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Some Japanese scientists claim it is safe to eat plutonium. And have done since March 2011.

October 22, 2012

Is it?

Great moments in the history of Hormesis

Hematological effects of inhaled plutonium dioxide in beagles.

Hematological effects of inhaled plutonium dioxide in beagles.

Weller RE, Buschbom RL, Park JF, Dagle GE, Ragan HA.
Pacific Northwest Laboratory, Richland, Washington 99352, USA.

“Cumulative dose and dose rate appeared to act together to produce initial effects on lymphocyte populations, while dose rate alone appeared to be responsible for the maintenance and subsequent cycles of lymphopenia seen over the life span. No primary tumors were associated with the thoracic lymph nodes in this study, although 70% of the lymphopenic dogs developed lung tumors.”
end quote. Very short quote from abstract. See original site.


Health Phys. 1984 Jul;47(1):73-84.
Plutonium-induced wounds in beagles.
Dagle GE, Bristline RW, Lebel JL, Watters RL.


Beagle dogs were given subcutaneous implants of plutonium in their forepaws to mimic hand wounds received by workers accidentally contaminated with plutonium…….The injected paws sequestered 21 and 16%, respectively, of the injected activity from plutonium oxide and plutonium nitrate in hypocellular scar tissue. The highest concentrations of translocated radionuclides were found in the regional lymph nodes. ….. Osteosarcomas and hepatomas were present in one dog injected with plutonium oxide. There does not appear to be any unique risk for dogs related to the subcutaneous route of exposure to plutonium.
end quote. Brief quote from abstract.

Health Phys. 1975 Apr;28(4):395-8.
Translocation kinetics of plutonium oxide from the popliteal lymph nodes of beagles.
Dagle GE, Lebel JL, Phemister RD, Watters RL, Gomez LS.

Plutonium-Induced Popliteal Lymphadenitis in Beagles1
by GE Dagle – 1975

google book
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists – Sep 1976 – Google Books Result
48 pages – Magazine
The most extensive studies of inhaled plutonium have been on beagles at Battelle’s … 40 percent was in the thoracic lymph nodes, 15 percent in liver, …

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – Quick View
W. J. BAIR and J. F. PARK
Biology Department, Pacific Northwest Laboratory, Battelle Memorial Institute,
Richland, Washington, U.S.A.
Abstract-Groups of three dogs were given single inhalation exposures to dry aerosols of one
of four different plutonium dioxides to compare retention, translocation, and rates of excretion.
The lung retention half-time of the oxalate calcined at 350C was about one year, half that of the other oxides. This was due to greater accumulation of plutonium in the bronchial lymph nodes rather than greater clearance via the mucus-ciliary
pathway or a relatively high rate of solubility. The metal oxidized at 450C was cleared via the
mucus-ciliary route to a lesser extent than the other oxides. This same oxide also showed a
selective loss of Am 241, relative to Pu239, in lung and bronchial lymph node tissue which was
not evidenced by the other oxides. The oxalate calcined at 1000C showed the least translocation
to tissues outside the respiratory tract. These results indicate that the physical-chemical state
of inhaled plutonium dioxide influences its disposition in the body.
end quote of partial abstract.

No sign of radiation hormesis there. Indications of individual responses to the trial conditions.

(That would be a NO I think, but I am not paid by nuclear industry. So obviously I’m biased and not impartial.)

The Safety Design Ethos of Nuclear Industry

October 22, 2012

“In his excellent book “The First Nuclear Era”, Weinberg relates a discussion he in 1972 with Rep. Chet Holifield, which left him “speechless” after Holifield warned him “Alvin, if you are concerned about the safety of reactors, then I think it may be time for you to leave nuclear energy”. Weinberg succinctly states “I had never been fired before.” (Source: Morgan, “The Angry Genie”, pp 72.

A bit less dramatic than Holifield’s threat (chair of the Congressional Nuclear something or other bullshit sessions in Washington) to John Gofman. Holifield threatened “to get Golfman.

Later, Gofman survived the threat, though he lost his funding. He, along with Carl Morgan, took part in the legal case resultant from Karen Silkwood being run off the road in her Honda enroute to giving key documents to her union. The documents related to proof of faulty plutonium fuel rods.

Today, nuclear authorities continue the Holifield tradition, especially in Japan at the present time, refusing to properly protect children living in not zones.

Reminds me of how the Big Three deliberately bankrupted Preston Tucker for daring to put seat belts, crumble zones, pop out windscreens etc in the Tucker Torpedo in the 1950s. But that’s another story. Years later the Ford Pinto, claiming to be safe, became known as the “ting, ker-boom” car.

This is merely my opinion. Would you buy a Pinto? A nuclear reactor? I wouldn’t. From the foregoing posts, I think things have gotten worse, not better over the years.

After leaving nuclear industry service in government, Holifield returned to his trade training – making and selling men’s clothes. Tailor, Tinker, bullshit artist bully. The US must want as much plutonium as possible, very badly. As the written record shows, Japan was chosen by the USA as an alternate place to produce a nuclear industry for strategic reasons. (FAS). The only strategic reason for surrounding Japan with reactors and enough plutonium to sink the USSR is plutonium production, imo.

The Pinto has long gone to Ting Kerr-boom hell. Reactors, as we know, especially since March 2011, are still with us. I will never forget the Australian nuclear expert from Canberra voice over as each reactor went Ting Kerr boom. “This is perfectly normal”. He is an honest man.

The Hysteria of Brucerites or why US DOE Low Dose claims nuclear emissions are good for pregnancy

October 22, 2012

“Radiation response a meltdown in reason”, P. Sykes. (US DOE funded contractor, writing partner with Bobby Scott, Lovelace Institute, New Mexico.)

Marshall Brucer: Advocate of the AEC 1950s concept of radiation hormesis, first used by the radium dial painting industry and US military in court cases brought by radium dial painter women who were dying of radium ingestion. 1925-1930 something.) The women won, even though many died prior to victory. Brucer maintained that those dial painters who survived lived longer then they would have had they not been dial painters. About as scientific as changing a water pump on a 1964 Porsche 911.)

published on July 14th, 2011 by Marketing and Communications, Flinders University. TAKE THIS CRAP DOWN, FLINDERS UNI.

Pam Sykes on : “And the frightening thing is that it’s been estimated that throughout Europe there were over 100,000 wanted pregnancies aborted, and these were people who didn’t live anywhere near Chernobyl.”
end quote

I found relevant papers online. Three of them are listed here.

Biomed Pharmacother. 1991;45(6):225-8.

Incidence of legal abortion in Sweden after the Chernobyl accident.

Odlind V, Ericson A.


Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Uppsala, Academic Hospital, Sweden.


The number of legal abortions in Sweden increased around the time of the Chernobyl accident, particularly in the summer and autumn of 1986. Although there was no recording of reasons for legal abortions, one might have suspected this increase to be a result of fear and anxiety after the accident.

However, seen over a longer time perspective, the increase in the number of abortions started before and continued far beyond the time of the accident. There was also a simultaneous and pronounced increase in the number of births during the years subsequent to the accident.

Therefore, it seems unlikely that fear of the consequences of radioactive fall-out after the Chernobyl accident resulted in any substantial increase of the number of legal abortions in Sweden.


Biomed Pharmacother. 1991;45(6):229-31.

Legally induced abortions in Denmark after Chernobyl.

Knudsen LB.


Danish National Board of Health, Sundhedsstyrelsen, Copenhagen K, Denmark.


During the months following the accident in Chernobyl, Denmark experienced an increasing rate of induced abortion, especially in regions with the largest measured increase in radiation. As the increase in radiation in Denmark was so low that almost no increased risk of birth defects was expected, the public debate and anxiety among the pregnant women and their husbands “caused” more fetal deaths in Denmark than the accident. This underlines the importance of public debate, the role of the mass media and of the way in which National Health authorities participate in this debate.


Reduction of births in Italy after the Chernobyl accident

by Roberto Bertollini, MD, MPH,’ Domenico Di Lallo, MD,’ Pierpaolo Mastroiacovo, MD,2

Carlo A Perucci, MD’

BERTOLLINI R, DI LALLO D, MASTROIACOVO P, PERUCCI CA. Reduction of births in Italy after

the Chernobyl accident. Scand J Work Environ Health 1990;16:96-101.

After the Chernobyl accident serious concern spread throughout Italy about the possible effects of the consequent exposure to radioac-tivity on fetuses. A reduction of births in the first three months of 1987, and particularly in February (7.2070 reduction in the birth rate), was observed throughout Italy. In April-June 1987 a 4.8 % increase in the number of births was observed. The magnitude of both phenomena varied in different areas of the country. The total number of births in the first six months of 1987 was very similar to the expected

(264241 versus 263 659). Induced abortions increased in Lombardia (northern Italy) in June ( + 1.6 %)

and July of 1986 ( +3 . 4 %) and in Campania (southern Italy) in June ( + 12.7 %) and August ( +4 . 3 %) .

No increase in legal abortions was detectedin Lazio (central Italy). Italian data suggest a voluntary decrease in the number of planned pregnancies and the termination of some of them in the first weeks after the accident as a consequence of post disaster stress.” end quote.

The situation varied across the affected areas of Europe.

The IAEA described Chernobyl as a Level 7 Major Accident, defined as an accident in with “widespread health and environmental effects requiring implementation of planned and extended ­countermeasures.” The effects and the boundaries of those effects should be at least broadly explained within the definition of the category. IAEA categories should be self sufficient. They should aid certainty. They should not encourage uncertainty. How the IAEA nuclear emergency notification regime contributed to the brief period of “disaster stress” in Italy remains to be seen.
end quotes


Analysis. by Paul Langley

Odlind V, Ericson A., contradict Sykes while Knudsen LB. finds, “anxiety”, not panic or hysteria. No numbers are given. Knudsen provides a finer analysis than Sykes. Bertollini et al provide a sophisticated report of regional variation and a finds overall a deliberate reduction in pregnancies among Italians. Of these pregnancies, “some” were terminated.

In all three cases, the woman’s and the family’s right to act in a democracy is highlighted. In the case of Denmark, an historic event may have left a social imprint.

In Dec 1957 Danish health authorities attributed an increase in radioactivity over Denmark to the Windscale graphite core reactor fire in England. Memory of that event, and any impacts of it, may have been passed down from mother to daughter. Appendix A below indicates that this certainly might have been the case in England itself. The paper indicates that Downs Syndrome becomes much more likely where the mother is in a vulnerable age range and is additionally subject to low levels of ionising radiation during pregnancy. The nation of Denmark considered the Windscale fallout to be a serious matter in 1957.

The medical record shows that there is an increasing risk of birth defects as Paternal age increases. (For instance, Epidemiology. 1995 May;6(3):282-8.Paternal age and the risk of birth defects in offspring.
McIntosh GC, Olshan AF, Baird PA. School of Medicine, University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA.)

The risk of Downs Syndrome increases rapidly after Maternal age advances through the third decade of life.

It could be that the regional variation across Europe in regard to termination of pregnancy in the wake of Chernobyl reflects the age related risks self determining people are well aware of.

The “slight” additional risk contributed by the Chernobyl disaster presented older women with an additonal unplanned uncertainty, no matter how small.

Sykes has not considered risk weighting by older mothers (ie older than 34) as a factor in terminations in the aftermath of Chernobyl.

Such risk assessments and responses by families is actually a tragic and deliberate task rather than the hysterical one Sykes seems to think it is.

Many such older mothers may have sought qualified medical advice prior to deciding whether to proceed or to terminate their pregnancies. Sykes does not provide any analysis of such considerations. See Appendix A.

Sykes does not give the number of women who terminated pregancy on the basis of sound medical advice. Yet such women cannot be considered to be doing anything other than following doctors’ advice.

Perhaps the problem was that the Chernobyl reactor did in fact blow up. That fact caused widespread panic within the nuclear industry and its promotional organisations. Controlling public perceptions of the consequences of that event apparently remains a priority for nuclear authorities.

Appendix A:

J Epidemiol Community Health. 1995 April; 49(2): 164–170.

PMCID: PMC1060102

Copyright notice

Down’s syndrome: prevalence and ionising radiation in an area of north west England 1957-91.

J P Bound, B J Francis, and P W Harvey

Department of Paediatrics, Victoria Hospital, Blackpool.

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.


OBJECTIVE–To analyse the prevalence of Down’s syndrome in a specific, geographical area and seek to explain variations with particular reference to ionising radiation. DESIGN–Cases were ascertained by one paediatrician as part of a prospective survey of major congenital malformations in children born to residents of an area of Lancashire between 1957 and 1991. Temporal changes in prevalence rates were detected by a grid search technique using Poisson log linear models. These models were also used to determine the association between prevalence and ionising radiation from atomic fall out. SETTING–The Fylde district of Lancashire in the north west of England. PATIENTS–There were 167 cases, including five stillbirths and eight terminations, among 124,015 total births in a population which increased from about 250,000 to over 300,000 during the study period. MAIN RESULTS–There was significant increase in the prevalence of all cases conceived in 1963 and 1964, and a lesser peak in 1958 which did not quite reach statistical significance. There was no evidence that the increased prevalence in 1963-64 was a result of changes in the maternal age distribution in the population. Babies of mothers aged 35 years and over accounted for more of the variation, especially in 1958 when their increase was significant. There was a highly significant association between prevalence and radiation from fallout produced by atmospheric testing of atomic weapons. The 1963-64 peak coincided with the maximum estimated radiation dose. The lesser peak in 1958 also coincided with increased exposure to radiation from fallout, possibly enhanced by ground deposits after a fire at the Windscale reactor in October 1957. CONCLUSION–This study provides further support for low dose ionising radiation as one aetiological factor in Down’s syndrome.end quote

Regulating and Designing Fukushima -Nader and Abbott 1975 III “Decommissioning”

October 22, 2012

Mr. Noda, have you told the Japanese people how many person centuries of wages it take to remove the magnificent design known as the Fukushima Reactor Park? And what you propose to do with the bits? I bet GE or the US NRC won’t be buying it back. And it ain’t coming here, over my, and many other Australians, dead bodies.

Tell the truth about nuclear power sir.

Continuing from Nader and Abbotts “The Menace of Atomic Energy”, Outback Press, Australia, 1977

Then again, GE might buy it back. They did after all, in March 2011 promise “To stand by it’s customer”, but I guess they meant the power elite, and not the people who actually have to work to pay for all this renovation work.

Uranium fission product smelters don’t really make good steam boilers do they?

Next: A bit of a look at the claims made by US Dept of Energy regarding the health benefits of reactor emissions and the effect on abortions they claim, very falsely, Chernobyl had in Europe. These dudes start phony academic journals, write crap, let the press pick it up, pay universities to teach it, and know full well that the average person is too busy paying for nuclear cleanups to have the energy to consult the actual research. So let’s put US DOE contractors Bobby Scott (New Mexico) and Pam Sykes (Flinders University South Australia) into the exam hall and see if they pass as qualified moral commentators on the value of reactor disasters as an aid to pregnancy. Using their own statements and the actual statistics from Europe.

Regulating and Designing Fukushima -Nader and Abbotts 1975 II GE’s “reactor parks”

October 22, 2012

The US AEC, various pro nukers and Congress really an truly sucked Japan in at the time Fukushima was built, as the following shows. And those Japanese who defend what they are complicit in deserve to be asked “Who’s side are you on?” IMO.

Continuing from Nader and Abbotts “The Menace of Atomic Energy”, Outback Press, Australia, 1977,
Chapter 8, section “Energy Parks”. Note the usual nuke deception all the way through.

It is on the record in the academic and press literature that the presence of so many reactors so close together, vastly increased the chance of disaster, vastly increased the scale of the disaster, vastly affected
the safety of workers trying to control one reactor when adjacent reactors created ground shine and air borne hazards, direct gamma and neutron beams out of all proportion. This is was design. An insane design by, in my opinion, insane designers, corporations, mainly GE, and governments who totally sucked in Japan.

Who’s side are you on Noda? The Japanese people or the people who did this by design to Japan and the world?

Next: Nader and Abbotts on Decommissioning. Cold shut down? BULLSHIT.

Test Site Maralinga

October 21, 2012

Test Site Maralinga
By Paul Langley
(with apologies to the Eagles “Hotel California”) circa 1975

On a dark desert clay pan, hot wind in their hair,
Burnt smell of nuclides rising up through the air.
Up ahead in the distance they saw a hammering light;
Their heads grew dizzy with luminous dust,
Hot wind seared the night.
There he stood in the doorway;
They heard the bugler’s call
They were thinking to themselves
“This once was a heaven, but now it’s a Hell”
Then he lit up a slide show and told them some lies,
There were voices down the corridor,
They thought they heard them say…
Welcome to the test site Maralinga
Such an empty place (No more tribal space)
Plenty of room at the test site Maralinga
Any time of year, we explode it here.
His mind is “dose rate” afflicted, a proxy Soviet fear.
His media boys speak what he wants us to hear:
Few speak of the bombing, the rolling black cloud.
Some bombed to remember, some bombed to find out.
So l called up the Captain
“Please bring the Vitamin C”
He said “We’ve ignored Linus Pauling since 1963″
And still those voices radio from far away,
Fallout by midnight in Auckland is high
But we still heard them say..
Welcome to the test site Maralinga
Such an empty place (of bodies one trace).
They are living it up at the test site Maralinga,
What a nice surprise, the witnesses died.
Dose counts hit the ceiling
Test tissue is packed in dry ice.
And he said “You are all just prisoners here until the next device”.
And in ASIO’s chambers,
They counted up the wreaths.
They tied them up with Secrecy Tape,
Governments still feed the Beast.
Last thing I remember,
I was crying for the past.
I had to get a message back
To people who still had hearts.
“Relax,” said the Army censor,
“We are programmed to deceive.
You can mouth off any time you like,
But you’ll never be believed.”
The things that God gets blamed for
Belong at humanity’s door.
And those who help conceal the Light
Will pay one day I’m sure.


October 21, 2012

It is not safe to eat plutonium either, contrary to nuclear paid “scientists” claims made in Japan 2011- to current era.

How to spot a drug pusher? Ask what’s in for them.

“Health Canada advises against any use of unauthorized oral or intravenous stable cesium compound. Users who experience adverse events, including irregular heart beat or decreased consciousness, should consult a health care practitioner immediately. Canadians should discuss the use of any health product for the prevention or treatment of cancer with their health care practitioner prior to starting its use.

Health Canada is taking action on unauthorized cesium-containing products sold on the Canadian market. All health products authorized for sale in Canada bear an eight-digit Drug Identification Number (DIN), a Natural Product Number (NPN) or a Homeopathic Drug Number (DIN-HM). This authorization indicates that the product has been assessed by Health Canada for safety, effectiveness and quality.

Consumers requiring more information about this advisory can contact Health Canada’s public enquiries line at (613) 957-2991, or toll free at 1-866-225-0709.

Complaints involving products containing cesium chloride may be reported to the Health Products and Food Branch Inspectorate by calling the toll-free hotline at 1-800-267-9675, or by writing to:

Health Products and Food Branch Inspectorate
Health Canada
Address Locator: 2003C
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0K9”

Dr Noda I presume.

Medicine without consent is not medicine. Quackery: “Quackery is the promotion[1] of unproven or fraudulent medical practices. Random House Dictionary describes a “quack” as a “fraudulent or ignorant pretender to medical skill” or “a person who pretends, professionally or publicly, to have skill, knowledge, or qualifications he or she does not possess; a charlatan”.[2]
The word “quack” derives from the archaic word “quacksalver”, of Dutch origin (spelled kwakzalver in contemporary Dutch), literally meaning “hawker of salve”.[3] In the Middle Ages the word quack meant “shouting”. The quacksalvers sold their wares on the market shouting in a loud voice.[4]
“Health fraud” is often used as a synonym for quackery, but quackery’s salient characteristic is aggressive promotion (“quacks quack!”) rather than fraud, greed or misinformation.[1] “Pseudo-medicine” is a term for treatments known to be ineffective, regardless of whether their advocates themselves believe in their effectiveness.” Wikipedia.

Regulating and Designing Fukushima -Nader and Abbott 1975

October 21, 2012

With all due respect to those in authority who are convinced that they know what they are doing and that those who disagree with them (in the context of the times) are Communist anti-Americans, or in the context of today, should be sent to Cuba. Or Sweden and hence to the land of the free.

The following is a short series of jpg scans taken from the book “The Menace of Atomic Energy” by Nader and Abbott, Outback Press, Victoria, Australia. Copyright 1977, Ralph Nader. ISBN 0 86888 0515.

This selection of the work copied here under is in my opinion fair dealing under the copyright act. Dear Mr Nader, if I am incorrect in this opinion, please consider allowing me the use of whatever information you consider worthwhile to put on my blog please.

(I have given the NRC a fair shake of its sauce bottle in this blog, now its time to record what others thought to the contrary, to the cost of their emotional and financial health, in thier vain attempt to get Congress and nuclear regulators to see reason. Impossible task, as history shows. )
After this, I will be scanning in Nader and Abbott’s view of GE’s master plan of the “Reactor Park”, massed reactors, placed closed together, in order to have to deal with only one set of opposing local residents instead of many. Cheaper, and Congress loved it. Anyone with objections was viewed as a threat to the USA. )

Eat your Cesium up Mr Noda.

Now, while authorities claim eating radio cesium is safe, they are in fact making statements in contravention of national medical authorities who advise that any consumption of cesium, stable or radioactive, is a threat to the heart, and that even the complete dag in charge of the Australian nuclear test stafety committee, Prof Titterton, considered it to be a great hazard. Though he minimized the fallout, he was proven to be a triple agent, under orders from both the USA and Britain, while paid by Australia as Chief Nuclear Safety Officer.

“Did you tell them all they needed to know Prof Titterton” Royal Commissioner McClelland.

“You are being near to libelous now” Titterton.

“Perhaps I am, but answer the qquestion”.

“Of course not. I was subject to the secrecy provisions of the United States of America and Great Britian”.

“Progress” it seems to me, is the authorized forgetting the powers that be impose in order to achieve their ends.

In my opinion.

None of this is secret. Though those who wanted to talk at the time where and are treated like shit.

Of course, the nuclear industry labelled the Nader/Abbott book a “tedious work” written by unrealistic panic merchants. Where have I heard that before? Of yea, that part of Flinders University of South Australia funded by US Department of Energy to promote nuclear pollution as a health benefit.

I’d rather be ignorant than study there. As my mission would have it, I was trained in agriculture next door to Waite Institute and was later trained in basic hot particle detection by the Australian Army.

I pray for Japan and for the farmers of Japan. I just hope Barry Brooks has enough little plastic bags.

CDC mortality data

October 11, 2012
Compressed Mortality File
Underlying Cause-of-Death

This page last reviewed: Friday, July 20, 2012

end quote

My friend in America writes of this information:
“In the most recent decade (1999-2009), the Orange County cancer death rate among children age 0-19 was 28% greater than the U.S. rate. This compares to just a 1% excess for the 30 years prior. A total of 312 Orange County children died from cancer in 1999-2009. The high rate in Orange County is statistically significant. While many factors can contribute to child cancer risk, radioactivity released into the environment from the aging San Onofre nuclear reactors should be considered as one potential cause.

This is why we need an independent epidemiological study ASAP.

I will be sharing more info about how you can help get one done ASAP, hopefully before any test restart of SONGS Unit 2.

Source: U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. CDC Wonder.


end quote

The Academy of Sciences is in the process of designing the methodology of the upcoming survey of health impacts of nuclear power plants.

Being a resident in South Australia, the site of the richest uranium deposit in the Southern Hemisphere, I ponder the impact of the expansion of nuclear power. The xenon from the Brazilian reactor emissions reaches Western Australia.

Our leaders had kittens when Fukushima blew its collective lid, “completely normal” said the man from ARPANSA.

Bullshit, anything to keep the uranium price up. Anyone interested in radium? We have tons of the stuff in the uranium mine slag heap.

CITY OF MISSION VIEJO Memorandum San Onofre Safety Issues.

October 11, 2012

Via a concerned US Citizen

tech data :

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