Regulating and Designing Fukushima -Nader and Abbott 1975

With all due respect to those in authority who are convinced that they know what they are doing and that those who disagree with them (in the context of the times) are Communist anti-Americans, or in the context of today, should be sent to Cuba. Or Sweden and hence to the land of the free.

The following is a short series of jpg scans taken from the book “The Menace of Atomic Energy” by Nader and Abbott, Outback Press, Victoria, Australia. Copyright 1977, Ralph Nader. ISBN 0 86888 0515.

This selection of the work copied here under is in my opinion fair dealing under the copyright act. Dear Mr Nader, if I am incorrect in this opinion, please consider allowing me the use of whatever information you consider worthwhile to put on my blog please.

(I have given the NRC a fair shake of its sauce bottle in this blog, now its time to record what others thought to the contrary, to the cost of their emotional and financial health, in thier vain attempt to get Congress and nuclear regulators to see reason. Impossible task, as history shows. )
After this, I will be scanning in Nader and Abbott’s view of GE’s master plan of the “Reactor Park”, massed reactors, placed closed together, in order to have to deal with only one set of opposing local residents instead of many. Cheaper, and Congress loved it. Anyone with objections was viewed as a threat to the USA. )

Eat your Cesium up Mr Noda.

Now, while authorities claim eating radio cesium is safe, they are in fact making statements in contravention of national medical authorities who advise that any consumption of cesium, stable or radioactive, is a threat to the heart, and that even the complete dag in charge of the Australian nuclear test stafety committee, Prof Titterton, considered it to be a great hazard. Though he minimized the fallout, he was proven to be a triple agent, under orders from both the USA and Britain, while paid by Australia as Chief Nuclear Safety Officer.

“Did you tell them all they needed to know Prof Titterton” Royal Commissioner McClelland.

“You are being near to libelous now” Titterton.

“Perhaps I am, but answer the qquestion”.

“Of course not. I was subject to the secrecy provisions of the United States of America and Great Britian”.

“Progress” it seems to me, is the authorized forgetting the powers that be impose in order to achieve their ends.

In my opinion.

None of this is secret. Though those who wanted to talk at the time where and are treated like shit.

Of course, the nuclear industry labelled the Nader/Abbott book a “tedious work” written by unrealistic panic merchants. Where have I heard that before? Of yea, that part of Flinders University of South Australia funded by US Department of Energy to promote nuclear pollution as a health benefit.

I’d rather be ignorant than study there. As my mission would have it, I was trained in agriculture next door to Waite Institute and was later trained in basic hot particle detection by the Australian Army.

I pray for Japan and for the farmers of Japan. I just hope Barry Brooks has enough little plastic bags.

3 Responses to “Regulating and Designing Fukushima -Nader and Abbott 1975”

  1. CaptD Says:

    The people of Japan are now being ruled by their Nuclear Utility Gangs despite the fact that 90% of the people want N☢ part of using nuclear reactors! While the rest of the world watches, the Japanese continue to burn radioactive debris which is further polluting our atmosphere thanks to the jet stream.

    We all have seen the projection charts, yet the nuclear energy proponents continue to downplay their validity and for the most part resorting to grade school bullying tactics in the hopes of discrediting all those that don’t agree with their pro nuclear position!

    Now it appears that it is not “just” the Japanese people that are being ruled by what I call Energy Fascism* but most of the developed World! A great new rule of thumb is to equate personal freedom to the ability actually having a “choice” in the type of Energy one elects to use, without it being mandated by the Government!

    If the majority of the people want safe RISK-FREE N☢N nuclear energy and are willing to pay for it to avoid the Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster consequences of a Fukushima-Like event destroying their Country and or their Quality of Life but their Government refuses to listen, then that countries people are in fact now living in Energy Slavery, because they have no choice but to obey their Energy Masters!

    The Big Energy Companies conspiring to limit their customers choice as to the source of lower cost Energy in order to maintain their market share and cash flow at record levels.

  2. CaptD Says:

    Another Great Free Paper: Chernobyl
    Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment

  3. Christina MacPherson Says:

    It is very hard now to get a copy of Nader’s book. I am sure that Nader would be pleased to see a section now being shown again.
    At the time that this book appeared, it was reviewed in The Age by their science editor – who commented – “there is no answer to this book” – meaning, I believe, that Nader’s claim of the grave danger of nuclear power was convincing, and could not be refuted.
    Why was Nader’s message ignored then, and is still ignored by the world’s scientific and political elites?

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