on.

Things are not “errors”. “Regaining Public Trust” is a rehearsed routine put in place when nuclear authorities get sprung by the general public.

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  1. CaptD Says:

    I agree 100% we have be systematically lied to for far too long!

    This describes why the Japanese date of 2030 is just so much Nuclear Baloney* (NB) and the Japanese people know it!

    Bye Bye PM Noda at the next election!

    Japanese People, almost all your Leaders are in Nuclear Denial* and unless they keep your reactors shut down you may have ONE OR MORE Trillion Dollar Eco-DisasterFukushima’s because Fukushima proved that Nature can destroy any land based nuclear reactor, any place anytime 24/7/365!

    A year and a half exactly after Fukushima’s Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster Japan is the poster “boy” for Control by the Nuclear Industry and Utility Gangs:

    The Nuclear Mafia Derails Democracy In Japan

    This is one of the most well written articles on this Debacle…
    BTW It contains a great number of links to back up all points…

    + the lies are so easy to see “Through”

    An example:
    Posted by BreadAndButter on another site: http://enenews.com/?p=39225
    Construction of Oma nuclear plant to be continued

    “Industry minister Yukio Edano said Saturday the government does not intend to withdraw permission for constructing the Oma nuclear plant in Aomori Prefecture, despite the government’s new energy policy calling for the end of atomic power generation in the 2030s.

    “I am not considering changing (the construction plans of) nuclear power plants for which the industry ministry has given the go-ahead,” Edano, minister of economy, trade and industry, said during his talks with local leaders in the northern Japan prefecture in the city of Aomori.

    He also said approval of the newly-established Nuclear Regulation Authority would be necessary to start operating these plants.”


    so much for phase-out….


    * http://is.gd/XPjMd0

    The illogical belief that Nature cannot destroy any land based nuclear reactor, any place anytime 24/7/365!

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