Test Site Maralinga

Test Site Maralinga
By Paul Langley
(with apologies to the Eagles “Hotel California”) circa 1975

On a dark desert clay pan, hot wind in their hair,
Burnt smell of nuclides rising up through the air.
Up ahead in the distance they saw a hammering light;
Their heads grew dizzy with luminous dust,
Hot wind seared the night.
There he stood in the doorway;
They heard the bugler’s call
They were thinking to themselves
“This once was a heaven, but now it’s a Hell”
Then he lit up a slide show and told them some lies,
There were voices down the corridor,
They thought they heard them say…
Welcome to the test site Maralinga
Such an empty place (No more tribal space)
Plenty of room at the test site Maralinga
Any time of year, we explode it here.
His mind is “dose rate” afflicted, a proxy Soviet fear.
His media boys speak what he wants us to hear:
Few speak of the bombing, the rolling black cloud.
Some bombed to remember, some bombed to find out.
So l called up the Captain
“Please bring the Vitamin C”
He said “We’ve ignored Linus Pauling since 1963″
And still those voices radio from far away,
Fallout by midnight in Auckland is high
But we still heard them say..
Welcome to the test site Maralinga
Such an empty place (of bodies one trace).
They are living it up at the test site Maralinga,
What a nice surprise, the witnesses died.
Dose counts hit the ceiling
Test tissue is packed in dry ice.
And he said “You are all just prisoners here until the next device”.
And in ASIO’s chambers,
They counted up the wreaths.
They tied them up with Secrecy Tape,
Governments still feed the Beast.
Last thing I remember,
I was crying for the past.
I had to get a message back
To people who still had hearts.
“Relax,” said the Army censor,
“We are programmed to deceive.
You can mouth off any time you like,
But you’ll never be believed.”
The things that God gets blamed for
Belong at humanity’s door.
And those who help conceal the Light
Will pay one day I’m sure.

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