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Radiation Boulevard – phony comparison, phony sense of safety

November 9, 2012

Zero tolerance for nuclear emissions. So what if more cars crash than reactors explode. It is a favourite hobby of the nuclear elite to change the subject. “Ah yes, but people die in Volvos.”

And from Tepco. Do you want more or less carnage? Take care, No Nukes.

Legal campaign on behalf of victims of nuclear induced genetic damage

November 9, 2012

Radiation is NOT a vitamin, no matter what the US DOE and its funded contractors say, whether here, in the US or in Japan.

Nuclear Veterans Request Information on the Health records of the late Squadron Leader Fletcher

November 9, 2012

From the Atomic ExServicemen’s Association journal “Atomic Fallout”, Nov-Dec 2012.

This story will possibly ring a bell with the parents of Fukushima.

It will also no doubt earn me some more stick from a certain Radio Chemist up in the land of dim light. Tough.

Missing Medical Files and the central nuclear lie.

November 9, 2012

In the current era, discussion of the suppression of medical impacts from nuclear activity remains a major theme. From the nuclear industry claims of the benefits of eating cesium and plutonium. Japanese and other nuclear “authorities” justifying reactor emissions on the existence of the banana as a source of potassium – no bearing what so ever on reactor emissions. These same authorities, often funded by the US Department of Energy Low Dose research section, promote emissions as being “like vitamins”. For nearly two years nuclear authorities have played down the health effects, particularly upon Japanese children, and claim that the extremely high rate of thyroid nodules suffered by these children is “not abnormal” nor linked to fallout from the three nuclear reactors which, the people had been told for decades, could never explode. But of course, all three did, one after the other.

Fukushima Diary and other Japanese and world blog and independent news sites on the net report being turned away from hospitals in Japan where the patient reports a medical condition which the individual observes may be linked to reactor emissions.

Animals have been left to in the exclusion zone in Japan with no public reporting of the radiological effects noted on the bodies of the animals.

While many people who read the above will not believe that nuclear authorities could be so crude as to make the above claims, I can assure the doubters (in Sweden and elsewhere) that the comments are well documents and have been fully reported in this blog, in other blogs, in the mass media and by various Japanese Universities releasing video showing resident academics hailing the harmlessness of plutonium and cesium as condiments to foodstuffs.


Since the 1950s Australia’s nuclear veterans have claimed that health cover ups have been carried out by every Australian government since the 1950s era Menzies government, the government which approved the atomic bombing of Australia by England. Strange thing for an Australian government to do, as strange as the Japanese government advising its nuclear refugees to flee too late and into the path of the Fukushima fallout clouds. Governments are strange beasts.

Reported since the 50s in Australia are such horrific events as : prompt deaths of military and civilian personnel. Illnesses suffered by both military and civilian personnel which were radiogenic, prompt and severe. In all such cases bar one (John Hutton) the medical records created by the treatment of these patients have been claimed as being lost by the Federal Government, even though the records were from both civilian hospitals (such as Port Augusta) as well as Commonwealth ones (such as Maralinga Base Hospital). John Hutton’s story has been recounted in a brief fashion earlier in this blog. He was able to retain a few pages of his Maralinga hospital file, though the main body of it, like the files of every other patients, is officially lost. (Lost being code obviously for “never admit to these things”)
In the case of Aboriginal Australians, the October 1953 atomic fallout created a well recorded history of suffering and death within the culture, one which is confirmed by Dr Cutter’s testimony to media in the 1980s and by the Royal Commission. Even though the Royal Commission found the evidence credible, its findings on the health impacts were pathetic. Very Noda like in fact. (There are decades of precedence for Japanese authorities to parrot current day).

In investigating the case of specific health impacts stemming from October 1953, I had cause to write to ARPANSA, Australia’s nuclear regulator, and ask about these impacts as recorded in the official record. The CEO of ARPSANSA wrote back. In a detailed document, the CEO explained the best information showed that no possible health impacts could possibly have been suffered by any Aboriginal person from the bomb fallout of October 1953.

On reporting this in the context of a case of an individual who suffered radiation induced skin lesions in October 1953 which persist to this day, solicitor Andrew Collett emailed me to tell me that he had acted for a person with radiation induced medical impacts, which persist and which, some decades had been the matter of legal proceedings. On the basis of the medical evidence presented to that court by the plaintive and Mr Collett, the court found for the plaintiff and against the Commonwealth of Australia. The court case has been barred from inclusion in the public register and so is unavailable for the general public and anyone who might want to know nuclear truth as opposed to the fairy stories highly qualified nuclear advocates have such a talent for telling.

The most sophisticated algebra in England and Australia will not save ARPSANA from the day of reckoning when the facts of the matter eventually come out. Nor will those nuclear advocates who have no idea of the bed of lies they have actually been trained in find any comfort on the day the relevant Port Augusta and Maralinga hospital records are eventually “found”, probably in London rather than Canberra. Though of course, copies might also be “lost” in Canberra as well.

Not only nuclear veterans and affected civilians from weapons tests, but reactor and nuclear facility employees and Downwinders have suffered the medical and legal abuse and denied over decades internationally. From the farmers of New Mexico, to the mothers of St . Louis, to the familites of Nevada and Utah, to the English, Irish and Scandinavians downwind of Windscale (Sellerfield), this abuse and denial has existed. Recently the facts of unauthorized dismemberment of deceased English children and adults, on the orders of British Nuclear Fuels Ltd, as recently as the 1990s, was confirmed by the British Government Redfern Committee Report. This report found that nuclear veterans were high value as dead bodies for poking with by those in nuclear industry with apparently security clearances so high no one else can question them. Certainly not the government lawyers acting for the government against the cases brought by nuclear veterans in England at the current time.

I should remind people that Windscale (Sellerfield) now bankrupt, has been a cornerstone of commercial nuclear industry in the British Commonwealth since the 1950s. So don’t try and tell me that commercial nuclear is any different from military nuclear. They are and always have been, one and the same. Don’t believe me, look at the list of contractors enlisted by the Manhattan Project.

Dupont, Union Carbide, Bechtel, and many others in the USA. The British are a bit more cagey and in Australia, well, the slag heap from the first uranium mines (including Rum Jungle) were neatly disposed of by using the stuff as ballast on the Trans Australia Railway.

All very commercial. More mysterious is what happened to the miners and the railway workers. That reminds me of Amdel, which processed uranium at Port Pirie, creating a tailings pond which though fenced off, was not sign posted. It provided a swimming spot for the children of Port Pirie. In the 1980s signs were put up. Invaluable in gaining an insight into the Australian perspective of nuclear lies is the 1980s film “Backs to the Blast”, which tells the story in a complete way. And which gives rise to many questions.

I am compelled to write on these matters today because I have just received the Nov-Dec 2012 issue of the journal of the Atomic ExServicmen’s Association, entitled “Atomic Fallout”. In the 1990s the Association allowed me to be an associate, nominally as “welfare officer” though I have been pretty useless. I can assure the world readership though that even after all these years of injustice and denial, the veterans, though very rapidly dwindling in numbers, do persist.

And the next few posts in this blog will simply be scans of some of the pages of the current “Atomic Fallout”. Pages which remain relevant for everyone affected from Berkeley, Los Alamos, Hanford, Oak Ridge, New Mexico, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, the Pacific Islands, Alaska, Nevada and all other points of the compass by the expansion of nuclear lies since 1939. For, no doubt, in my mind at least, from the time military noticed radium dial painters dying in the manner that they did in the 1920s and 1930s, the world military has seen a weapon. One of the things a bomb is relatively lousy at is producing radio poisons in vast quantity. That talent is one of the main attributes of the fission reactor if one were to look at it as home built weapon aimed at its own people. Every reactor on the planet makes the events which happened at Dugway Proving ground and at the plutonium trials in Australia look like kittens in comparison.

Of course, we are told reactors will never ever leak their radio poisons, but they do on a daily basis normally. And no one knows what to do with the spent fuel.

So while the optimist radio chemists will say nuclear industry will always allow honest medical assessments today, I disagree. I see no evidence of medical truth in Japan, Australia, the US or anywhere else.

In order to present nuclear as safe, the victims, obviously, have to be denied. And as anyone with any reading of any local medical science knows, as anyone with any reading of the local experience in the Chernobyl fallout zone knows, the consequences are far more profound than officially admitted. Shockingly so, and the evidence remains suppressed, as suppressed as the reality of the medical cases carefully expunged from the Australian record in the 1950s and 1960s. (Except for John Hutton’s few surviving pages.)

I hope independent family doctors in Japan have access to the reality of the medical situation of the Fukushima children. On the basis of history, I would say they will not. Nevada still denies widespread endocrine disease particularly among women who have Downwinder histories. The leukemia surveys in that state, were, according a researcher active as a documentarian at the time is certain the official Nevada rates are a complete concoction.

Nothing much seems to change when it comes to the presentation of information by nuclear authorities in the matter of harm caused to innocent people and employees who were promised a safe place to work.

And though the above consists of my beliefs, it also consists of facts which are well known and admitted as being “sad” even by authorities. They of course, officially lament the “loss” of the relevant Australian hospital records for they think not one soul suffered from nuclear activity. They all had the flu. Some so badly they went blind and died. Quite a local pandemic in the 1950s up north.

Of course, any military training manual (well, the one I had at least) lists among the symptoms of radiation sickness “flu like symptoms”. Even though Andrew Bolt disagrees that it should be included. Sadly for Andrew he knows sweet FA about it. Even as he does his best to up the reputation of the late Prof Titterton. One who was proven by the Royal Commission to with hold information from Australia on orders of the USA and England. He was Chair of the Safety Committee. One wonders who fills the same role in Japan today. Paid by USA while employed by Japan. Proven precedent. Of course, nuclear authorities expended much effort instilling within Japanese society a tolerance for nuclear technology. For it is written in the Congressional record that a nuclear Japan is a USA strategic need. (FAS).

Finally, for the doubters, let me remind you that that after a study period lasting some years, in 2006 a team of Adelaide scientists paid by the Australian Howard government to survey the health of Australia’s nuclear veterans, the team of experts found the cohort suffered a 14 – 24 % increase in cancer rate. An increase the contracted experts were at a loss to explain. In their draft report they suggested petrol fumes in the desert were to blame. The only thing which makes nuclear veterans a cohort is what? Driving taxis? No, being present at the detonation of atomic bombs, living in tents dusted by fallout and have to go on missions in the hot zones, repairing contaminated equipment and generally following orders which the British admitted to themselves would cause some sad consequences. (And strongly urging the British present never to let the Australians gain access to fresh fallout, even though the Aussies had to go in and dig it up, to pass to the British.)

Just as well I’m a British citizen. This is not a racial thing. It’s a nuclear authority thing. Those who know have an insane need to keep everyone else in ignorance.

Even five year Japanese school kids and their parents.

Don’t overlook your veterans. Don’t overlook your bomb and black rain survivors. They will tell you the story of how the medical truth is enlightenment which must be quenched and suppressed at all costs, according those who drive nuclear industry and who present it as the savior of the planet. Even as Israel contemplates bombing Iran for building fuel rods.

It’s Ok for some to know, no OK for others. If you are not on the approved list, if you are a mere tax payer, well, if the nukers make you sick, don’t ever bank on having an accurate medical file.

IMO. I am evidence based. Absence of evidence is not evidence of Absence. Lost is a code word for “not allowed to know”.

So who do you believe if you are too young to remember any of this when when it was in every major issue of the Advertiser over a period of decades? In the end the government had to stop threatening to imprison servicemen for speaking and they held a Royal Commission. It produced a list of Black Hats and a list of White Hats and very little else. It certainly didn’t come up with the medical files.

The advance of steam as aided by the 1934 fission patents

November 3, 2012

Even as late as the day before, the designers said it was impossible. As they had done since 1945.

Mass Production : the industrial concept which uses systemic and well thought out processes to produce a repeatable, reliable, identical industrial output or product, such as a model T Ford or multiple exploding nuclear reactors from an identified set of circumstances, actions, designs and authorised actions coordinated from the highest corporate and governmental decisions, orders and actions.

history records the great moments of mass production as including the Ford motor company, the V1 and V2 rocket factories which survived against opposition, the Manhattan Project and its more modern child, the Japanese nuclear industry, which used techniques to over come local opposition perfected in the days of Project Paperclip, in which the USA imported German rocket scientists to guide its post war military machine. In japan , the USA used excused war criminals to run newspapers and other media in order to convince the people that a US sponsored nuclear program, which surrounded the nation with plutonium producing reactors, was good for Japan, while admitting in secret Congressional papers that the plan was a strategic must for the USA if the Communist nuclear production rate was to be met.

In March 2011 when 3 reactors blew up and melted down, the japanese people were not told for hours of the inevitable and then directed into the path of the fallout clouds. The people were told it was safe to eat plutonium and cesium and iodine, and the full list of fission products has never been released. When plutonium was detected kms from the reactors, the bomb test era was first blamed, before independent academics, those least used to promotion and tenure in Japan, confirmed the plutonium isotopic signature to be that not of bomb pu but reactor Pu. Still, politicians went on TV eating strawberries to proves that all was well, in the same way military leaders in USA and Australia had decades earlier done similar things while silencing farmers with the official secrets act and bankruptcy if news of iodine contaminated sheep meat and cows milks ever got to the public. As it did after some decades.

Still, we are told, unless we get used to more of the same, and unless we ignore all options, more Fukushimas, about one every 30 years is the only way to stop ocean level rise from drowning civilisation as we know it.

For well over a year now, the world has not been as we have known it. japan refuses to monitor its plutonium fallout and Western Allies refuse to express any concern over either local or global fallout.

We have gone a long way back into the dark ages of pre 1962 courtesy of the immense arrogance and ignorance of university and government systems put in place to bully those who think honestly and openly and express these thoughts. And this is not some concoction in a loopy blog, but merely a summary of some of the more accurate press and public reports various members of the Japanese establishment have acknowledged as they resigned in disgust from their political parties. oh, yea, the world nuclear industry is the most polite in the world and would be horrified at such unwashed language being freely expressed in public, when all the muclear laureates know and tell that uranium, when kept in little plastic bags and passed around public meetings in Adelaide, captial of the great southern uranium mine, is perfectly safe. The uranium prices fell anyway, and there are not enough little plastic bags in this quadrant of the cosmos to save the reputation of the Ministers down here who claimed, before the disaster had even finished spewing zirconcium from three cores, that noone would be harmed.

What demonstrable, dense, obtuse crap given the current travails of an entire population and entire rural industries in Japan.

Who would believe a Minister of the Crown in South Australia too big a risk as a hoon to hold a driver’s license?

We of course are supposed to forget these things, but the experience of the 1950s to the 2000s have taught us otherwise. History is important, and while politicians hold the power, it is no their own, merely delegated. A politician going against the people is the ultimate desperado and should be rounded out asap.

hgow can a set of fission patents dating from 1934 be still considered to the high point of energy science? Because that is where the lucre is.

In March 2011 Adelaide University claimed Fukushima would be all fixed and back on line in 6 months. And that people claiming otherwise were ignorant fear merchants with an agenda against the state economy and world industry.

Today it is admitted that Fukushima will remain a smoking ruin which will have to wait nearly half century before it can be taken to bits and shipped back to the people who designed it. Though some in Australian academe say the bits should come here. We have a big desert, and the Indigenous outbackers and wives and kids of cattle ranchers need high tech jobs. like guarding shattered bits of Mk 1 GE reactors and their rotten cores which, experts were told decades ago, should never have been built on a planet of solid granite, let alone in a real country, especially one known for it large ocean disasters and huge geologic upheavals. No worries, the vaunted Emergency Core Cooling System inherent in these devices would save the world. We were told by the US Congress and the nuclear experts. Only did it come out in 2012 that the ‘saviour period” was a designed in countdown to disaster known in the design papers to consist of a period of 8 hours. Brave actions of workers at site extended this to between 20 and 70 hours, then all hell let loose, with evacuations undergoing under the most Three Stooges like organisation – sending contaminated milk to babies and nuclear evacuees directly under the clouds. Shades of Nevada and Mable Creek in the 1950s.

And for the most part my local media is mute. Happily the Japanese English editions are easy to get. it’s not August 1945 anymore Mr Premier. I am sad for the uranium workers, who took loans out to build house in the uranium desert now that the expansion deal is off. But we have been lied to about this since the 1970s when the Port Pirie Council, against the will of the people, built a road to nowhere to dump uranium tailings at the end of.

Surely even nuclear engineers can learn that the further you move radioactive crap from someplace, the closer you have to move it to somewhere else. So, the question becomes, who’s back yard is more important – the company executives here and overseas or ordinary people who expect a patent earlier than the 1930s to be considered to be the high point of energy science.

or am i just a hopeless, ignorant optimist? how many little plastic bags do the farmers in Fukushima need Barry? Are you helping calibrate the thousands of dosimeters japanese school kids have to wear to school each day or would you not have the foggiest idea of how to that ? i get called a panic merchant, but in Oct 1973 my unit was getting ready just in case the Middle East did go nuclear nuts. just as happened in japan in March 2011. Difference was, we weren’t being drilled to tell the people that Russian nuke dust was not ‘like a vitamin’ and nothing to be afraid of, as the paid hacks here are doing now in relation to the Japanese fallout.

The US funding bodies who train these non doctors up must think we all have the memories of goldfish. no, we don’t.

More truth from the ABC Adelaide University nuclear salesmen consider panic mongering:

At the time of March 2011, the Japanese government, no doubt following orders, forbade Greenpeace from monitoring the local sea food.

maybe take up selling fish from SA in Tokyo Barry. You’ll have better than than trying to convince people cesium is a vitamin. (and you won’t get in the shit for breaching international safety guidelines on the sale and consumption of cesium, stable or radioactive. Its a heart hazard.

On the Safety of stable cesium:


Jul 19, 2011 | By Louise Lyon
Cesium chloride pills are promoted as an alternative treatment for cancer but there is little evidence that they do any good. Cesium chloride is a stable, nonradioactive form of the element cesium. Radioactive cesium is sometimes used in radiation therapy for cancer. Cesium chloride supplements have been linked to reports of serious heart problems and other side effects. Do not take cesium chloride without talking to your doctor first.
The health risks of taking cesium chloride, especially over a prolonged period, have not been fully studied and understood, according to the American Cancer Society. There have been few clinical trials so most of the safety data comes from individuals reporting a problem after taking the supplement or from animal studies. For this reason, there is no way to know what a safe dose of cesium chloride is or the full extent of the risks or benefits of taking cesium chloride supplements.
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Jul 19, 2011 | By Louise Lyon
Cesium chloride pills are promoted as an alternative treatment for cancer but there is little evidence that they do any good. Cesium chloride is a stable, nonradioactive form of the element cesium. Radioactive cesium is sometimes used in radiation therapy for cancer. Cesium chloride supplements have been linked to reports of serious heart problems and other side effects. Do not take cesium chloride without talking to your doctor first.
The health risks of taking cesium chloride, especially over a prolonged period, have not been fully studied and understood, according to the American Cancer Society. There have been few clinical trials so most of the safety data comes from individuals reporting a problem after taking the supplement or from animal studies. For this reason, there is no way to know what a safe dose of cesium chloride is or the full extent of the risks or benefits of taking cesium chloride supplements.

Heart Problems
There have been a number of reports of people experiencing irregular heartbeat after taking cesium chloride supplements. In September 2009, after three such cases, the Canadian government warned Canadian consumers against taking cesium chloride because of the risk of potentially life-threatening heart arrhythmias. Patients who experience irregular heartbeat or a decrease in consciousness after taking cesium chloride should seek emergency medical treatment. There may also be a risk of heart attack associated with cesium chloride supplements.
Side Effects
Some other potential side effects of cesium chloride are seizures, loss of consciousness and electrolyte imbalances, which is a potentially dangerous condition in which the body’s chemistry is disrupted. Consuming large amounts of cesium chloride may also cause decreased appetite, nausea and diarrhea. Some researchers have reported that their laboratory mice died after taking large doses of cesium chloride, according to a 2004 report on cesium toxicity by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry. In a voluntary case study in which a man took cesium chloride daily for 36 days, cesium chloride appeared to cause significant neurological effects. These included tingling in the lips, hands and feet, increased sense perception, and a general feeling of well-being. These effects began about 15 minutes after ingesting cesium chloride.
If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, avoid taking cesium chloride as animal studies suggest there may be risks to taking it, according to the American Cancer Society. There is also a risk in depending on this unproven treatment instead of more proven approaches to treating cancer.

American Cancer Society: Cesium Chloride
Health Canada; Health Canada Warns Canadians of Cardiac Risks Associated With Cesium Chloride; September 2009
Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry; Toxicological Profile for Cesium; April 2004
Article reviewed by Sharon Last updated on: Jul 19, 2011

end quote.

This information is discussing natural stable cesium. however, as demonstrated by E.O. Lawrence’s Berkeley Radiation laboratory in 1941, there is no evidence the biochemistry of a stable element is different from that of its radioactive isotopes (apart from the radiation) (Pecher, Erf and Lawrence, Proc. Exp. Biology and Medicine, 1942.).

So, if governments around the world rightly warn against the consumption of stable cesium, by whose authority does the institutes of higher learning insist its ok to eat the radioactive form?

Vested interest rather than medical facts perhaps? (just guessing, after all J Gov and their assembled salaried salesmen around the world might be right. Doubt it though. Convince me Pam.)

oh Pam, get up to speed on this will ya? Ta.

quote Canada Health:

Health Canada Warns Canadians of Cardiac Risks Associated with Cesium Chloride

September 10, 2009
For immediate release

OTTAWA – Health Canada is warning Canadians that the use of stable cesium compounds (non-radioactive form of cesium salts, primarily cesium chloride) may pose the risk of life-threatening heart problems. Cesium, primarily in the form of cesium chloride, is promoted on the Internet to prevent various forms of cancer and as a self-administered cancer treatment.

While use of radioactive cesium in radiation treatment for cancer is authorized in Canada, Health Canada has not authorized any health products containing stable cesium compounds for oral or intravenous use, including cesium chloride. However, numerous Internet sites promote the oral use of cesium chloride as an alternative to chemotherapy. In addition to the risk of life-threatening heart problems, there is inadequate evidence to support claims of benefits with this type of treatment. The decision to self-administer cesium chloride as a treatment for cancer may also delay the start of authorized therapies that have been proven effective.

Health Canada is aware of three cases of serious cardiac arrhythmias (irregular heart beat) in Canadian consumers who took oral cesium chloride. These patients also experienced decreased or loss of consciousness. In some published foreign cases, arrhythmia following cesium chloride use has led to cardiac arrest, a condition that can be fatal. Some of these cases involved intravenous use of cesium.

Health Canada advises against any use of unauthorized oral or intravenous stable cesium compound. Users who experience adverse events, including irregular heart beat or decreased consciousness, should consult a health care practitioner immediately. Canadians should discuss the use of any health product for the prevention or treatment of cancer with their health care practitioner prior to starting its use.

Health Canada is taking action on unauthorized cesium-containing products sold on the Canadian market. All health products authorized for sale in Canada bear an eight-digit Drug Identification Number (DIN), a Natural Product Number (NPN) or a Homeopathic Drug Number (DIN-HM). This authorization indicates that the product has been assessed by Health Canada for safety, effectiveness and quality.

Consumers requiring more information about this advisory can contact Health Canada’s public enquiries line at (613) 957-2991, or toll free at 1-866-225-0709.

Complaints involving products containing cesium chloride may be reported to the Health Products and Food Branch Inspectorate by calling the toll-free hotline at 1-800-267-9675, or by writing to:

Health Products and Food Branch Inspectorate
Health Canada
Address Locator: 2003C
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0K9

You can also contact a Health Products and Food Branch Inspectorate Regional Operational Centre.

Consumers and health care practitioners are encouraged to report any adverse reactions associated with the use of cesium chloride or other health products to the Canada Vigilance Program by one of the following three ways:

Report online at the MedEffect™ Canada section of the Health Canada website
Call toll-free at 1-866-234-2345
Complete a Canada Vigilance Reporting Form and either:
Fax toll-free to 1-866-678-6789
Mail to: Canada Vigilance Program
Health Canada
AL 0701C
Ottawa, ON K1A 0K9
To have postage pre-paid, download the postage paid label from the MedEffect™ Canada section of the Health Canada website. The Canada Vigilance Reporting Form and the adverse reaction reporting guidelines may also be obtained via this section.

– 30 –

Media Enquiries:
Health Canada
(613) 957-2983

Public Enquiries:
(613) 957-2991
1-866 225-0709

end quote. of course, if you are paid by the nukers, i guess you can say what you like.

What holds true for the stable element holds true for the radioactive isotopic forms. The Biochemistry is the same. the radiology is different. Which certainly makes reactor made cesium far more dangerous than the stable element. (An element – a substance with a given number of protons. An isotope of that element- a form with a different number of neutrons than the stable element. in brief. An elements electrons – which are the same in number among the elemental isotopes, unless irradiated) determine the biochemistry of the element and its isotopes. So strontium goes to bone, fetus and breast, as well as nerves, while cesium goes to the soft tissue and heart and wherever a need for potassium (its biochemical analogue) determines. Cesium adds to the potassium load. The potassium load in all life is at equilibrium dose. Cesium, not being a nutrient needed for life, is not. A tiny fraction of all potassium is radioactive k40, a weakly radioactive substance which accounts for less than 1 percent of all potassium. On the other hand, 100% of reactor cesium is radioactive and is no way justified by the existence of bananas, as nuclear experts would like you to believe. Too much potassium is also bad for the heart.

ok Pam and the other US DOE agents resident at universities in Adelaide, let me have your view, both barrels. This’ll be funny.

Question: as stable cesium is a banned toxin in terms of diet, how come there is a supposed safe limit for Cesium 137 and Cesium 134 in meat, fish and mother’s milk? Why do you consider it beneficial like, to quote you, ‘like a vitamin’ ? or is that just paid crap scripted from Los Alamos? You are the one with the uni quals after all. i just got trained at RAEME in 1971. But who makes more sense of the actual original documents? let the reader decide. That jibe about Australians forgetting the Union Carbide disaster in India was a low act. Who could forget that company’s actions and the horrors in India. Or is role as a US AEC agent for the false theory of radiation hormesis which grew out of Union Carbide’s contracted role in the Manhattan Project and the Anti- Tamplin and Gofman project it authored for the AEC in about 1974. Ten years out.

It is my opinion that some doctors should be reported to the AMA for putting their interest in promoting uranium sales ahead of their medical obligations to enable open access to fully informed and consented medicine. make your minds up what you want to do. Work for Toro Energy or do medicine. Their head geologist is a pretty good hormesis quake anyway. She’s allowed to be. She aint a doctor. Though she quotes unnamed sources.

Brucer and his ‘children’. That lie was disproved in the radium trials of the 1920s and 30s.

The Fukushima trials, if ever permitted to be held, will be equally enlightening and tragic.

The “Honest Nuke” show pony takes a stumble.

November 1, 2012

(no surprises there of course. at least they are sickly polite.)

Morning Star online UK

Fukushima worker sues over safety
Thursday 01 November 2012
by Our Foreign Desk
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A worker at the beleaguered Fukushima nuclear power station filed a lawsuit against his former employers today, saying they had failed to protect employees from safety risks.

The man – identified only as Shinichi, 46 – worked for Tokyo Electric Power Co (Tepco) subcontractor Kandenko immediately after an earthquake and tsunami triggered a meltdown at the plant in April 2011.

He wants Japan’s labour office to issue Tepco with improvement orders and expects Kandenko company directors to face six-month jail terms or 500,000 yen (£3,900) fines.

He was part of a six-member team sent to lay cables to get the Unit Three reactor’s cooling system operational again.

He was sent down to a flooded basement to reconnect electrical switchboards but said he wasn’t told about the water and so only two of the group wore knee-high rubber boots.

“If you’re a nuclear plant worker, you know that water on the floor is bad news. You just don’t touch it,” he said.

And he said dosimeters measured unsafe levels of radiation but a supervisor said the equipment must have been faulty and told them to press on.

His lawyers – who are representing a number of Fukushima workers in other cases – said he was illegally sent to work without full protection.

Tepco admitted last week that it had played down the risk posed to the plant by a tsunami because it was worried it might be forced to shut down and incur financial penalties if it had to bring defences up to scratch.
end quote.

The events constantly remind me of what was told to nuclear veterans, that the reverse was often the case, that sickness and death followed and that the bottomless pit of the State has been used to deny justice to victims and their dependents.

Least the veterans had the view their efforts were aimed at fighting a foreign foe. In Japan, the government and corporate worlds fight their own people.

The British government used to threaten anyone who spoke about the nuke tests with treason.

Perhaps the Japanese people should mount a similar threat against those who lie about Fukushima and its effects.