Radiation Boulevard – phony comparison, phony sense of safety

Zero tolerance for nuclear emissions. So what if more cars crash than reactors explode. It is a favourite hobby of the nuclear elite to change the subject. “Ah yes, but people die in Volvos.”

And from Tepco. Do you want more or less carnage? Take care, No Nukes.

3 Responses to “Radiation Boulevard – phony comparison, phony sense of safety”

  1. nuclearhistory Says:

    Actually, not many cars crashed at Maralinga. And despite what the government paid experts of Adelaide University claims, I do not think petrol fumes in the desert define the nuclear veteran cohort health status. I think the gamma, neutron bursts and the internalised fission and nuclear fuel do. But I’m for free, and the experts get paid heaps to find to the contrary.

  2. nuclearhistory Says:

    Maybe I should get a degree in radio chemistry at Chalmers.

  3. CaptD Says:

    I agree with nuclearhistory, this is yet another nuclear coverup!

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