The Nuclear Back Burner by Major Alan Batchelor

At this point, as an advocate for nuclear veterans, I must point out that diverse views of course do, and indeed must, exist within the nuclear veteran group.

Within this diversity, one does not need to be either pro or or anti nuclear power to be a nuclear veteran. Any nuclear veteran of any view is a nuclear veteran and if still living, a nuclear survivor.

All nuclear veterans, I believe, are pro nuclear truth. This battle for the truth is the battle which will not die. It will never die. If the Queen said to Menzies, “No worries Bob, they will all be dead by 20xx and the kids won’t know a thing. It will be forgotten by history”, well if she or someone OHMS thought that, Australians are not goldfish and it ain’t going to work.

Likewise, in the context of the Fukushima disaster, SO MANY LIES – blatant ones – have been told that the same battle for truth exists here as well. Regardless if one believes the installation in question is the best thing for energy since the Big Bang. (I of course respectfully disagree.). Finally, early in the piece, Japanese officials, both government and corporate (ie nuclear cartel) openly stated that the effect of the three reactor explosions and their result emissions and fallout were less in importance than the nuclear test era. These authorities then had the absolute ignorant arrogance to state that the the atomic bomb test era was perfectly safe. This, at the time nuclear veterans were engaged in legal action against the British Government in the High Court in London.

Further, the Chief British Scientist chirped up with how safe it was in Japan.

However, comparing Fukushima fallout permissible exposure as originally allocated one finds it to be in excess of that permitted at Maralinga. After a period the Japanese cartel reduced the amount that which is roughly equal to the plutonium background negotiated between the Australian government and the Aboriginal owners of the Maralinga Lands.

In other words, parts of Japan today have a permissible contamination level similar to that of Australia’s mainland nuclear weapons test site. A weapons test site deemed unfit for permanent habitation in parts even today.

So while it is obviously a self serving statement on the part of the nuclear cartel to claim detonated atomic bombs are safe, I can assure the Japanese Government that their statements to this effect is dead wrong and they fucking well know it.

Start telling some truth Noda.

There are very few nuclear veterans left. None have demonstrated a positive health effect from their exposure. There is no evidence in Australia to suggest that the eating of cesium and plutonium, as suggested by Japanese authorities in 2011, has a shred of truth to it. The evidence is all to the contrary and the authorities of the world nuclear cartel know this.

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  1. CaptD Says:

    PM Noda and others will NEVER tell the truth, because they can’t…

    This is the nuclear LIE they are living with since they agreed to it in order to get elected to Power…

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