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My friend in America writes of this information:
“In the most recent decade (1999-2009), the Orange County cancer death rate among children age 0-19 was 28% greater than the U.S. rate. This compares to just a 1% excess for the 30 years prior. A total of 312 Orange County children died from cancer in 1999-2009. The high rate in Orange County is statistically significant. While many factors can contribute to child cancer risk, radioactivity released into the environment from the aging San Onofre nuclear reactors should be considered as one potential cause.

This is why we need an independent epidemiological study ASAP.

I will be sharing more info about how you can help get one done ASAP, hopefully before any test restart of SONGS Unit 2.

Source: U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. CDC Wonder.


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The Academy of Sciences is in the process of designing the methodology of the upcoming survey of health impacts of nuclear power plants.

Being a resident in South Australia, the site of the richest uranium deposit in the Southern Hemisphere, I ponder the impact of the expansion of nuclear power. The xenon from the Brazilian reactor emissions reaches Western Australia.

Our leaders had kittens when Fukushima blew its collective lid, “completely normal” said the man from ARPANSA.

Bullshit, anything to keep the uranium price up. Anyone interested in radium? We have tons of the stuff in the uranium mine slag heap.

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  1. Mara Says:

    Did you refer to the US National Academy of Sciences? If so, I’ d note that they are staffed via revolving door action as between industry and government….a lot of criticism of this organisation’s work as favoring industry is now available online.

  2. Mara Says:

    Editing above comment: I meant to say “they are often staffed via revolving door……..”

  3. CaptD Says:

    NOTE: Any attempt by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s to conduct a study of cancer near nuclear plants represents a serious conflict of interest. For decades, the NRC ignored the health issue of cancer near nuclear plants in its decisions to grant new reactor licenses and extend existing ones, but it has consistently maintained that the relatively low levels of radioactivity emitted from reactors fall below federally-set limits, and are not harmful to the public. Thus, the NRC has demonstrated consistent bias on the health/cancer issue, and any study it commissions and manages will also be biased. Such a study can only be conducted by truly independent experts on this topic that have no connection/relationship to the NRC or the US Government.

    I heard that The DAB Safety Team is now working on getting the required funding to get this study done by an independent expert ASAP and hopefully it will be completed before any further Restart discussions take place about San Onofre!

  4. nuclearhistory Says:

    I’d rather listen to Steve Wing and Harvey Wasserman personally.
    Steve Wing wrote a piece on study design a while ago:


    and on TMI he wrote this (and probably more)

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