Regulating and Designing Fukushima -Nader and Abbott 1975 III “Decommissioning”

Mr. Noda, have you told the Japanese people how many person centuries of wages it take to remove the magnificent design known as the Fukushima Reactor Park? And what you propose to do with the bits? I bet GE or the US NRC won’t be buying it back. And it ain’t coming here, over my, and many other Australians, dead bodies.

Tell the truth about nuclear power sir.

Continuing from Nader and Abbotts “The Menace of Atomic Energy”, Outback Press, Australia, 1977

Then again, GE might buy it back. They did after all, in March 2011 promise “To stand by it’s customer”, but I guess they meant the power elite, and not the people who actually have to work to pay for all this renovation work.

Uranium fission product smelters don’t really make good steam boilers do they?

Next: A bit of a look at the claims made by US Dept of Energy regarding the health benefits of reactor emissions and the effect on abortions they claim, very falsely, Chernobyl had in Europe. These dudes start phony academic journals, write crap, let the press pick it up, pay universities to teach it, and know full well that the average person is too busy paying for nuclear cleanups to have the energy to consult the actual research. So let’s put US DOE contractors Bobby Scott (New Mexico) and Pam Sykes (Flinders University South Australia) into the exam hall and see if they pass as qualified moral commentators on the value of reactor disasters as an aid to pregnancy. Using their own statements and the actual statistics from Europe.

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  1. CaptD Says:

    GE will not “buy it back” unless they get lots of other goodies along with it, like a “FOREVER” cost+ contract that makes it a no lose WIN for them…

    As many of us have been saying, Japan is now in a fiscal Civil War with itself, thanks to their Nuclear Utility Gangs…

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