Regulating and Designing Fukushima -Nader and Abbotts 1975 II GE’s “reactor parks”

The US AEC, various pro nukers and Congress really an truly sucked Japan in at the time Fukushima was built, as the following shows. And those Japanese who defend what they are complicit in deserve to be asked “Who’s side are you on?” IMO.

Continuing from Nader and Abbotts “The Menace of Atomic Energy”, Outback Press, Australia, 1977,
Chapter 8, section “Energy Parks”. Note the usual nuke deception all the way through.

It is on the record in the academic and press literature that the presence of so many reactors so close together, vastly increased the chance of disaster, vastly increased the scale of the disaster, vastly affected
the safety of workers trying to control one reactor when adjacent reactors created ground shine and air borne hazards, direct gamma and neutron beams out of all proportion. This is was design. An insane design by, in my opinion, insane designers, corporations, mainly GE, and governments who totally sucked in Japan.

Who’s side are you on Noda? The Japanese people or the people who did this by design to Japan and the world?

Next: Nader and Abbotts on Decommissioning. Cold shut down? BULLSHIT.

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  1. CaptD Says:

    Think Nuclear Eggs In ☢NE Basket (complex)…

    Remember despite what TEPCO says,
    … Fukushima is not over by a long shot!

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