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Eight U.S. sailors sue Tepco for millions for falsely downplaying Fukushima radiation exposure

December 31, 2012

Japan Times Online

Friday, Dec. 28, 2012

Eight U.S. sailors sue Tepco for millions for falsely downplaying Fukushima radiation exposure

Tokyo Electric Power Co. is being sued for tens of millions of dollars by eight U.S. Navy sailors who claim that they were unwittingly exposed to radiation from the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant meltdowns and that Tepco lied about the dangers.

The sailors aboard the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan were involved in the Operation Tomodachi disaster relief operations following the March 11, 2011, earthquake and tsunami that devastated the Tohoku region and led to the nuclear catastrophe, according to their complaint filed in U.S. federal court in San Diego on Dec. 21.

Tepco and the Japanese government conspired to create the false impression that radiation leaking from the Fukushima No. 1 plant didn’t pose a threat to the sailors, according to the complaint. As a result, the plaintiffs rushed to areas that were unsafe and too close to the facility, exposing them to radiation, their lawyers said.

The Japanese government was “lying through their teeth about the reactor meltdown” crisis, as it reassured the USS Reagan crew that “everything is under control,” the plaintiffs’ lawyers said in the complaint. “The plaintiffs must now endure a lifetime of radiation poisoning and suffering.”

The sailors are each seeking $10 million in damages, $30 million in punitive damages and a judgment requiring the creation of a $100 million fund to pay for their medical monitoring and treatments.

“We can’t comment as we have not received the complaint document yet,” Yusuke Kunikage, a Tepco spokesman, said Thursday. “We will consider a response after examining the claim.”

In July, the Nuclear Damage Liability Facilitation Fund took control of Tepco in return for a ¥1 trillion capital injection after the disaster left the utility on the brink of bankruptcy. The utility received ¥1.4 trillion in state funds to compensate those affected by the disaster.

end quote.

and Adelaide University personnel highly trained in the art of adding up have claimed plastic bags will solve the problem, and that Fuk nuke plant will be back on line Dec 2012.

Flinders University genetics experts (one who wrote to me stating in part “…radiation is new to me” or words to that effect (letter elsewhere on blog) claim that the people worried about nuclear fallout from the molten exploding reactors suffers what she has diagnosed as “meltdown in reason” (no recognised in DSM IV and not a recognised illness. Rather it is a false accusation which when applied to this legal action implicates Flinders University in the lying and cover up claimed.

published by Flinders University “Radiation response a meltdown in reason”
Posted on: July 14th, 2011 by Marketing and Communications, FU.

THAT in my view is a downplaying of the disaster, the effects upon people, the citing of highly controlled experiments of known very low external photon dose of very very low LET, and Sykes knows for example that the specifics of her US DOE funded experiment does not apply to doses which fallout outside of the experiments parameters ie the doses suffered by the sailors were high LET, both photon and non photon (alpha, beta in addition to photon gamma) and have nothing to do with medicine and everything to do with nuclear industry pollution for which there was no informed consent and no expectation of patient benefit and no patient consent, and at the time, NO PATIENTS.

The fact that the lies may create radiogenic disease is NOT A HEALTH BENEFIT AND THE FLINDERS UNIVERSITY STATEMENT, AIMED AT THE FUKUSHIJMA DISASTER THAT ” e need radiation in our environment, just as we need vitamins and minerals” IS FALSE. Noone knows the lifetime accumulated burden the sailors will suffer and how their exposure due to the lies of TEPCO will add to their risk of radiogenic disease. Men and women and babies in the womb are not the GM mice the US DOE pay Flinders University to expose to external photon energy of levels of energy below that found in nature.

Is Flinders suggesting the sailors cure their risk by exposing themselves to MORE radiation “vitamins” such as Sr89?

As for Adelaide arithmetic gurus who spout radiation knowledge, well yes, plastic bags stop alpha. Do you suggest Barry that the sailors start swallowing little plastic bags in the hope that the alpha and beta emitting substances potentially in their bodies and put there by the actions of TEPCO , JGov and the US Navy will obey your command and hop into the plastic bags?







Bobby Scott, Pam and Barry will have a nice time in California during the court case, trotting out mice data and concepts used in 1925 as nuclear industry tried to blame veneral disease and loose morals on its suffering workers rather than the radio poison it had forced them to ingest. Nukers would have us forget the moral standard of the nuclear defence. It is a very low and base defence and has been so for decades.

The seeming paradox of variable individual respopnse to a given dose is at least partially explained by the fact that the oxygen effect means that the “harder the cell is working” the greater the damage will be. Mice frantically treading on a mouse wheel will show markedly different responses to mice in a resting state in Pam Sykes DOE funded lab at Flinders University when exposed to a given dose. When I put this suggestion to her in an Flinders University email (on the FU network) the response was zip. The DOE parameters call for mice to be exposed in a state of low metabolism, normal metabolism. Men and women dig ditches, sleep, guide in aircraft onto aircraft carriers, scrub down decks, cook, navigate, signal, and follow a wide range of duties of varying types, all of which introduce variables and vulnerabilities to radiation. This has been known for decades. The Hiroshima doctors reported it in 1945, Hersey in 1946, and Alexander wrote a chapter on it in 1957. Yet it is ignored.

It applies to the nuclear evacuees who fled the environs of the nuclear poison factories at Factories, directed as they were by nuclear authorities to follow the same path at the same time as that traversed by the Fukushima primary fallout cloud.

Heads should roll at the lies and cheating and extremely poor, deliberately poor, explanation of the nature of radiological risk and those variables which significantly influence dose response in an individual.

The experiments upon lazy mice mean nothing Pam in terms of nuclear industry pollution and disaster.

Again I say, when it comes my turn to be a patient at Flinders oncology unit, if I see your face, you will see a flying bed pan coming at you. AS yet I am not your patient and you have no right to diagnosis me as suffering a “meltdown in reason”. To the contrary, I am citing my training and other given sources. I am not in the pay of any interested party. Are you? Sincerely Paul Langley

US sailors sue operators of Fukushima nuclear plant 2

December 31, 2012


US sailors sue operator of Fukushima nuclear plant
BY: RICK WALLACE, TOKYO CORRESPONDENT From: The Australian December 29, 2012 12:00AM
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US Navy sailors who say they were showered with radiation from the exploding Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant during relief operations are suing its operator, Tepco, for tens of millions of dollars.

A lawsuit believed to be the first example of foreigners suing the Japanese electric utility over last year’s tragedy has been lodged on behalf of eight sailors in a US federal court in San Diego.

The sailors were crew members of the USS Ronald Reagan, which played a pivotal role in the US government’s massive tsunami relief program called Operation Tomadachi.

The aircraft carrier was dispatched to the coast off Fukushima in the days after the disaster but had to move on March 14 when it became clear from radiation readings that fallout from the plant had reached its location.

The US Navy said at the time that 17 of the ship’s crew were exposed to “low-level” radiation but the total exposure was no higher than one month’s absorption of normal background radiation.

However, in the lawsuit, each of the eight sailors is seeking $US10 million ($9.6m) in compensation along with $US30m in punitive damages and a judgment requiring the creation of a $100m fund to pay for their medical monitoring and treatment.

They allege that Tepco and the Japanese government lied about the risks of fallout, causing the ship and its crew to be placed in danger.

“The defendant, Tepco, created an increased risk of radiation exposure to the plaintiffs by failing to provide them with warning of the actual increased risk of exposure,” the suit says. “The US Navy was lulled into a false sense of security” and the crew of the ship “believed it was safe to operate within the waters adjacent to the Fukushima plant”.

“Solely a result of the defendant’s negligence, carelessness and recklessness, the plaintiffs were caused to suffer severe and serious personal injuries to mind and body,” the suit says.

Tepco, which faces several proceedings in Japanese courts, confirmed this was the first lawsuit it had received from abroad. The company said it could not comment until it had received the documents from the case, which was filed on December 21.

The suit lists as the plaintiffs Lindsay Cooper, who served as an aviation boatswain’s mate on the flight deck, and seven other sailors, as well as a daughter born to one of the sailors in October last year.

The suit has been filed in the California Southern District Court in San Diego. end quote.

with this, it is now over to the US where sites such as Nature News have talked about the Naval staff and the risks to them for months. As the court documents are evidence of proven origin, I would urge readers to seek out all sites which discuss the contamination of aircraft, the aircraft carrier and the personnel since March 2011 despite denials by Tepco and JGov than anything was a miss and despite US assurances that nothing bad occurred. All of this is bullshit.

Contrary to what Flinders University of South Australia states on its web site, radioactive pollution emitted by exploding power plants is cause for concern, worry is rational, and radiation and radioactive substances, as proven by the radium dial painters and radiation workers and victims since Marie Curie have proven. The information put out by supposed institutions of learning which ignore informed consent and which claim radiation is like a vitamin and that anyone disagreeing is suffering a mental condition called “meltdown in reason” (not in DSMIV and therefore a new disease invented by Flinders University as paid by US DOE) is an abuse of medicine in the aid of the uranium industry. The uranium industry is not a medical industry and geologists who cite Sykes and Flinders University in issuing false health information about nuclear information are frankly full of bullshit and outside of their expertise. Any forced exposure to radiation is a breach of the Nuremberg Principles as confirmed by the final report of President Clinton’s Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments of 1995. Copies are available from the US Congress and by Executive Order from the US DOE.

This completely undercuts the bullshit Sykes and Brooks of Flinders and Adelaide Universities respectively have been peddling in order, in my opinion, to aid the uranium industry to the effect of affecting uranium share prices with phony diagnosis of people affected by the triple meltdown of reactors in Japan in March 2011. Using the prestige of Adelaide, one such advocate claimed the Fukushima plant would be up and running by Dec 2012.

In fact, farms are ruined, children have recieved icrp defined lifetime dose levels of radiation exposure to thyroid and government lies sent nuclear refugees on a path of evacuation which carried them along the same route at the same time as the primary fallout cloud from the exploded vented, polluting and emitting reactors. All of this being denied at the time by the learned academics of the industry.

Adelaide University’s resident expert and spokesperson states in public plastic bags solves the problem of alpha emissions. OFF YOU GO BARRY . GO CLEAN UP JAPAN WITH LITTLE PLASTIC BAGS.

Paul Langley
45942 Australian Army Royal Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Radiological Safety NCO, 2 years military training in alpha detection and effects of radiation.

Brooks – his quals are maths. Does this add up?

LET’S SEE IF THE COURT FINDS THAT RADIOACTIVE SUBSTANCES EMIT VITAMIN LIKE EMISSIONS. As was similarly claimed in 1925 when the radium dial painting industry tried to defend itself against the fact that radium dial painters were sickening dying. Proven to be liars, the companies involved claimed the radiation induced disease was not that but rather STD caught by the dial painters because they were of “loose morals”.

History showed the radium industry to be wrong and in fact is a collective whore with the truth.

The same thing happening today. Far from being back on line by dec 2012, it will take 4 decades at least to decommission the Fuk reactors.
To clean up the mess in Japan, around the world and in the oceans is going to take more plastic bags this planet is capable of producing. And then there is the problem of collecting radioactive sources which it is illegal to unseal in the first place. Multiple exploding reactors venting fission and fuel products are in no way a health benefit. This is a fundamental lie put out by cultists paid by and influenced by the school of hormesis fostered and originated in the attempt to defeat the suffering and dying radium dial painters of the 20s and 30s. Do not forget history. Nuclear pollution is not medicine. It is an assault without consent. Anyone who claims otherwise may as well be a member of Operation Paperclip. Imported to voice knowledge in breach of the Nuremberg Principles. (Source: ACHRE Final Report, US Congress, 1995). If Adelaide and Flinders universities dont know this, do they qualify as places of higher learning in the matter ? No they dont.

I think so.

Who funds Flinders University to make its statements about the health benefits of nuclear pollution? The US DOE. Its mandate is to promote nuclear power.

US US Sailors Sue Tepco and JGov for lying and exposing them to fallout

December 29, 2012

In the army I was taught formally “you can trust communists to be communists”. Today the slogan goes “You can trust nukers to lie.”

This will be an interesting court case, for the USS Ronald Reagan was told by JGov that it was safe. It was not. Now, how does this apply to the lies told to the Japanese people by the nukers in their efforts to keep their share prices up over the health of the Japanese people and the people from around the world who went to Japan to help in March 2012?

(I suppose Flinders Uni and Adelaide Uni would testify that the sailors and everyone else just got a dose of “vitamins”. we will see what the courts say about that won’t we Pam and Barry. )

Eight US sailors who helped deliver relief supplies to Japanese citizens following the tsunami and Fukushima nuclear power plant meltdown in Japan in 2011 are suing the Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) for allegedly misleading the public about how much radiation was present in the area, the Marine Corps Times reported.

The sailors, who served on the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan, filed a 36-page complaint in US District Court in San Diego last week, the Associated Press reported. They claim that TEPCO and the government of Japan “conspired… to create an illusory impression that the extent of radiation that had leaked… was at levels that would not pose a threat to the plaintiffs,” the Marine Corps Times reported.

The sailors charge that the Japanese government lied “through their teeth about the reactor meltdowns” so rescuers would “rush into an unsafe area,” the AP reported.

According to the AP:

They say they are at risk for developing cancer and a shorter life expectancy, and are undergoing considerable mental anguish as a result.

A female sailor’s infant daughter – who was in utero while her mother was deployed to Japan – is also a plaintiff in the case, the AP reported.

The group is seeking $40 million in compensatory and punitive damages for each plaintiff and access to a $100 million fund they can dip into if medical problems arise from their exposure to radiation, the Marine Corps Times reported.

More from GlobalPost: Japan: Fukushima workers urged to hide radiation levels, says report

son of India’s president calls rape protesters insulting name

December 28, 2012


Other politicians have come under fire for comments insulting the protesters and diminishing the crime.

On Friday, Abhijit Mukherjee, a national lawmaker and the son of India’s president, apologized for calling the protesters “highly dented and painted” women, who go from discos to demonstrations.

“I tender my unconditional apology to all the people whose sentiments got hurt,” he told NDTV news.

if he had been been raped by 6 men who took 2 turns each, had an iron rod inserted into him and pulled out with such force that it removed 95% of his intestines, he would be singing a different tune, as would the police chief who said the victims should not have gotten on a bus at night.

This leadership is barbaric and the ignorant men of India follow the example.

India is not a modern state, it is a rape-ocracy. It is 15th century, barbaric and nuclear energy has no place in such a low level basic, lawless, ignorant leadership.

as for not getting on buses after sundown, I guess the police chief who made the remark doesnt have to use public transport.
In Adelaide buses run at night. Does he consider the men and women in Adelaide who travel by bus at night to be all asking for it?

The indian leadership need to wake up and stop acting like the British Raj. Do your jobs dickheads instead of blaming the people who you are paid and sworn to protect.

How nuclear India treats women

December 28, 2012

We have read of the torture inflicted upon a woman on a bus in India in which an iron rod was used to remove 95% of her intestines, we have read of government statements re women protestors, and of the police response to public anger over the attack, and of the political move to transport the dying woman to another country (Singapore)

We have read of how police have forced rape victims in India to marry their attackers. Here is the Voice of America take on the situation.

VOA News
December 28, 2012

A Singapore hospital treating the Indian student who was brutally gang-raped in New Delhi says the young woman is fighting for her life and has suffered a “significant brain injury.”

The CEO of Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Dr. Kelvin Loh, issued a statement early Friday saying the 23-year-old woman is “struggling against all odds” and continues to remain in “extremely critical condition.” He said upon her arrival in Singapore from India Wednesday, a medical team’s investigations found that “in addition to her prior cardiac arrest, she had infection of her lungs and abdomen, as well as significant brain injury.”

Loh said a multi-disciplinary team of specialists at the Singapore hospital “has been working tirelessly to treat her since her arrival, and is doing everything possible to stabilize her condition over the next few days.”

The woman was traveling on a charter bus in the Indian capital on December 16, when a group of men on board raped and beat her with an iron rod and then threw her from the bus.

Police have arrested six alleged attackers, who are accused of rape and attempted murder.

The woman was airlifted to Singapore from a New Delhi hospital on Wednesday, a move that was drawing criticism from medical experts in India.

Dr. Samiran Nundy, chairman of the organ transplant and gastro-surgery department of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, told The Hindu the transfer of the critically-ill woman from an Indian hospital where she received good care made little sense and “seems more of a political move.”

Medical experts who were consulted by the government before the woman’s transfer told the Indian newspaper that they were only asked if it was safe to move the victim, not if it was medically advisable.

A member of the Indian team who cared for her, Dr. Mahesh Chandra Misra with All India Institute of Medical Sciences, told The New York Times that the woman’s injuries were severe and that she was “practically dead” when she was brought into Safdarjung Hospital in New Delhi.

Meanwhile, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh spoke out on the case again Friday, saying he and the leader of the ruling Congress Party, Sonia Gandhi, “share the anguish and anger of the country over this heinous crime.” He also said the government is “committed to bringing the guilty to justice as soon as possible.”

Gandhi told reporters in New Delhi that “our only wish today is that she recovers and that she comes back to us and that no time is lost in bringing the perpetrators of such (a) barbarous act to justice.”

The government on Wednesday announced a commission that will review police response to the attack, while another panel is tasked with suggesting ways to make the capital safer for women as well as changes to the law to create stiffer penalties for such crimes.

In northern India, officials say a 17-year-old Indian girl from Punjab state who was gang raped in November has killed herself after police pressured her to drop the case and marry one of her attackers.

Before her death Wednesday, there had been no arrests in her case. Officials say three people were arrested on Thursday.

end quote.

Oh sure let’s sell this joint uranium. they dont give a rats about human safety, particularly female safety.,

More stories on official attitudes in Indian authorities toward the safety of its own people:

Indian authorities have been accused of belittling rape victims and refusing to file cases against their attackers, further deterring victims — already under societal pressure to keep the assaults quiet — from reporting the crimes.

However, the gang-rape of the 23-year-old student on a moving bus in the capital two weeks ago has triggered widespread outrage and brought new focus on police and community attitudes toward women in India. Demonstrators in New Delhi have demanded stronger protections for women and stronger punishment for rapists.

The Press Trust of India reported that the woman was raped Nov. 13 and reported the attack to police Nov. 27. But police harassed the girl, asked her embarrassing questions and took no action against the accused, PTI reported, citing police sources.

Authorities in the eastern state of Chhattisgarh also suspended a police officer on accusations he refused to register a rape complaint from a woman who said she had been attacked by a driver.

Other politicians have come under fire for comments insulting the protesters and diminishing the crime.

On Friday, Abhijit Mukherjee, a national lawmaker and the son of India’s president, apologized for calling the protesters “highly dented and painted” women, who go from discos to demonstrations.

Australia apologises for sex abuse in military

December 20, 2012

This post relates to the my previous post relating to the abuse of people via telephone.

For the abuse suffered, as I have read, occurred due to the actions of a radio station who apparently promoted
its staff illegally to Constitutional Monarchs in order to make a phone call with the express aim of circumventing, illegally, privacy.

And I recounted the experience I had in the 1990s as a government employee who take a phone call from a women which she made under duress. (She was being beaten by a man who obviously wanted to gain her private information – I could hear the beating going on). On reporting the phone to higher ups in the government office, I was told not to worry “They (customers of the government) are like that.”

I disagreed and spent 2 hour fruitlessly trying to obtain assistance for the assault victim and to get action taken against the assailant who, as well as committing assault was breaching the Federal Crimes Act and Privacy Act. In a slightly different manner to 2Day FM but the same moral coda and laws were being breached.

Prior to this, my second stint in that government office, I was treated to a group training session in which the need to keep things which happened within the office secret from the public. Such as abuse and harassment.

The leader/trainer gave the example of the Australian Army. The trainer put to the group that it would be against all the norms and discipline of the Australian Army if a soldier who suffered abuse went public. The soldier would be doing the wrong thing we were told. Various newbies put their point of view, saying yes, the Australian Army would fix it up and that to blacken the name of the Army for the sake of an individual with a grievance would be wrong.

In fact at the time a former military college member had gone public with his story of abuse at the college, and the group thought the man had acted badly by complaining in the media to the Australian community.

I was the only former soldier present at this training session. I had never been subject to illegal acts in my time in the Army, though I had heard about such. Mainly at Officer training facilities where newbies with no army experience though there had merely transferred to Lethal High School. Actually, people at the base were I was located, due to the secure nature of my work, secluded from the main tank rebuild workshop etc sort of wondered WTF and left me alone. But I was in a technical unit and facility and we were all geeks. It was a bit different.

I gave my point of view. The Australian Army is part of the Australia community and has to abide by both military and civil law. And if civil law has been broken then a soldier (or any arm or service) has every right to to access whatever redress they choose. That is their right as service personnel and as Australians. It is their right because members have died in past conflicts ensuring such right remain alive in Australia.

At the group meeting I raised my personal knowledge of infantry members at Pukka handing themselves – there was a spate of that at the time I was in basic training learning how to throw grenades and waste ammo at Kapooka.

Well, did I get in the shit at those remarks. For in addition I said, had those people who hung themselves had equal access to redress and support and community awarenes, and community standards and legal standards of treatment, they would have lived to make it to Vietnam. Most of the victims were National Servicemen.

And I must admit that the woman who was the trainer at the training session who was trying to train me out of adherence of community standards and legal standards and into departmental PR standards was giving me the shits. She may have merely been following orders, but as explained to me in my NCO course in the Army, an illegal command must not be followed. It may well be in breach of Nuremberg Principles and is a breach of military law. Anyway, over thirty years after the hangings at Pukka and over 10 years since my newbie departmental training in surrendering my rights as an Australian, we have this:

The West Australian Newspaper
Updated November 26, 2012, 1:19 pm

Australia apologises for sex abuse in military


Photo illustration. The Australian government has made a parliamentary apology to victims of abuse in the military and set up a compensation fund after allegations of rape and sexual assault.

SYDNEY (AFP) – The Australian government on Monday made a parliamentary apology to victims of abuse in the military and set up a compensation fund after hundreds of claims of rape and sexual assault.

Defence Minister Stephen Smith also established an independent taskforce to individually assess each allegation uncovered by a report commissioned by the government last year.

The taskforce will be able to refer appropriate matters to police for formal criminal investigation, while offering victims help in accessing counselling, health, and other services.

“Young men and women have endured sexual, physical or mental abuse from their colleagues which is not acceptable and does not reflect the values of a modern, diverse, tolerant Australian society,” Smith told parliament.

“Such experiences have had a lasting, serious, traumatic and adverse impact on the people who have experienced them.”

In his statement, Smith lashed out at senior military figures who occupied positions of trust and who “abused that trust through their behaviour, including through the turning of a blind eye”.

“Today’s men and women of the Australian Defence Force or the Department of Defence who have suffered sexual or other abuse, on behalf of the government I say sorry,” he said.

“You should never have experienced this abuse. Again, I say sorry.”

A capped compensation fund was set up with the taskforce, headed by former West Australian Supreme Court judge Len Roberts-Smith, to determine who qualifies for payouts of up to Aus$50,000 (US$52,000).

The move follows an independent report sparked by the so-called Skype scandal in 2011, when footage of a young male recruit having sex with a female classmate was streamed online to cadets in another room without her knowledge.

The report detailed 24 allegations of rape that never went to trial, among more than 1,000 claims of sexual or other abuse from the 1950s to the present day, involving both men and women.

As well as the rape claims, it said that “from the 1950s through to the early 1980s, many boys aged 13, 14, 15 and 16 years of age in the defence force suffered abuse including serious sexual and other physical abuse”.

Until the 1960s, boys as young as 13 were recruited into the Navy, while 15-year-olds were accepted into the Army, Navy and Air Force up until the early 1980s. The minimum enlisting age is now 17.

The report also highlighted brutal initiation ceremonies and depicted a culture in the military of covering up, failing to punish perpetrators and hostility towards victims who complained.

Smith said the Defence Force would bear the financial burden of any compensation, with military and government officials “committed to zero tolerance in the future”.

“Acknowledging the past and taking responsibility for it is only the first step,” he said.

“We must ensure that such abuse can never be tolerated again.”

Defence Force chief General David Hurley also apologised, saying he recognised “the damage and suffering that has been caused to some”.

“The Australian Defence Force has begun addressing these causes through its cultural reform programme,” he said.

“On behalf of the Australian Defence Force, I say that I am sorry to those who have suffered sexual, physical or mental abuse while serving.”

end quote.

I wonder myself WTF goes on today insight government workplaces where the norm is to turn a blind eye and indeed actively encourage perhaps, abuse of personnel.

Will it take another half century for the truth to emerge?

No matter where you work, and matter where you are in relation to government services whether you work in the paid workforce or not, it is not right for government in its quest for efficiency to forget its obligation to be effective. And that means both in terms of service delivery and treatment, every one is individual, everyone has rights and to appreciate and act upon this fact dipshits should be excluded from any position in government service where their prejudice against the people of Australia would lead them to say “Oh dont worry about it, give out the information – they are all like that – when in fact the Public Service Act, the Crimes Act and Common Law was being breached in the course of the traumatic phone call with the woman being beaten into revealing her pay day. Her call for help was ignored by government.

Sorry is not enough.

Paul Langley, reporting the facts as they occurred. How many times a day across the nation such things occur I have not the foggiest idea.

When a crime happens on a bus, should the driver join in, and should the facts remain within reported to the bus company only?

I met a warrior once. He was SAS. He was taking charge of the platoon at Kapooka temporarily for some reason or another. Apparently as crazy as a cut snake this guy’s outward appearance was irrelevant. His hands didn’t hold his weapon, his soul did. He’d been under fire and had fired back. In his eyes you could see his mission would be fulfilled regardless of whether or not his body and soul would be intact at the end of it.

Regardless. At the level of will, that was how he was. If, in civilian life, he found himself surrounded by status concious cretins unaware that they do not possess themselves, they would say he was the one needing help.

Humans are like icebergs. The largest part is invisible. For most people, even to themselves. Informed compassion exists in the Army. The tragic outcome of the decades of unactioned abuse in some military facilities is the weakening which resulted to those affected due to the suffering of their bodies and souls. Whereas any warrior knows it is the strengthening of the soul, not the breaking of it, which produces the whole person.

To the extent that the military failed to correct the serious misdeeds, and given the secrecy which was imposed for decades, and given that this model was, in the 1990s the model presented to newbie public servants, and given in the very recent past public servants quote military ethos instead public service ones, the abuse has spread. Every abuser who left the military would have had job offers of responsibility involving the management of people in civilian life.

And so the culture of abuser has I think spread throughout the workplaces of Australia. Which is not to say that the warrior,the real warrior, as a civilian, is not an asset. Of course they are. I am rather talking abusers who were once in uniform but who have demonstrated by their actions, that they were never ever warriors for they never knew their souls.

You don’t have to be a warrior to know your soul. It is but one way. There is not much difference between a warrior and a monk. In the true sense. Both live from their souls with an awareness of that fact. This has nothing to do with religion.

And so I urge 2Day FM to purge its abusers. Hopefully the Army will do the same and so achieve the full strength it must possess.

Soldiers do not start wars. Politicians do. It took the Liberal Party of Australia three goes, three begs, to the USA to allow it to send Australians conscripts – musicians, bricklayers, farmers, not warriors, to Vietnam.
Some came home with their souls detached. For they were never warriors and the experience dissociated them from their core.

Aided no doubt by that secret culture of abuse which existed and afflicted some of the officer corp. It weakened the Australian Army, and nobody knew.

In the 1990s newbie public servants were trained to keep the secret as it applied in that setting as it has existed in Duntroon. And the effects of that has turned, in the minds of some public servants I fear, the Australian public into the enemy. The false rationale for abuse in that setting is to “force self sufficiency” upon those in need, without providing the full means to do so. To strengthen a people, you do not oppress them. You liberate by assisting with both legal entitlement and the due respect which enables the connection between body and soul.

In London, a nurse, in response to Australian abuse, was in such distress her soul left, and went home. It is a tragic loss of life and an aborted mission this country should be ashamed of. The whole of Australia is not Duntroon.

2 Day FM abuses people to death. Commercial radio merely fights ratings wars which mean nothing. In a diminishing market, i guess they have the X force of abusive commandos who pretend to be what they are not in order to get money which is proportional to ratings.

Hardly a high calling. Taking deliberate aim at a friendly, and dialing the number.

The phone is a weapon. I don’t listen to commercial radio. It has no soul.

The atomic tests were so safe, the dosimeters were just thrown into a bucket with no names on. Perfectly safe. Not the authorities fault the veterans died and die and like flies. It was the petrol fumes in the desert.

“There must be something wrong with people who kill themselves” – An ex Airforce Officer to me in 2004. Yea, the abuse they suffer at the hands and tongue of likes of you, you prick. Old school, abusive, landed a plumb job, known bully. Though the place of higher learning he was at had a landing strip for F111’s. Wrong. Obey the law idiot.

People, including the Minister of Defence, is worried that the historic abusers may still be in the Australian Defence Forces, now in positions of authority, where, by their actions and attitude they continue to demolish rather than build up Australia’s Defence capability by creating, as it were, “friendly fire” damage to individual and institutions.

I have an evidenced based theory that many of these historic abusers, having risen to the ranks where at some point or another they were discovered, left and infected private industry.

Including the media.

So what cultural reality was really behind the tragedy of the hospital and to the total waste of a life?

There used to be a saying in Australia, and its still an unspoken, or rarely spoken one. “Toughen up, this is Australia”. Mainly aimed at sophisticated new arrivals to this country, it is rarely spoken now. It remains an unspoken attitude though, one in which the historic abusers perpetuate where ever they are.

And it has infected young ignorant radio announcers tasked to get ratings even if it kills them, or their victims.

The community in in a democracy is not “the Big Brother Household”. Noone has the power to vote anyone out of the house of this or any other nation. Not the least an innocent nurse in London.

The actions which led to the outcome would not have been carried out by anyone with any sense of informed compassion.

Further, the imperative to keep breaches of the law within both armed (military) and unarmed sections of Australia’s government service agencies is driven from the top and inculcated into subordinates, denying them, and the Australian voters from full awareness and creating isolated victims due to corrupt and illegal practices for which there is no identified community awareness of the need of political and cultural action.

Australia in this regard is very weak, and should toughen, weeding out those moral cowards who cannot adhere to the law. Why else did it take decades to acknowledge the systemic abuse which exists in the armed services? It also exists in the unarmed services.

It is part and parcel of the dynamic which leads to the denial of victims including nuclear victims and the denial of justice for them.

There has been, in my experience, a profound misuse of public service provisions to keep breaches of the law “in house”, on the bus, as it were, within the bus company. The customers not only pay for the fare, but for the crimes.

Back in the 1990s, at that training sessions, the public service trainer used the example of a military illegal order to justify an imposition of curtailment of free speech and openness in the civil service. Such actions enable corruption. And further, with such attitudes embedded throughout sections of government administration, it is not surprising that the military abuses against individuals, crimes, both decades old and new, took so long to be officially recognised, when in fact higher ups within the the Australian administration knew about them all the time, and in fact as late as the 1990s used such abuses in the military as a reason for civil servants to keep their mouths shut and simply follow orders. Specifically, when an illegal order is given there is a duty under the law NOT TO FOLLOW IT.

There is no excuse for the time it has taken for the Australian government to acknowledge that which it has always known.

As an ordinary trooper, the military academy in Canberra was known by me and all my compatriots, as a place of abuse. We knew before officers who had been there told us. That was 1971. It is my view that noone should be given officer status until they have served a period in the rank and file. As for the public service citing so-called military ethos, and it happens all the time, as if some dip shit middle manager was on the front line in WW2, well, it has to stop. Toughen up, this is reality. Customers of the government are not the enemy, they are the paymasters.

All of this, the whole dynamic, applies to nuclear industry as displayed since March 2011.

I have only ever seen informed compassion in two workplaces, the Australian Army – where the whole point was to train people to survive as long as possible under combat, and at the homeless shelter.

“We are from the government, we are here to help” – 1950.

“We are from the government, we are here for ourselves” – today

“We are from the media, and we can pretend to be the Queen, we dont give shit about the consequences” – 2Day FM. and other hack outlets.

as the reader can see, my life experiences create a tension between myself and other anti nukers. The commonality is the awareness that nuclear industry is part of the military complex, and that is way it gets more government handouts than a zillion pensioners.

The quality and culpability of the Australian media

December 19, 2012

As a former Soldier and a former public servant, and as a person trained, some years ago,in the contents of Federal Crimes Act and Public Service Act, I am very well aware that it is illegal to impersonate an officer of the Crown under any circumstances, for any reasons. Where that impersonation includes the motive to gain personal information to which the the impersonator/s are not entitled, a breach of Federal Privacy Law has also occurred.

(which reminds me of the time I took, as a public servant, a phone call, from a woman who asked when her government money, to which she was entitled, would be available. As I could hear her being punched and smacked during the phone call, I realised that a male was forcing the woman to make the call in order to gain the information from government, information the woman already knew but was not prepared to discuss to her assailant.

I asked the woman if she was under assault and she was unable to answer. I asked to speak to the male.

After the conversation, and with the woman still on the line, I asked my supervisor to advise the Federal Police. She refused, saying “that’s just what they are like”. I asked for permission to report the situation to the police, but that was denied. I asked for permission to report the situation to the official social worker for the worker, and I was told not to waste too much time on the matter. As it turned out the social worker was not interested as 1. It was Wednesday – the day the social work staff held meetings to discuss how best to serve the public 2. A visit to the woman might make matters worse. Despite the possibility of the opposite occurring. I asked the woman if she wished police attendance and she was unable to answer.

Shortly after that my employment was terminated. Good riddance.

Forcing the disclosure of private information under false pretenses is a crimes. A serious crimes.

And so it was that an Australian radio station, acting as the typical dickheads Australian commercial media generally is, contacted a hospital and falsely pretended to be officers of the Crown, seeking private information relating to a member of the Royal Elite upon which Australia’s Constitution acknowledges as the source of its authority.

The radio station staff, either through being typical Australians, or by blindly following illegal orders, rang the hospital and pretended to be the Constitution Monarch of Australia, the Queen of England seeking personal information upon Royal relative.

That alone, in my understanding of Australia, warrants consideration under the Crimes Act and the Privacy Act.

The nurse who took the fraudulent and illegal call, so distressed at her part in the breach of Royal Privacy,
left 3 notes and hung herself to death.

In Germany it used to be a criminal offence to induce suicide.

It should be law in Australia.

Will commercial media in Australia please start doing its job?

2Day FM falsely stated that it was acting on Her Majesty’s Service, in fact the staff stated the call to the hospital was from the Queen. The people involved should be tried in a court of law according to the provisions
of Federal Australia which prevent such false claims in an attempt to breach the Privacy Act and to gain
financial benefit by false means in process. In this case by increased ratings advertising revenue.

2Day FM knew very well it was not acting OHMS and thus is aware of the breach both legally and morally in its attempt to “cut down a tall poppy”, a feeble Australian pass time.

The part of me that is a British citizen is outraged and grief stricken at the death and suffering this crime
produced. The part of me that is an Australian citizen has gone into hibernation out of shame at the utter
cruelty and ignorance and dilution of the law which has occurred in Australia since he 1980s.

The fact is in Australia, any subject citizen who demands their privacy rights in the of government is often viewed with suspicion by government paid underlings as a result.

The drive for efficiency in government should not be at the expense of effectiveness of government.
If government respected privacy laws, if it were a legal and cultural norm,the dickheads who pretended to be he Queen would have refused to follow the illegal order from management. And a life would have been spared.

In my opinion. The Queen, prima Facie, is an Officer of the Crown and it is illegal for anyone, including dickhead DJs chasing ratings, to impersonate Her Majesty.

The Australia media has spent many words defending itself in this. The fact is, it has broken more than one Federal Law.

And as a result an innocent has died. The Djs involved may justify their ignorance anyway they like, but it will not produce anything but a self serving defense in order to 1. improve ratings. 2.Slake the guilt borne of discovery.

The radio station celebrated and broadcast the fraudulent recorded conversation even after the death of the nurse involved had been known to have died.

Many here blame victim, not the perpetrator. 2 Day FM. In my opinion.

Ignorant red neck Aussie hicks.

Of course, the phone call I got in the early 1990s might have been a couple of radio hacks trying to induce me into breaching privacy by staging a phony request with an alleged citizen under mental and physical duress.

Just for the fun of it.

This post has nothing to do with nuclear history. But I think we have gone downhill a long long way since the Costigan Royal Commission. Which, in large part led to the Privacy Act. It is an offense to disadvantage anyone by the misuse of personal information. And that includes information gained under false pretenses, but pretending to be someone authorized to know, when in fact they are not. It is a very serious offense and heads should roll, particularly given the tragic and lethal consequences in this case.

The day after the call I took in the 1990s still lives with me. The day after it, I scanned the newspapers for any report of the discovery of a body.

And so the Fraudulent call (as I consider it to be as a layperson) to the London hospital is a phony attempt to gain personal information by 2 Day FM brings that horrific call I took in the 1990s flooding back. In attempting to apply would I had been trained to do in a previous period of employment in a different era (ie fulfill the mission statement and comply with duty of care in common law) resulted in my spending 2 hours trying to locate a qualified person prepared to check on the welfare of a customer.

If is a grave shame Australian media so lightly considers the impact of its fraud, which pass as pranks, and it is tragic that the deliberate dilution of knowledge of individual rights, led by government, has encouraged sections of the Australian media to act in total disregard for the consequences of its actions. So far its self defense has amounted to “Toughen up, this is Australia”. But nurses in England and anyone anywhere, have a right to expect the best of Australia, rather than its worst.

The consequences for me of the 1990s episode turned out ok. I got a much better job, doing the midnight to dawn shift at a homeless shelter. No crank calls from 2Day FM there. Plenty of other exciting stuff though. Real stuff. Stuff the employer empowered its staff to act upon and resolve, because that was the mandate.

Funny how when the official institutions, media or government, fails in its duties, its the individual who pays for has to pick up the pieces and cope with the results. Nothing’s perfect, but deliberate blind eyes to telescopes in order to gain profit, reduce costs, or to maintain some phoney status is insufficient and often criminal.

2 Day FM is of course free to disagree and in so doing, blame the victim.

Which reminds me. Decades ago, in my first stint as a public servant after I left the Army, I and every other newbie who would be in contact with the public was shown a documentary made by the department in question. The doco was made in response to the deaths of 3 customers whose deaths were contributed to by departmental delays.

One man suffered heart disease and in the months it took for his legal entitlement to be paid, he was reduced to poverty and squalid housing. In the lead up to his death his diet suffered and he did not have enough to eat. His requests for assistance, to which he was entitled, were met with departmental responses which emphasized departmental needs and discounted client need. From memory (this internal doco was shown in the 1970s. It was narrated by Anne Deveson) told how a simple fix would have solved the problem, and kept this man and the two others, alive.

When media pull pranks involving personal information they must be aware that they are initiating a process which ignores the valid needs of their victims, with potentially fatal or unfair and illegal consequences.

It is pointless blaming the victims’ state of mind where that state of mind, for a person who gives their life for their job and duties. in the recent London /2 Day FM tragedy, the person gave their life for their job. Because of fraudulent and unfair actions of a radio station. This is my opinion.

The Modern FDA Description of Strontium 89 as used in Current Oncology

December 17, 2012

The Modern FDA Description of Strontium 89 as used in Current Oncology

The current pharmacological description of Strontium 89
confirms Percher’s findings of the 1940s. This description
shows the nature of the substance spread across the
biosphere where ever atomic weapons were detonated, and
where ever power reactors are allowed to vent into the
“Clinical Description of Strontium Chloride SR 89
VA Classification AN600
Commonly used brand name(s): Metastron.
Bone lesions, metastatic (treatment) Strontium
chloride Sr 89 is indicated in the palliative treatment
of bone pain in selected patients with multiple areas
of skelal metastases from carcinoma of the prostate,
breast and possibly, from other carcinomas.
Physical Properties
Nuclear Data
Radionuclide: Sr 89
Distribution: similar to calcium analogs with fairly
rapid clearance from the blood and selective
localization in bone hydroxyapatite.
Radiation dosimetry:
Estimated absorbed radiation dose
Organ Gy/MBq Rad/mCi
Bone surfaces 17.0 62.96
Red marrow 11.0 40.74
Large intestine
Wall (lower)
4.7 17.41
Large intestine
wall upper
1.8 6.67
Bladder wall 1.3 4.81
Breast 0.96 3.55
Adrenals 0.78 2.89
Stomach wall 0.78 2.89
Kidneys 0.78 2.89
Liver 0.78 2.89
Lungs 0.78 2.89
Ovaries 0.78 2.89
Pancreas 0.78 2.89
Spleen 0.78 2.89
Testes 0.78 2.89
Thyroid 0.78 2.89
Uterus 0.78 2.89
Small intestine 00.023 0.085
Other tissue 0.78 2.89
Precautions to Consider:
Thirty-three out of 40 rats receiving 10 consecutive monthly
doses of either 250 or 350 micro curies per kg of body
weight of strontium 89 developed malignant bone tumors
after a latency period of approximately 9 months.
Adequate and well-controlled studies with strontium chloride
Sr 89 have not been done in humans. Radio-pharmaceuticals
are generally not recommended for therapeutic use during
pregnancy because of the risk to the fetus from radiation
exposure. Strontium chloride Sr 89 would be expected to
cause adverse effects, such as bone marrow toxicity, in the
To avoid the possibility of fetal exposure to radiation, in
those circumstances in which the patient’s pregnancy
status is uncertain, a pregnancy test will help to prevent
inadvertent administration of their preparation during
FDA Pregnancy Catergory D
Breast Feeding
Strontium Chloride Sr 89 acts as a calcium analog
and is expected to be distributed into breast milk.
Because of the potential risk to the infant from
radiation exposure, complete cessation of nursing is
recommended after strontium chloride Sr 89 has
been administered.” End quote. (Source:,
Online Drug Reference)
end quote

Sr89 is a controlled substance. Any doctor who sprayed it over the countryside would be arrested and the key would be thrown away.

How come TEPCO and J Gov are still free?

Operation Fishbowl Bluegill Mk2. (Or how to prevent the 2nd assassination of President Kennedy)

December 17, 2012

(Image source:Los Alamos National Laboratory Lanl Caption “Picture of the Fishbowl blugill taken from space”

Wikipedia describes the Fishbowl series of nuclear tests as follows “Operation Fishbowl was a series of high altitude nuclear tests in 1962 that were carried out by the United States as a part of the larger Operation Dominic nuclear test program….”

The Limited Test Ban Treaty came into force as a result of growing public concern around the world that fallout from the tests were harmful. The official position of the nuclear test authorities was one of disagreement with this. Nuclear authorities maintained that the tests were safe, even as they secretly collected human tissue from deceased people around the world. They used this tissue to study the uptake of fission products by people.

Eventually public awareness, led by scientists who disagreed with nuclear authorities, forced the US to propose the Limited Test Ban Treaty forbidding the detonation of nuclear weapons in the atmosphere. The Soviet Union readily agreed. Britain complied. China and France did not.

Prior to being murdered, President Kennedy addressed the American people in regard to the LImited Test Ban Treaty.

Radio and Television Address to the American People
by President Kennedy on the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
July 26, 1963
(Partial quote)

Good evening, my fellow citizens:

I speak to you tonight in a spirit of hope. Eighteen years ago the advent of nuclear weapons changed the course of the world as well as the war. Since that time, all mankind has been struggling to escape from the darkening prospect of mass destruction on earth. In an age when both sides have come to possess enough nuclear power to destroy the human race several times over, the world of communism and the world of free choice have been caught up in a vicious circle of conflicting ideology and interest. Each increase of tension has produced an increase of arms; each increase of arms has produced an increase of tension.

In these years, the United States and the Soviet Union have frequently communicated suspicion and warnings to each other, but very rarely hope. Our representatives have met at the summit and at the brink; they have met in Washington and in Moscow; in Geneva and at the United Nations. But too often these meetings have produced only darkness, discord, or disillusion.

Yesterday a shaft of light cut into the darkness. Negotiations were concluded in Moscow on a treaty to ban all nuclear tests in the atmosphere, in outer space, and under water. For the first time, an agreement has been reached on bringing the forces of nuclear destruction under international control – a goal first sought in 1946 when Bernard Baruch presented a comprehensive control plan to the United Nations…..

Nevertheless, this limited treaty will radically reduce the nuclear testing which would otherwise be conducted on both sides; it will prohibit the United States, the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union, and all others who sign it, from engaging in atmospheric tests which have so alarmed mankind; and it offers to all the world a welcome sign of hope……

A war today or tomorrow, if it led to nuclear war, would not be like any war in history. A full-scale nuclear exchange, lasting less than 6o minutes, with the weapons now in existence, could wipe out more than 300 million Americans, Europeans, and Russians, as well as untold millions elsewhere. And the survivors, as Chairman Khrushchev warned the Communist Chinese, “the survivors would envy the dead.” For they would inherit a world so devastated by explosions and poison and fire that today we cannot even conceive of its horrors…..

Second, this treaty can be a step towards freeing the world from the fears and dangers of radioactive fall-out. Our own atmospheric tests last year were conducted under conditions which restricted such fallout to an absolute minimum. But over the years the number and the yield of weapons tested have rapidly increased – and so have the radioactive hazards from such testing. Continued unrestricted testing by the nuclear powers, joined in time by other nations which may be less adept in limiting pollution, will increasingly contaminate the air that all of us must breathe.

Even then, the number of children and grandchildren with cancer in their bones, with leukemia in their blood, or with poison in their lungs might seem statistically small to some, in comparison with natural health hazards. But this is not a natural health hazard – and it is not a statistical issue. The loss of even one human life, or the malformation of even one baby – who may be born long after all of us have gone – should be of concern to us all. Our children and grandchildren are not merely statistics towards which we can be indifferent.

Nor does this affect the nuclear powers alone. These tests befoul the air of all men and all nations, the committed and the uncommitted alike, without their knowledge and without their consent. That is why the continuation of atmospheric testing causes so many countries to regard all nuclear powers as equally evil; and we can hope that its prevention will enable those countries to see the world more clearly, while enabling all the world to breathe more easily.

Third, this treaty can be a step towards preventing the spread of nuclear weapons to nations not now possessing them. During the next several years, in addition to the four current nuclear powers, a small but significant number of nations will have the intellectual, physical, and financial resources to produce both nuclear weapons and the means of delivering them. In time, it is estimated, many other nations will have either this capacity or other ways of obtaining nuclear warheads, even as missiles can be commercially purchased today.

I ask you to stop and think for a moment what it would mean to have nuclear weapons in so many hands – in the hands of countries large and small, stable and unstable, responsible and irresponsible, scattered throughout the world. There would be no rest for anyone then, no stability, no real security, and no chance of effective disarmament. There would only be the increased chance of accidental war, and an increased necessity for the great powers to involve themselves in what otherwise would be local conflicts.

If only one thermonuclear bomb were to be dropped on any American, Russian, or any other city – whether it was launched by accident or design, by a madman or by an enemy, by a large nation or by a small, from any corner of the world – that one bomb could release more destructive power on the inhabitants of that one helpless city than all the bombs dropped in the Second World War….. end quote. Source link : with video of the address.

Four months after this address to the nation, President Kennedy was shot to death in circumstances which remain mysterious. For instance:

For it’s part in concealing the truth about nuclear fallout to the American people and other reasons relating to a severe conflict of interest, the organiation which took over nuclear matters from the Manhattan Project was abolished. “An increasing number of critics during the 1960s charged that the AEC’s regulations were insufficiently rigorous in several important areas, including radiation protection standards, nuclear reactor safety, plant siting, and environmental protection. By 1974, the AEC’s regulatory programs had come under such strong attack that Congress decided to abolish the agency. The agency was abolished by the Energy Reorganization Act of 1974, which assigned its functions to two new agencies: the Energy Research and Development Administration and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.[2] (2: Atomic Energy Commission”. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Retrieved 2009-11-16.)

The AEC’s far-reaching powers and control over subject matter which had far-reaching social, public health, and military implications made it an extremely controversial organization. One of the drafters of the McMahon Act, James R. Newman, famously concluded that the bill made “the field of atomic energy [an] island of socialism in the midst of a free-enterprise economy”.[citation needed]
Before the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) was created, nuclear regulation was the responsibility of the AEC, which Congress first established in the Atomic Energy Act of 1946. Eight years later, Congress replaced that law with the Atomic Energy Act Amendments of 1954, which for the first time made the development of commercial nuclear power possible, and resolved a number of other outstanding problems in implementing the first Atomic Energy Act. The act assigned the AEC the functions of both encouraging the use of nuclear power and regulating its safety. The AEC’s regulatory programs sought to ensure public health and safety from the hazards of nuclear power without imposing excessive requirements that would inhibit the growth of the industry.[citation needed] This was a difficult goal to achieve, especially in a new industry, and within a short time the AEC’s programs stirred considerable controversy. Stephanie Cooke has written that:
“the AEC had become an oligarchy controlling all facets of the military and civilian sides of nuclear energy, promoting them and at the same time attempting to regulate them, and it had fallen down on the regulatory side … a growing legion of critics saw too many inbuilt conflicts of interest”.[3]
An increasing number of critics during the 1960s charged that the AEC’s regulations were insufficiently rigorous in several important areas, including radiation protection standards, nuclear reactor safety, plant siting, and environmental protection.[citation needed]” end quote Source:

There is currently a view that the agencies which replaced the AEC have fallen into the same failures and conflict of interest as the AEC. There is distrust, with good reason given FOIA released documents, that the full facts of the Fukushima disaster have not been released to the American people and the world.

The Japanese nuclear authorities have been severely judged by Japanese government investigations for behaving in a manner similar to that of the old AEC. Lies and untruths, omissions and false denials have all been determined to have occurred by the deliberate attempt of nuclear industry and nuclear regulators to hide the truth and cause a perception of diminished disaster in the minds of the people of Japan and the world.

Having to rely on scientific and media reports, I have two choices. 1. Believe nuclear authorities who repeat the 1960s line that the Fukushima fallout is safe and, like the bomb fallout as claimed by the AEC, merely a handy radioactive tracer for the planet. Or do I believe those scientists who provided proof to the Conference
on the Transport of Strontium and Calcium Across Biological Membranes, Cornell University, 1962 (a conference on the impact of fallout upon people around the world) that nuclear fallout is an ADDITION to natural radio nuclides.

Therefore, in this additive view, the total dose is what counts, whether the contribution from fission fallout (bombs or reactors) results in increased dose to lifeforms, not less.

That the statement “Fukushima fallout is safe for 50km off the coast, the Cs** is less than the potassium 40 naturally in the ocean.”

The fact is potassium 40 is not radio cesium, it has different radio chemical and biological properties. Another fact is the Fukushima emission ADD TO THE RISK, they do not diminish the risk. Even if, 50 km off shore, the summing dose is resultant from Fuk < than natural dose it is still an increase in potential total dose.

Lastly, the Fukushima facility is still emitting. Authorities claim they do not know the disposition of the coriums.

That being the case, how expert are the experts who claim all is well for the Fukushima emissions are less than the total burden the earth has suffered increasing since 1945. Including since March 2011?

Not very expert at all. Not merely because they disagree with President Kennedy, but also because they are firing Cold War fallout is good bullshit from the wrong book depository window. Such marksmen rely on the fact that they believe we, the people, have the memory capacity of a bluegill goldfish in its bowl. Each lap being a new experience for the critter.

I am not a goldfish. Though sadly, I share the same “bowl”, the bowl ignorant illumined ones consider their shit to be of benefit to the likes of such as I.

Crap to that.

“Operation Fishbowl Bluegill Mk2.”


Sadly the US Congressional view is to subtract, rather than to add, man caused radio chemical pollution from that which pre- exists.

Hence: “Congressional Research Service. Effects of Tohoku Tsunami and Fukushima
Radiation on the U.S. Marine Environment Eugene H. Buck Specialist in Natural Resources Policy
Harold F. Upton Analyst in Natural Resources Policy August 17, 2012 ”

Quote: “Summary
The massive Tohoku earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011, caused extensive damage in
northeastern Japan, including damage to the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power installation,
which resulted in the release of radiation. Some have called this incident the biggest manmade
release ever of radioactive material into the oceans. Concerns arose about the potential effects of
this released radiation on the U.S. marine environment and resources.
Both ocean currents and atmospheric winds have the potential to transport radiation over and into
marine waters under U.S. jurisdiction. It is unknown whether marine organisms that migrate
through or near Japanese waters to locations where they might subsequently be harvested by U.S.
fishermen (possibly some albacore tuna or salmon in the North Pacific) might have been exposed
to radiation in or near Japanese waters, or might have consumed prey with accumulated
radioactive contaminants.
High levels of radioactive iodine-131 (with a half-life of about 8 days), cesium-137 (with a half-
life of about 30 years), and cesium-134 (with a half-life of about 2 years) were measured in
seawater adjacent to the Fukushima Dai-ichi site after the March 2011 events. EPA rainfall
monitors in California, Idaho, and Minnesota detected trace amounts of radioactive iodine,
cesium, and tellurium consistent with the Japanese nuclear incident, at concentrations below any
level of concern. It is uncertain how precipitation of radioactive elements from the atmosphere
may have affected radiation levels in the marine environment.”….”Barring
another unanticipated release, radioactive contaminants from Fukushima Dai-ichi should be
sufficiently dispersed over time that they will not prove to be a serious health threat elsewhere,
unless they bioaccumulate in migratory fish or find their way directly to another part of the world
through food or other commercial products.”….The North Pacific Current is formed by the collision of the Kuroshio Current, running northward
off the east coast of Japan in the eastern North Pacific, and the Oyashio Current, running
southward from Russia (Figure 1). As it approaches the west coast of North America, the North
Pacific Current splits into the southward California Current and the northward Alaska Current.
Although these currents have the potential for bringing radiation from Japan’s Fukushima Dai-
ichi nuclear accident to U.S. waters, their flow is slow, and no radiation above background levels
has yet been detected in marine waters under U.S. jurisdiction. Regardless of the slow flow,
radioactive contaminants with long half-lives (e.g., cesium-137, with a half-life of about 30 years)
could still pose concerns if transported over long distances by ocean currents. ”

(Map from the paper cited)
continuing quote: “Radioisotope concentrations at offshore sampling points decreased with time; by
early April 2011, at sampling points about 30 km east of Fukushima Dai-ichi, concentrations were
between 5 and 18 Bq/l for iodine-131 and between 1 and 11 Bq/l for cesium-137. The highest
concentrations, found closest to the coast, were about 38 Bq/l for iodine-131 and 4.5 Bq/l for
cesium-137.8 The occurrence of cesium-137 is of greater concern because of its much longer half-
life. The natural radioactivity of seawater is 13 or 14 Bq/l, of which 95% comes from potassium-
40.9 Experts cite this incident as the largest recorded accidental release of radiation to the ocean.10
(Source 10:
Ken Buesseler, Michio Aoyama, and Masao Fukasawa, “Impacts of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plants on Marine
Radioactivity,” Environmental Science & Technology, v. 45 (December 1, 2011): 9931-9935.)

(included in the cited Congressional report)

Continuing the quote: “Concerns
Are There Implications for U.S. Seafood Safety?
It does not appear that nuclear contamination of seafood will be a food safety problem for
consumers in the United States.19 Among the main reasons are that
• damage from the disaster limited seafood production in the affected areas,
• radioactive material would be diluted before reaching U.S. fishing grounds, and
• seafood imports from Japan are being examined before entry into the United
States. ” Source 19 is:
For additional information, see U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, U.S. Seafood Safe and Unaffected by Radiation Contamination
from Japanese Nuclear Power Plant Incident; U.S. Monitoring Control Strategy Explained, available at

end quote.

The question has to be asked is this another repeat of the routine of information distortion perfected by nuclear authorities which caused, due to public outrage the original civilian nuclear authority in the USA, the AEC? Given the reports of radioactive fish within US waters, given the distrust and with holding of information by US and Japanese authorities, given the repeated assurances by “nuclear experts” around the world, including Pam Sykes and Barry Brooks of Adelaide that the emissions are good for human health because they are “like vitamins” (Sykes, Finders University Published by Flinders University Marketing July 2011.Quote “We need radiation in our environment, just as we need vitamins and minerals.”), I would consider that Edward Teller has been exhumed is again uttering bullshit to ensure, not the safety of people, but the safety of the nuclear programs of USA and Japan.

The alternate view is well explained by Andrew at Nuclear Crimes. Infant deaths did not reduce during the nuclear pollution of the test era, the era aimed at “normalising” nuclear pollution to pave the way for nuclear energy in the popular mind. The infant mortality rate increased to 1940s levels for the duration, falling again after the implementation of the LTBT.

Many people urge careful thought about the consumption of sea food from waters affected by Fukushima. Nuclear industry has fucked in it, and the releases continue.

Up to you, its a free country. If Cs and Sr are vitamins, I will drink my Toyota sump oil.

Please note that the primary source for this post is a report which forms part of the US Congressional Record.
If that source is insufficient for you, migrate to North Korea. The download link for the complete document is

The official view is that fish subject to the Fukushima contaminated biosphere are safe to eat. Is this correct or not? What do you know, think and believe? And if you don’t know, who do you believe and why?

Be a good citizen and eat your Bluegill without question? For an American, (I’m an Australian and down here, so it’s a bit more anarchic) is that using your Rights and Obligations?

Death and taxes are inevitable. Nuclear bullshit is not. If they started telling the truth for a change, well, maybe I’d be less cynical.


Fukushima-derived radionuclides in the ocean and biota off Japan
Ken O. Buesselera,1, Steven R. Jayneb, Nicholas S. Fisherc, Irina I. Rypinab, Hannes Baumannc, Zofia Baumannc, Crystaline F. Breiera, Elizabeth M. Douglassb, Jennifer Georgec, Alison M. Macdonaldb, Hiroomi Miyamotod, Jun Nishikawad, Steven M. Pikea, and Sashiko Yoshidab

Edited by Karl K. Turekian, Yale University, North Haven, CT, and approved February 24, 2012 (received for review December 19, 2011)

The Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011, resulted in unprecedented radioactivity releases from the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plants to the Northwest Pacific Ocean. Results are presented here from an international study of radionuclide contaminants in surface and subsurface waters, as well as in zooplankton and fish, off Japan in June 2011. A major finding is detection of Fukushima-derived 134Cs and 137Cs throughout waters 30–600 km offshore, with the highest activities associated with near-shore eddies and the Kuroshio Current acting as a southern boundary for transport. Fukushima-derived Cs isotopes were also detected in zooplankton and mesopelagic fish, and unique to this study we also find 110mAg in zooplankton. Vertical profiles are used to calculate a total inventory of ∼2 PBq 137Cs in an ocean area of 150,000 km2. Our results can only be understood in the context of our drifter data and an oceanographic model that shows rapid advection of contaminants further out in the Pacific. Importantly, our data are consistent with higher estimates of the magnitude of Fukushima fallout and direct releases [Stohl et al. (2011) Atmos Chem Phys Discuss 11:28319–28394; Bailly du Bois et al. (2011) J Environ Radioact, 10.1016/j.jenvrad.2011.11.015]. We address risks to public health and marine biota by showing that though Cs isotopes are elevated 10–1,000× over prior levels in waters off Japan, radiation risks due to these radionuclides are below those generally considered harmful to marine animals and human consumers, and even below those from naturally occurring radionuclides.

end quote.

Radio cesium in the biosphere, including sea water, is the result of historic releases, including previous accidents due to nuclear industry and nuclear military releases (nuclear tests). At the very least the above abstract tells me the Fukushima disaster has taken at least the waters off Japan back to the era of atmospheric nuclear testing, an era ceased by the Limited Test Ban Treaty. To re-quote Kennedy in his explanation of the need for the treaty :

” the number of children and grandchildren with cancer in their bones, with leukemia in their blood, or with poison in their lungs might seem statistically small to some, in comparison with natural health hazards. But this is not a natural health hazard – and it is not a statistical issue. The loss of even one human life, or the malformation of even one baby – who may be born long after all of us have gone – should be of concern to us all. Our children and grandchildren are not merely statistics towards which we can be indifferent.
President John F. Kennedy.

Conversely, the nuclear industry view is that if a victim cannot prove in a court of law the actual of disease which has, among its causes, radiogensis, then it is safe. For the plaintiff will loose. And the nukers will not have to pay.

See Karen Silkwood :

Is TEPCO and JGov and NRC any better than Kerr-McGee in the matter of open disclosure given the laws which prevent such disclosure (eg the Atomic Energy Act).

Is this industry a protector of democracy or a threat to it and the planet?

The subject people may well be viewed as fish in a bowl, but we have memories and the capacity and ability to argue with those authorities who are supposed to act upon our behalf and who are paid by us to do so. They should do their jobs fearlessly and honestly. Otherwise, again, abolish the bastards to the basement of history as the AEC was.

The characteristics of radioactive particles reflect the properties of the source material, which allows
for the performance of forensic analysis… Even individual nuclear fuel particles, released
uncontrolled into the environment in a severe nuclear accident, may represent an acute health hazard….
…Their identification and detection in the environment represents a technical, analytical and
even philosophical challenge for radiation protection. …the problem that highly active particles may be
present in the air although the external dose rate is below the recommended operative action level is not
only theoretical.” (Source: Pollanen, R. “Nuclear Fuel Particles in the Environment – Characteristics, Atmospheric Transport and Skin Doses”, STUK – Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, University of Helsinki, Department of Physics, Academic Dissertation, presented May 28, 2002. ISBN 951-712-528-3)

This STUK dissertation is now an IAEA publication. Pity they have not read it. Dilution is a concept which assumes external exposure only. It is irrelevant in relation to highly radioactive particles resident in tissue. 1 part per billion in sea water becomes in the case of Sr89 an immense emitter 28,000 times more radioactive than radium. We know the small fraction of a gram of radium which caused so much suffering and death among radium painters in the 20s and 30s and later. Divide that amount by 28,000 and that’s the amount of Sr89 (multiplied by alpha to beta Q) needed to produce the same in a school of squid, or some unlucky soul who internalises it like some unwitting employee of Radiation Co.

I add this: I was trained as a radiological Safety NCO in the Australian Army. This was in addition to my mundane duties as a technical clerk and storeman. I was trained that my twice daily sweeps of the building for radiation counts with an alpha detector was NOT to determine external hazard. The purpose was to determine and locate alpha emitting flecks resultant from radium decay. These, I was told, presented as an internal hazard if taken into the body. The drill when such a fleck was located was to clean it up.

If nuclear industry persists in its phoney baloney about external hazard only and the lie that reactors are safer than bananas, I will continue to disbelieve any word it utters. For most of what I have heard since March 2011 has been, according to the military text book I have (and which I typed), in contradiction to the facts. An internalised Cs** fleck or Sr** fleck or Pu** fleck is NOT like a CT Scan. A CT scan is 1. External 2. Momentary 3. Controlled. 4. Has a medical purpose in which it is determined benefit outweighs risk 5. Requires patient consent in response to a diagnosed medical need.

On the other hand, nuclear pollution produces medical need, it does not solve medical need, it has no individual consent and is caused by people who apply laboratory discoveries at the industrial level operating on a profit/subsidy/share value basis rather than according to purely Health Physics dictates which mandates that radioactive sources MUST REMAIN SEALED. Fukushima is one vast continuing unsealing of massive amounts radioactive souces.

If Fukushima was a lab, it would be delicenced and its managers prosecuted.

It is quite useless for laboratory radio chemists at Chalmers University and elsewhere to try to tell me Fukushima nuclear power plant complies with the regulations they themselves must obey. Nuke plants are industrial/military facilities. As the coming election results in Japan will show, a primary purpose for the existence of the Japanese nuke plants is not to enable the boiling of kettles in kitchens in Japan. It is to create military substances.

If Chalmers University radio chemistry lab had caused this it would be an international pariah.
Yet it defends the unsealing of sources on a massive scale at Fukushima.

Barry at Adelaide University says the answer is little plastic bags. Well, off you go Barry, with several container ships full of little plastic bags, and gather the shit back up. Pam will help you.

And another thing: You experts out there being paid to inform us, don’t just mention the primary fission products. Mention, in passing at least the decay cascade. OK?

Start obeying the rules, and I might show you some respect. So far – zip from me. Which really is pretty sad. Isn’t it?

KEEP YOUR SOURCES SEALED. NO EXCUSES. AND NONE OF THIS: “Minimisation is a type of deception[1] involving denial coupled with rationalisation in situations where complete denial is implausible. It is the opposite of exaggeration.”

“The explosion of the reactors was completely normal and safe”.
SBS voice over by a Canberra “expert” in March 2011.

Now, excuse the rest of the world for thinking the extreme opposite in the face of such blatant bullshit. It was a massive unsealing of sources and was explosively and thermally dispersed. And it is still continuing to some extent.

Who knows where the coriums are and their exact disposition ? Come experts, hands up. We pay you to know this stuff.

Not a nice polite person am I? Truth does not result from personality or from sophisticated pretense. Often the converse is true.

This graph shows the increase in disease due to fission fallout in a population which had previously
enjoyed a disease rate below that of the national average. After decades of nuclear activity are there any such control populations left which actually the effect of nuclear emissions? Probably not. And probably, in the great scheme of things, that’s taken as a divine sign by nuclear industry to keep going.

Bull Environ Contam Toxicol (2012) 89:937–944 DU & the Epidemic of Congenital Birth Defects in Iraqi Cities

December 14, 2012


Metal Contamination and the Epidemic of Congenital Birth
Defects in Iraqi Cities
M. Al-Sabbak • S. Sadik Ali • O. Savabi •
G. Savabi • S. Dastgiri • M. Savabieasfahani

M. Al-Sabbak ! S. Sadik Ali
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Al Basrah Maternity
Hospital, Al Basrah Medical School, P.O. Box 1633,
Basrah, Iraq
O. Savabi ! G. Savabi
Department of Prosthodontics, School of Dentistry, Isfahan
University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan, Iran
S. Dastgiri
National Public Health Management Center, School of
Medicine, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Tabriz, Iran
M. Savabieasfahani (&)
School of Public Health, University of Michigan, 1415
Washington Heights, EHS Room Number M6016, Ann Arbor,
MI 48109-2029, USA

Received: 27 July 2012 / Accepted: 30 August 2012 / Published online: 16 September 2012
Ó The Author(s) 2012. This article is published with open access at

Abstract Between October 1994 and October 1995, the
number of birth defects per 1,000 live births in Al Basrah
Maternity Hospital was 1.37. In 2003, the number of birth
defects in Al Basrah Maternity Hospital was 23 per 1,000 live
births. Within less than a decade, the occurrence of congenital
birth defects increased by an astonishing 17-fold in
the same hospital. A yearly account of the occurrence and
types of birth defects, between 2003 and 2011, in Al Basrah
Maternity Hospital, was reported. Metal levels in hair, toenail,
and tooth samples of residents of Al Basrah were also
provided. The enamel portion of the deciduous tooth from a
child with birth defects from Al Basrah (4.19 lg/g) had
nearly three times higher lead than the whole teeth of children
living in unimpacted areas. Lead was 1.4 times higher in
the tooth enamel of parents of children with birth defects
(2,497 ± 1,400 lg/g, mean ± SD) compared to parents of
normal children (1,826 ± 1,819 lg/g). Our data suggested
that birth defects in the Iraqi cities of Al Basrah (in the south
of Iraq) and Fallujah (in central Iraq) are mainly folate
This knowledge offers possible treatment options
and remediation plans for at-risk Iraqi populations.
Keywords Iraq ! Metal exposure ! Human birth defects ! Folate-dependent birth defects

It is old knowledge that exposure to chemicals can harm
human reproduction. Ancient Romans were aware that
lead (Pb) poisoning can cause miscarriage and infertility
(Gilfillan 1965; Retief and Cilliers 2006). Today it is well
established that human pregnancy and fetal development
are susceptible to parents’ environmental exposure to
chemical, biological and physical agents (Mattison 2010).
A new concept of the developmental origins of health and
disease has also emerged which is defined as the process
through which the prenatal environment, or the environment
during infancy, shapes the long-term control of tissue
physiology and homeostasis (Barker 2004). We know that
even slight perturbations caused by chemical exposures
during sensitive periods of fetal development can lead to
increased risks of disease throughout the life of an individual
(Sutton et al. 2010).
Pregnant mothers and their growing fetuses are especially
vulnerable to exposure to pollutants. Air and water
pollution, exposure to toxic metals, and exposure to persistent
and volatile organics have been linked to adverse
pregnancy and developmental outcomes (Landrigan et al.
2004; Bocskay et al. 2005). Recently, an unusual number
of birth defects, in many bombarded Iraqi cities, has raised
international concern and a few relevant studies have been
published (Alaani et al. 2011a; 2011b; Al-Ani et al. 2010).
Following bombardment, severe contamination of water,
soil, and air can occur. Metal contamination of the public
after bombardment has been reported (Jergovic et al.
2010). Jergovic et al. (2010) examined the blood serum
metal content of the Croatian population in areas with
‘‘moderate fighting’’ versus ‘‘heavy fighting’’. They found
significantly higher levels of metals in populations from
areas with heavy fighting. Those areas had been targeted
for repeated bombardments by the North Atlantic Treaty
Organization in 1991 and 1995. Various metals are contained
in US small arms ammunition, and are contained in
US bombs (Departments of the Army, the Navy, the Air
Force, Joint Technical Bulletin, 1998; US Department of
the Army Technical Manual, 1990).
Intermittent bombing of populated cities in Iraq has
occurred since 1991. Most significant was the bombardment
of Fallujah, a city in central Iraq, and Al Basrah, a city in
southern Iraq. Fallujah was heavily bombed in 2004. Subsequently,
unusual numbers of birth defects have been surfacing
in that city. Al Basrah was also a target of heavy bombing
(December 1998, March and April 2003). Similar to Fallujah,
after the 2003 invasion and occupation of Iraq, the medical
staff in Al Basrah Maternity Hospital has been witnessing a
pattern of increase in congenital birth defects. Based on these
observations, many suspect that pollution created by the
bombardment of Iraqi cities has caused the current birth
defect crisis in that country (Al-Hadithi et al. 2012).
In the present article, we have reported on 56 Fallujah
families’ hair metal levels and the kinds of birth defects
documented in these families. The Fallujah study was
conducted in 2010. We have also presented a year-to-year
account of the types and numbers of birth defects in Al
Basrah Maternity Hospital from 2003 to 2011. Our aim was
to examine the populations of Fallujah and Al Basrah for
possible metal exposure. In our samples from Al Basrah,
we were looking at three tissues (hair, toenail, and teeth)
and wanted to determine which tissue provides a better
medium for metal analysis.
Materials and Methods
Between May and August 2010, 56 Fallujah families were
recruited into an epidemiological ‘‘case study’’ project.
Cases (n = 46) and controls (n = 10) had come to Fallujah
General Hospital for delivery or treatment. Using a questionnaire,
information on reproductive history of families
and the parents’ siblings, residence history, health and
disease during pregnancy, drug use during pregnancy,
smoking and alcohol use, source of water for the family,
and exposure to potential war contaminants was collected.
Hair samples were collected from all members of the
family (mothers, fathers and the children) and patient
consent was obtained at the same time. Participants had
lived continuously in Fallujah since 1991. Percentages of
birth defects and miscarriages were determined (Fig. 1);
grouping of the years was based on ‘‘before’’ and ‘‘after’’
the 2003 attacks. For the period of 2003 onward, we used
3-year intervals. The remaining single-year data, from
2010, was added to the last group. For each of the groups,
the percentages of birth defects and miscarriages were
determined by totaling live births and multiplying that
figure by 100, then dividing the value by the total number
of birth defects or miscarriages, respectively. The metal
content of hair samples was determined by inductively
coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICPMS). We collected
hair rather than blood samples, since it is difficult to obtain
and transport blood samples in a war zone.
In Al Basrah, records of the Department of Obstetrics
and Gynecology at Al Basrah Maternity Hospital were
examined for numbers and types of diagnosed and reported
birth defects during 1994 and then from 2003 to 2011
(Table 1). Birth defects in the newborns were diagnosed by
certified medical doctors. Additionally, between September
2011 and January 2012, twenty-eight families who had
come to Al Basrah Maternity Hospital for treatment or
delivery were recruited into this study by local physicians
and patient consent was obtained. Hair and toenail samples
were collected from two groups: parents who recently had
a child with a birth defect (n = 14); and parents who had a
normal child (n = 14). Only 6 samples of hair and 6
samples of toenails from parents of children with defects
were sufficient in weight to be analyzed for metal levels.
Tooth samples were simultaneously collected at the Al
Basrah Dental School from parents of normal children
(n = 10) and parents of children with cardiac and neural
tube defects (n = 12). Only 5 of each group had sufficient
and suitable tooth tissue for metal analysis. Parents did not
smoke or drink. Two samples of deciduous teeth were
collected from children with birth deformity who had
survived. Deciduous teeth from normal children were
provided by the School of Dentistry at Isfahan University
of Medical Sciences (n = 18, two samples were analyzed).
Patient/parental consent was obtained.
Hair samples’ treatment, digestion and their analysis for
Fallujah samples followed Batista et al. 2009 without
modification. XSERIES 2 ICP-MS (Thermo Fisher Scientific,
Germany) was used in the standard configuration,
with ASX-510 auto-sampler (Cetac, USA). Instrument
optimization was by auto-tune function, when required.
The instrument parameters were: RF Power (W) 1400,
Cool Gas Flow (L/min) 13, Auxiliary Gas Flow (L/min)
0.8, Nebuliser Gas Flow (L/min) 0.85–0.90, Sample
Uptake Rate (mL/min) 0.4 approx., Sample Introduction
System Concentric nebuliser with low-volume impact bead
spray chamber (not cooled) and one-piece torch (1.5 mm
ID injector); Cones Nickel, Xi Design; Detector Simultaneous
pulse/analogue; Uptake Time 25 s at 50 rpm; Stabilization
Delay 10 s at 17 rpm; Wash Time 40 s at
50 rpm, Survey Runs 1—scanning; Main Runs 3—peak
jumping; Number of Points per Peak 1; Dwell Time/Point
5—50 ms; Number of Sweeps/Replicate 25. Internal
Standardization Technique Interpolation, using 6Li, 45Sc,
115In, 159 Tb. Total Time per Sample 2:45 min.
Toenail and hair samples from Al Basrah were prepared
and analyzed as follows: All reagents used were analytical
grade or better. All aqueous solutions were prepared using
deionised water (18.2 MX Millipore, UK). A multi-element
standard and single element standard for the internal
standards (SPEX CertiPrep, UK) were used as calibration
standard and internal standard respectively for ICP-MS
analysis. Concentrated nitric acid (HNO3) and 30% v/v
hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), (BDH Aristar,UK) were used
for the dissolution of samples. Analyses of toenail and hair
samples were conducted at the Inorganic Geochemistry
laboratories of the British Geological Survey (Nottingham,
UK). Toenail and hair samples were washed thoroughly
following a slightly modified version of the protocol
described by Button et al. (2009), which is comparable to
several published methods (Slotnick et al. 2007). Visible
exogenous material was firstly removed using plastic forceps
and a clean quartz fragment. Samples were then
placed in clean glass vials and sonicated for 5 min using
3 mL of acetone, rinsed first with 2 mL of deionised water
then 2 mL of acetone, sonicated for 10 min in 3 mL of
deionised water then twice rinsed with 3 mL of deionised
water, ensuring complete submersion of the sample during
each step. The final rinse solution (3 mL) was retained for
immediate analysis by ICP-MS to ensure removal of
exogenous contamination was complete. The supernatants
from each step of the washing procedure were combined
and reduced to dryness in PFA vials (Savillex, USA) on a
graphite hot block at 80″C. The residue was then reconstituted
in 3 mL of 1% HNO3 for analysis by ICP-MS.
After washing, toenails were left to dry at room temperature
in a clean laminar flow hood. Certified reference
materials GBW 07601 human hair and1 and NCS ZC
81002b human hair (NCS Beijing, China) were used
Both the digestion and analytical method follow the
procedure described in Button et al. (2009). Toenail samples
were acid digested for total elemental determination
using a closed vessel microwave assisted digestion (MARS
5, CEM Corporation, UK). Into each vessel 4 mL of HNO3
and 1 mL of H2O2 was added to accurately weighed toenail
and hair samples and left to stand for 30 min before
sealing the vessels. The microwave heating program was:
100% power (1,200 W), 5 min ramp to 100″C, held for
2 min, ramped for 5 min to 200″C then held for 30 min.
The pressure in the system was approximately 200 psi
under these conditions. This method resulted in complete
sample dissolution. The solutions were transferred with
MQ water to PFA vials and evaporated to dryness on a
hotplate at 110″C. Samples were reconstituted with 1 mL
of 3% v/v HNO3, heated at 50″C for 10 min and then made
up to 3 mL with deionised water to give a final solution of
1% HNO3 for direct determination via ICP-MS.
The enamel and coronal dentine components of teeth were
density separated using a heavy liquid method. This was
achieved by lightly crushing the decoronated tooth material
and adding the powder to the heavy liquid bromoform
(CHBr3) in a separating funnel. The bromoform was then
slowly diluted with acetone to achieve the optimal density for
enamel and dentine separation (2.7 g/mL). The enamel
formed sediment at the base of the funnel and was removed.
The two components were washedwith acetone and dried in a
laminar flowhood prior to dissolution. The teeth samples were
accurately weighed into acid washed polypropylene autosampler
tubes (Sarstedt), to which 0.2 mL of 2:1 HNO3:HCl
was added, allowed to dissolve over 5 min, then 0.8 mL of
deionised water added, left to stand for 10 min and then made
up to a final volume of 10 mL with deionised water. The
sample solutions were diluted approximately 94,000 prior
to analysis to ensure a final calcium concentration of
100–200 mg L-1, to avoid matrix interference and clogging
of the ICP cones and torch. The final matrix prior to analysis
contained 1 HNO3 and 0.5% HCl. Multielement analysis of
toenail, hair and teeth digests was performed by inductively
coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS, Agilent 7500,
Agilent Technologies, UK). The instrument was fitted with a
micro flow concentric nebuliser and quartz Scott-type spray
chamber. The instrument response was optimised daily using
a commercially available Tune solution (SpexCertiprep).
Multielement analysis was performed in collision cell mode
using He (4 L/min) to minimise potential interferences such
as that of the polyatomic ion 40Ar ? 35Cl on 75As. An internal
standard comprising of Sc, Ge, Rh, In, Te, and Ir was added to
the sample line via a T-piece to monitor instrument signal
stability. The limit of detection (LOD) for the method
expressed as themean blank signal ? 3SDwas as follows:Al
and Fe\2 mg/kg; V, As, Se,Mo,Cd.01 mg/kg;Mnand
Zn.2 mg/kg; Co, Th and U.005 mg/kg; Cr, Ni, Cu,
W, and Pb were.07,.02,.1,.08,.03 mg/kg
respectively. Recoveries for both reference materials were
generally better than 100 ± 15% for when compared to
available reference values. SPSS version 19 was used for all
statistical analyses; an independent sample T Test was used to
compare metals between two groups. A paired sample two
tailed T Test was used to compare birth defects in Al Basrah
data. Significance level was set at a = 0.05.
Results and Discussion
It is well-known that exposure to stressors alters the in
utero development of a human fetus and has adverse health
consequences for the offspring, including a short gestation
period, reduced birth weight, increased risk of metabolic,
cardiac and psychiatric disease, and overall reduced lifespan
(Seckl 1998; Landrigan et al. 2004; Perera et al. 2004;
Llop et al. 2010). Populations caught in war-zones or
forced to live with severe nutritional restrictions (such as
those imposed on the Iraqi population by U.N. sanctions
from 1991 to 2003) suffer immediate and chronic stress
that leads to long-lasting physical and mental damage. In
addition to the harsh effects of sanctions, many Iraqi cities
have experienced large-scale bombardment. An accurate
tally of the types and volume of ammunition dropped on
the Iraqi population is not available. However, reports have
indicated that large numbers of bullets have been expended
into the Iraqi environment (Buncombe 2011). Thus the
environmental contamination of Iraqi cities with materials
contained in bullets and bombs may be expected. Toxic
metals such as mercury (Hg) and Pb are an integral part of
war ammunition and are extensively used in the making of
bullets and bombs (Departments of the Army, the Navy,
the Air Force, Joint Technical Bulletin 1998; US Department
of the Army Technical Manual 1990).
The case study of 56 Fallujah families and the metal
analysis of hair samples from this population indicated
public contamination with two well-known neurotoxic
metals, Pb and Hg. Hair metal data from Fallujah showed Pb
to be five times higher in the hair samples of children with
birth defects (n = 44; mean ± SD 56,434 ± 217,705 lg/
kg) than in the hair of normal children (n = 11; 11,277 ±
27,781 lg/kg). Mercury was six times higher (n = 44;
8,282 ± 25,844 lg/kg Vs n = 11; 1,414 ± 3,853 lg/kg)
(Fig. 3). Fallujah mothers who participated in this study did
not take any medication and described their diet as ‘‘good’’
during pregnancy. Only one couple was first cousins.
Mothers did not drink or smoke during pregnancy. All
families consumed water from local aqueducts or locally
bottled waters. Siblings of the parents had no history of
children with congenital defects. Figure 1 shows a chronological
increase in the percentages of birth defects and miscarriages
in these Fallujah families. Six photographs of
Fallujah children and their conditions are provided in Fig. 2.
Mercury and Pb, two toxic metals readily used in the manufacture
of present-day bullets and other ammunition, were 6
and 5 times higher in hair samples from Fallujah children
with birth defects compared to Fallujah children who
appeared normal (Fig. 3). Uranium, Hg and Pb, (lg/kg,
mean ± SD) in the hair samples of parents from Italy, Iran,
and Fallujah (Iraq), are shown in Fig. 4. Though statistically
not significant, the hair of parents of children with birth
defects had more uranium, Pb and Hg than the hair of parents
of normal children.
The most common abnormalities in Fallujah children
were congenital heart defects (n = 24 out of 46), neural
tube defects (n = 18 out of 46), and cleft lip/palate (n = 4
out of 46). Cardiac defects, neural tube defects, and facial
clefting are known as folate-dependent birth defects since
folate intake reduces their occurrence (MRC Vitamin
Study Research Group 1991; Wilson et al. 2003; Obican
et al. 2010). The Fallujah study has highlighted the role of
metals in the manifestation of the current birth defect
epidemic in that city. Recent data has linked metal exposure
to oxidative stress and folate deficiency in humans
(Wang et al. 2012). We also know that in utero metal
exposure can culminate in birth deformities by increasing
oxidative stress in the womb as the fetus grows (Apostoli
and Catalani 2011).
In general, reports of health problems in the Iraqi population
and in the surrounding countries have continued to
surface (Rajab et al. 2000). News of increases in childhood
cancers, of perinatal and infant morbidity and mortality,
and of unusual increases in congenital birth defects, have
continued to emerge from across Iraq. Data from a central
Iraqi city, Al-Ramadi, have corroborated the Fallujah
findings (Al-Ani et al. 2010).
Another Iraqi city where birth defects and cancers
continue to climb is Al Basrah.
The earliest data on the occurrence of congenital birth
defects in Al Basrah came from an article entitled ‘‘Incidence
of Congenital Fetal Anomaly in Al Basrah Maternity
Hospital’’ (Alsabbak et al. 1997). This research reported on
the total number of live births (10,015) in Al Basrah
Maternity Hospital between October 1994 and October
1995. The number of birth defects per 1,000 live births
during this period was 1.37. Table 1 contains the yearly
account of the number of birth defects per 1,000 live births
in Al Basrah Maternity Hospital from 2003 to 2011. Central
nervous system related defects occurred most frequently.
Statistical analysis of this data has shown no
significant difference between the number of children born
with anencephaly and the number born with Spina Bifida
(p = 0.28). There were significantly more cases of anencephaly
than of hydrocephalus, limb deformity, omphalocele,
or short extremities (p = 0.009, p = 0.005,
p = 0.000, p = 0.000). In addition, the number of Spina
Bifida cases was significantly higher than the number of
hydrocephalus, limb deformity, omphalocele, or short
extremity cases (p = 0.05, p = 0.005, p = 0.000,
p = 0.001). Within 8 years, the occurrence of congenital
birth defects in Al Basrah Maternity Hospital increased by
an astonishing 17-fold.
The prevalence of congenital hydrocephalus in California
(US) has been reported as 0.6 per 1,000 (Jeng et al.
2011). Worldwide hydrocephalus affects about one in
every 1,000 live births. The reported numbers of hydrocephalus
from Al Basrah Maternity Hospital were 3.5 times
higher than the world average and six times higher than in
the United States. Defects of the abdominal wall, like
omphalocele and gastroschisis, were also frequently
reported in Al Basrah. Omphalocele generally occurs in
0.25/1,000 live births and is associated with a high rate of
mortality and severe malformation, such as cardiac
anomalies and neural tube defects. The average number of
omphalocele observed in Al Basrah Maternity Hospital
between 2003 and 2011 was 3.3/1,000 live births.
Neural tube defects (NTDs) occur very early in human
development. The prevalence of NTDs in the mainland
United States is 1/1,000 live births (CDC; Williams et al.
2002). Some of the highest numbers of NTDs have been
reported from coal mining regions in China (10/1,000) (Li
et al. 2006). The occurrence of NTDs in Al Basrah (12/
1,000) is the highest ever reported and it is increasing. Our
data has shown that in Al Basrah, the total number of birth
defects more than doubled between 2003 and 2009.
A comparison between the metal levels in the hair
(n = 6) and toenail (n = 7) of parents of children with
birth defects from Al Basrah, and the associated p values,
has been presented in Table 2. For most metals (Al, Mn,
Co, Cu, Zn, Mo, Pb, Th, and U), hair contained significantly
higher amounts of the metal than did toenail, suggesting
that hair is a better biomarker of exposure.
Examining the Pb hair levels of parents from Al Basrah and
Fallujah revealed that the hair of parents of children with
birth defects in Al Basrah had 6,500 ± 8,589 (lg/kg); in
Fallujah this value was 3,950 ± 3,133 lg/kg; both values
being considerably higher than Pb found in the hair samples
of parents of normal children from Fallujah
(2,012 ± 2,052 lg/kg). The 1.6-fold higher Pb in the Al
Basrah parents’ hair compared to Fallujah parents’ hair
may be explained by the fact that Al Basrah is an oilindustry
dominated area whereas Fallujah is not. Overall,
parents of children with birth defects from Al Basrah and
Fallujah had twofold, and one-fold, higher Pb in their hair
than did parents of normal children respectively. Al Basrah
parents who had children with birth defects also had 1.4
times higher enamel Pb (n = 5, 2,497 ± 1,400) than did
parents of normal children (n = 5, 1,826 ± 1,619). Additional
samples of teeth from the parents of children with and
without birth defects from Al Basrah are necessary to help
draw reliable statistical conclusions for this population.
Table 3 contains a literature review of the metal levels
in whole deciduous teeth of children from different geographical
locations. Enamel is a hard and dense material
which is formed during fetal life and it receives small
amounts of systemic blood flow thereafter. For this reason
it is considered to primarily reflect prenatal exposure to
metals. Whole-tooth metal analysis would include enamel,
dentin, cementum, and dental pulp. The impact of living in
a large city with dangerous levels of air pollution is evident
in the high levels of Pb in teeth from Mexico City and
Karachi. Similarly, the level of Pb in teeth from Canadian
mining areas is indicative of an exposed or impacted
population. Mean whole tooth Pb reported from other
locations was 1.5 lg/g. Hence, the tooth Pb level of an
unimpacted population is more accurately estimated by this
1.5 lg/g value. The enamel portion of the deciduous tooth
from a child with birth defects from Al Basrah (4.19 lg/g)
had nearly three times higher Pb than the calculated value
for a whole tooth from an unimpacted population. Additional
samples of deciduous teeth from Al Basrah children
with birth defects are necessary to help draw reliable statistical
conclusions for this population. Samples of deciduous
teeth are currently being collected from impacted (Al
Basrah, Iraq) and unimpacted (Isfahan, Iran) areas to
enable us to draw meaningful conclusions in this regard.
Interestingly, mining, smelting, and living near industry or
hazardous waste sites have all been associated with an
increased risk of birth defects (Ahern et al. 2011; Zheng
et al. 2012; Suarez et al. 2007).
Present knowledge on the effects of prenatal exposure to
metals, combined with our results, suggests that the bombardment
of Al Basrah and Fallujah may have exacerbated
public exposure to metals, possibly culminating in the
current epidemic of birth defects. Large-scale epidemiological
studies are necessary to identify at-risk populations
in Iraq. The recognition that birth defects reported from
Iraq are mainly folate-dependent offers possible treatment
options to protect at-risk populations.
Acknowledgments We thank Drs. Hossein Malekafzali, Howard
Hu, and Timothy Johnson for their interest in this research. We thank
Drs. Vasantha Padmanabhan, Marjorie Treadwell, Kataneh Salari, for
their critical reading of this manuscript, and we thank Blaine Coleman
for technical assistance. Funding for this research was provided by the
University of Michigan Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.
Open Access This article is distributed under the terms of the
Creative Commons Attribution License which permits any use, distribution,
and reproduction in any medium, provided the original
author(s) and the source are credited.
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