Dave Whyte, nuclear veteran, on the Falsification of Nuclear Dose Records

Original post is here: https://nuclearhistory.wordpress.com/2012/11/09/falsified-dose-records-by-nuclear-authorities/ which was a response to people demanding proof that nuclear authorities tell lies annnnnnd with hold truth.

Dave writes of his experiences and what he is doing now:

Dave Whyte Says:
December 11, 2012 at 7:57 pm | Reply edit

“I can confirm the falsifying of records. I have a case at the information Commissioner at the moment and my proof is irrefutable.
I was issued with three radiation Film Badges: the First was for routine work prior to Pennant and there were 16 of us in the TSFG (Technical Services Forward Group) who were issued with the badges.

The 2nd badge was issued specifically for the day of the Pennant Atomic bomb. There were 14 badges issued to the TSFG.

The 3rd Badge was issued specifically for Burgee Atomic bomb and there were 15 badges supplied to the TSFG.

Results (in my possession) show all 16 badges issued with my first badges were returned and showed NIL radiation. Hardly surprising as there was no test.

Out of the 14 badges issued for Pennant (with my 2nd) 12 were recorded as not returned and the two that were returned had a recording of NIL radiation. (My badge was missing)

Of the 15 Badges issued for Burgee (with my 3rd badge) 8 were reported as not returned and the seven that were had NIL radiation recorded.(my badge was missing)

Now that I have placed a claim for a War pension I am informed that it was only my first badge that I took into ground zero after Pennant and that gave a NIL reading.

I have been given a dose reading of 0.2mSv for each of my badges giving me a total of 0.6 mSv overall. They have gone overboard in generosity and awarded me a total of 2.6 mSv for my year at Christmas Island with three hydrogen and two atomic bombs being detonated.

I carried a QFE (Quartz Fibre Electroscope) dosimeter in my pocket and was read like a clinical thermometer and the readings for both Pennant and Burgee was 5 Roentgens per hour (Beta radiation).
I am told this could not have been this high but the MOD are refusing to release any documents showing the Beta radiation at Ground Zero after the two bombs.

I expect my Appeal Tribunal in February or March next year.

I am expecting the result of the case at the Information Commissioner soon.”

Dave Whyte

end quote.

It is pointless for nuclear authorities to continue their lies. But they do, in every nation.

If you are subject to nuclear fallout and contamination, do not simply believe the authorities. Demand to know.

Why see through a glass darkly when those with knowledge and the data have a clear view. A view denied to those who pay their wages.

Mr Noda it is not safe to eat plutonium. So why fund universities who claim it is? Mr Noda, the bomb tests were not safe and caused many casualities. Why does your government maintain the bomb tests were safe? This is a lie.

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  1. CaptD Says:

    Lies will continue to plague mankind as Nations must admit their transgressions…

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