Skin lesions, LIvestock, a few Kms from Fukushima Diiachi

Translation of salient text by KM (Japan):

“Spots in the hair of cattle appeared
“I have never seen like this symptoms before” Mr.Yoshizawa said. 10 of 380 cattle in the Ranch have similar to a little less symptoms. 
Diagnosis by veterinarians is mycosis with no identification of bacteria. While a year and half, cattle pasture in Namie have been grazing and drinking from groundwater

We require strongly detailed examination of this disease.
Our ranch farm is 14km(about 9miles) from Fukushima Daiichi nukes plants and cesium measured in the air is 3~4mS/h now at here.”

Screen captures from website:




Prior record of lesions to skin in fallout areas, US AEC documents maintained by Executive Order by







Usual nuclear authority mode of response: deny diagnosis of LRI Beta Burn for 3 decades or more. Then ignore actual cause and call it “psorasis”. Where victims win court cases based upon actual medical evidence,
suppress the court case from the public record. This is the lesson of Australian history.

See Fukushima Diary and early posts here for a discussion of possible Beta Burns suffered by people in Japan.

Human beta burn Cutaneous Radiation Injury (CRI)

Human beta burns:

The big question is : Will nuclear authorities permit anyone who is suitably qualified to make an honest and accurate diagnosis of these cattle?

On the basis of reports from Japan regarding the earlier abandonment of animals, and given the fact that people who present at Japanese hospital seeking diagnosis for conditions which might have a radiogenic are reportedly turned away, due to hospitals complying with government orders, probably not.

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  1. CaptD Says:

    Health related Nuclear lies will continue to be covered up by using SECRET and other similar labels as long as the Nuclear Industry exists!

    Just one more reason to stop using Nuclear ASAP

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