A 1948 US Military Report of Mysterious Radioactive Black Goo

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At that time the injuries caused by contact with the black goo, as US Servicemen called it, resulted in a diagnosis firstly of “bruises”. The military doctors, all trained in radiation injuries, 2 weeks later then changed their diagnosis to that of “Beta Burns” (aka local radiation inury, cutaneous radiation injury).

Black goo is not the only thing that can cause beta burn.

This may not be the same stuff that has been reported for a long time as being found in Japan since March 2011. Some people observe various things about the substance found in Japan.

However, various aspects of the Black Goo associated with Operation Sandstone appear to match the descriptions of the Japanese black goo. ie It was radioactive, it was black, it was sticky, it was a dense component of fallout compared to the lighter fraction which behaved differently in the air.

It was not living, and showed no aspects displayed by microscopic life. It was that component (fraction) of fallout formed by the destruction of metal which has been irradiated.

It’s rate of radioactivity did not increase over time, it decreased.

The skin damage suffered by people in Japanese people after the Fukushima Diiachi event was reported by Fukushima Diary as “skin bruises”.

The appearance of the “bruises” reported by Fukushima Diary appear to match the appearance of some events of beta burns.

“In cases where radiation is present, radiation must be considered in the diagnosis” IAEA Training module, Day 3, Diagnosis and Treatment of Local Radiation Injuries. (Beta Burns). IAEA pdf.

Things have changed a lot since 1948. The military in 1948 did not consider the presence of beta burns on the skin of servicemen to be a sign that its troops were “weak minded”, to quote the Japanese authorities.

Beta burns do not take decades to appear. They take a fortnight tops.

In the Australian experience, people who suffered Beta Burns were denied diagnosis for decades. When diagnosis was allowed, it was made without reference to the environment in which the injuries first occurred. That is, they first appeared shortly after victims were engulfed in a fallout cloud. After the sickness, sore eyes and “flu”. Farmers saw the black goo stuck to trees.

Black goo is officially known to the experts. They are very quiet in Japan.

I do not know of any reports of black goo as a result of Chernobyl.

I do know the black goo of 1948 and of 1953 was the result of metal being vaporised and subject to
neutrons rays.

I do know that Chernobyl’s reactor core was not surrounded by metal containments

I do know that Japan’s reactors are.

Though bombs and reactors are different devices, metal is metal and neutrons are neutrons.

Still, I cannot say that the black goo in Japan today is the same as the black goo documented and
proven to exist by the US military and Australia’s Royal Commission.

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  1. CaptD Says:

    Black G☢☢ is a much better name for it now that font characters can be generated electronically!

    I wonder if any of the Black G☢☢ that was collected back then was saved, it would be great to compare it to the Black G☢☢ now found in Japan!

    Would a FOI request help find out?

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