As it is written, so let it be done – The Nuclear Safety Bibles revealed as mere Sales Pamphlets.

A ECCS Semi Scale Bible:

“NUREG/CR-2229 EPRI NP-1783 GEAP-24962-1 Vol. 1 BWR Break Simulation Tests.- BWR Blowdown/Emergency Core Cooling Program Volume 1

Page 5-1, 5-2 Quote: “The ECCS is effective in mitigating the cladding heatup even before
the bundle refloods, as the steam volumetric flow at the bundle outlet
is not high enough (in relation to CCFL characteristics) to prevent
ECC water from draining intoithe bundle. The heatup response of the bundle is rather mild.” end quote.

If scientists, technicians and writers questioned the above dictate, the nuclear authorities called them nasty names, questioned their loyalty to the USA and the Free World and where able, abolished their jobs.

Reactor Concepts Manual Boiling Water Reactor Systems Boiling Water Reactor (BWR) System, USNRC Technical Training Center

Pp 3-14 “High Pressure Emergency Core Cooling Systems
The high pressure coolant injection (HPCI) system is an independent emergency core cooling system
requiring no auxiliary ac power, plant air systems, or external cooling water systems to perform its
of providing make up water to the reactor vessel for core cooling under small and intermediate
size loss of coolant accidents. The high pressure coolant injection system can supply make up water to
the reactor vessel from above rated reactor pressure to a reactor pressure below that at which the low
pressure emergency core cooling systems can inject. ” end quote. So why didn’t it work?

pp 3-2 “The recirculation pumps and jet pumps allow the operator to vary coolant flow through the core and change reactor power.”

pp 3-3 “The emergency core cooling systems, penetrations number 5 and 9, and the reactor vessel designs are
compatible to ensure that the core can be adequately cooled following a loss of reactor coolant. The
worst case loss of coolant accident, with respect to core cooling, is a recirculation line break
(penetrations number 18 and 19). In this event, reactor water level decreases rapidly, uncovering the
core. However, several emergency core cooling systems automatically provide makeup water to the
nuclear core within the shroud, providing core cooling.”

Not much of a Bible, is it?

Of course, due to institutional arrogance, and a preference for building the Fermi Fast Breeder, the authorities spent too much money and only had funds for “Semi-Scale” ECCS tests.

So, here is one of three full scale tests which shows that all of the above is not worth the paper it was written on in the first place:

Just to make sure this is repeatable, here’s another one:

And just to be MilSpec about it, here’s another one:

Pity they could not afford full scale tests on their own turf, eh.

Begs the question though, if the ECCS required no external power, and they didnt work, what does that say for every reactor with an ECCS and therefore thought to be immune ? (Just like they said they all were. Before Mother Nature decided to disobey the Edicts and provided the trigger which the AEC had foreseen in 1968!)

” David Lilienthal, the first Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, in his most recent book. “Atomic Energy, A New Start, published in 1980, recognized the precariousness of the nuclear option. He called on nuclear engineers to come up with a technical fix….”
Ivving Spiewak and Alvin M. Weinberg, nherently Safe Reactors, Annual Review of Energy, Vol. 10: 431-462 (Volume publication date November 1985) DOI: 10.1146/,

Waiting, waiting. Won’t happen. After all these years the technology, while proven in bombs, is still at the unacceptable stage for reactors, which remain a rudimentary method of spinning a turbine to make electricity with a fuel which runs so much hotter than the boiling point of water that it not rational, for you risk a hell instead of a land of plenty.

No farmer, anywhere in the world, is scrambling to buy now vacant rural land in Fukushima Prefecture. In fact farmers from the Prefecture have started an experimental rice plot in Queensland, Australia. On the face of it, while the farmers may well be deviants to the wishes of World Nuclear, they are actually doing the sane thing.

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    Great Post!
    Your readers might like yet another explanation of the explosions at Fukushima:

    Anyway you look at it Nuclear is a RISKY business for everyone except the Nuclear Industry which only profits from it, even during clean up and or decommissioning!

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