The “Honest Nuke” show pony takes a stumble.

(no surprises there of course. at least they are sickly polite.)

Morning Star online UK

Fukushima worker sues over safety
Thursday 01 November 2012
by Our Foreign Desk
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A worker at the beleaguered Fukushima nuclear power station filed a lawsuit against his former employers today, saying they had failed to protect employees from safety risks.

The man – identified only as Shinichi, 46 – worked for Tokyo Electric Power Co (Tepco) subcontractor Kandenko immediately after an earthquake and tsunami triggered a meltdown at the plant in April 2011.

He wants Japan’s labour office to issue Tepco with improvement orders and expects Kandenko company directors to face six-month jail terms or 500,000 yen (£3,900) fines.

He was part of a six-member team sent to lay cables to get the Unit Three reactor’s cooling system operational again.

He was sent down to a flooded basement to reconnect electrical switchboards but said he wasn’t told about the water and so only two of the group wore knee-high rubber boots.

“If you’re a nuclear plant worker, you know that water on the floor is bad news. You just don’t touch it,” he said.

And he said dosimeters measured unsafe levels of radiation but a supervisor said the equipment must have been faulty and told them to press on.

His lawyers – who are representing a number of Fukushima workers in other cases – said he was illegally sent to work without full protection.

Tepco admitted last week that it had played down the risk posed to the plant by a tsunami because it was worried it might be forced to shut down and incur financial penalties if it had to bring defences up to scratch.
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The events constantly remind me of what was told to nuclear veterans, that the reverse was often the case, that sickness and death followed and that the bottomless pit of the State has been used to deny justice to victims and their dependents.

Least the veterans had the view their efforts were aimed at fighting a foreign foe. In Japan, the government and corporate worlds fight their own people.

The British government used to threaten anyone who spoke about the nuke tests with treason.

Perhaps the Japanese people should mount a similar threat against those who lie about Fukushima and its effects.

3 Responses to “The “Honest Nuke” show pony takes a stumble.”

  1. CaptD Says:

    Finally it seems that the Japanese legal system is awaking to the Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster, and hopefully they will pressure changes to way that the Nuclear Utility Gangs operate! This is just one of the reasons that TEPCO uses contract workers in order to insulate themselves from any wrong doing but in this case since they not the “sub-contractor” knew the radiation levels they should also be held responsible!

    Salute to all these Workers that save Fukushima from becoming even worse, for that reason alone they all should get a fair trial!

  2. nuclearwindsatomiclies Says:

    So this is one of the ones who walked into the radioactive waters? I bet there are many more of these to come, especially from those who worked for “contractors” whom Tepco made sure not to document… filthy dirty rotten bastards.

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