I’m not an industrialist with a gaggle of gold mines, so I’ll start small and talk about something I know a little bit about.

A Dell Mini 10v (aka Dell Mini 1011) the model with the vga port, NOT the one with the HDMI port.
Battery removed for the purpose of the excersize.

A little solar charged lithium polymer battery pack. comes with various adaptors and
outputs. Has 19v output and tips which suite the voltage and plug of the Dell. (and others)

The solar charged battery connected to the Dell (which is minus its battery. Will the
solar charged battery supply sufficient boot juice? It’s only 3/4 charged.

Yep, Dell booting into Apple OSX Snow Leopard. But will it get stuck at the Blue
Screen of Death? After all, we are told we need nuclear reactors to enable us to do this.

No problems, Snow Leopard desktop coming right up.

Orianthi “According to You” on repeat play. Needed a change after an hour.

Coldplay “Clocks” on repeat play.

Now Gina* and Julia**, SCALE IT UP please. (*the magnate ** The Prime Minister)

Uses: Charge in Australian sun – 3-6 hours (Chinese manual says 12 hours – poor things.)
And boost charge at night. Where’s those smart meters Julia?
And even if you are stuck with power hungry Windows, (OSX uses less) go Ubuntu 10.12 which uses a little less than Win 7. Source:

Of course playing full screen HD video is going to suck a lot of juice from a battery or power pack. The results of my little experiment are worst case.

And if you have a 16 inch gaming quad core, then the solar battery, which I tested on mine this arvo, add an extra hour to your battery run time from full charge. And charge at night.

If you have a Macbook or other Apple, you are out of luck. Apple sues people who put their patented magsafe connector on anything other than an Apple product. And Apple don’t make solar charged external batteries.
Hmm. As green as shit, Apple. Ubuntu on the Dell it is. Apple then completely miss out.

Anyone want references?

Ooops Clockplay just stopped and the Dell just shut off. Start time 7.30pm. End time 10.00pm Central Australian Time. Not bad. If the battery was in, that’s a three hour boost to off mains use. About 6 hours of mining magnate free operation.

Repeat : Scale it up Julia. We are running out of time.

ColdPlay “Clocks”

The lights go out and I can’t be saved
Tides that I tried to swim against
Have brought me down upon my knees
Oh I beg, I beg and plead, singing

Come out of the things unsaid
Shoot an apple off my head and a
Trouble that can’t be named
A tiger’s waiting to be tamed, singing

You are, you are

Confusion that never stops
The closing walls and the ticking clocks gonna
Come back and take you home
I could not stop, that you now know, singing

Come out upon my seas
Cursed missed opportunities am I
A part of the cure
Or am I part of the disease, singing

You are, you are
You are, you are
You are, you are

And nothing else compares
And nothing else compares
And nothing else compares

You are, you are

Home, home, where I wanted to go
Home, home, where I wanted to go
Home, home, where I wanted to go (You are)
Home, home, where I wanted to go (You are)

People want me to talk about the corium. OK.

People with no creative thought and no technical insight
are gonna go “WTF” at this post.

Stiff. It’s my blog and I can write want I want to


  1. CaptD Says:

    Agreed Apple should be ashamed of themselves, and I’m a Mc guy!

    Your readers might like this iPhone (and others) Do-It-Yourself solar charger:

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